Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

The back

The oil on dry skin
The oil (it kept spilling everywhere!)

Emulisifed with a few drops of water

I've honestly never felt so confused about a product. This could be a hit or a miss.

From the DHC website:
Deep Cleansing Oil thoroughly rids face of makeup, dirt and grime while leaving skin perfectly moisturized. The water-soluble formula easily rinses away, lifting surface grime and makeup without a greasy or tacky after-feel. Using dry hands, massage 1-2 pumps of cleansing oil on dry face. Massage with gentle, circular strokes until a milky texture is created, and then thoroughly rinse off. 

 How does it work?
The water-soluble formula easily emulsifies with a touch of water. From several websites, the appropriate and marketed way of use involves applying the oil on dry skin, massaging then emulsifying it with water.

This clear, plastic pump bottle is perfect for hygienic beauty lovers. The pump dispenser is easily opened by twisting it in an anti-clockwise directions intially. The pump however is not controllable as I found that I had to carefully and slowly dispense the product onto my palm. My intial reaction was not good, as I realised the pump sent oil flying across my sink! But since then, I've learned to not ridiculously press the nozzle.

 The product:
The formula has a very unique smell to it. It's not pleasant, or unpleasant but it is tolerable since the smell disperses after a while. The texture is very smooth and not at all annoying oily. The oil is actually very easy to remove and won't cling on to your skin. The website states the the colour of the product changes from time to time depending on the olives used (check the ingredients photo). It is very runny but stays on your face after a thorough rub down.

My results:
Like I've said, I've never been so confused about a product. For the first couple of weeks (out of 4), this cleanser became my holy grail. My present acne was less red and new developing acne took faster to heal. In the last week, my skin has had averse results and the before and after is very shocking. I'm not sure if it is the cleanser, but I haven't been introducing any new products into my skincare regime.


I rate this product a 3.5 out of 5.
I do recommend this product to everyone as it has quite good reviews, but unfortunately this isn't for me. Just remember that everybody's skin is different and the only way to find the perfect products for your skincare regime is to try it yourself. 
(ftc disclaimer: This was bought by myself for $30, and I pledge to provide honest reviews)

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