Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review: BeautyMate Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Mask

I’m back with another quick review on the BeautyMate Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Mask (introduced in my haul post)

There should be an authentication sticker on every genuine BeautyMate mask

There should be an expiry date at the back of each packet.

What is the Beauty Mate Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Mask? (extracted from
BeautyMate Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Mask is manufactured by the newly imported nano technology, combined with a close-fitting mask cutting, can effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique skin care experience.
Chamomile extract can calm down the skin and relieve redness. Aloe provides natural moisture-locking factor to keep the skin supple and delicate in all environments, and is ideal for acne-prone skin. Cucumber extract helps to regulate the water and oil level of the skin to prevent appearance of blemishes.

How do you use it? (extracted from
  • Spread mask over face and gently press on mask with fingertips to ensure a snug fit.
  • Leave mask on for 15 – 20 minutes, then remove.
  • Wipe off remaining essence with a cotton pad.
  • Use 1 to 2 times a week, or more often when necessary.

My results:
Inside the green box, there was an informative pamphlet describing and advertising the different types of masks available. My initial expression was “Wow, there is a lot of essence”. I’ve been snooping around, looking at other reviews and I was a bit mortified when I heard there was a large amount of essence. You can see the amount of essence left in the packet after mask removal, some even found its way onto my bed. To use the mask, you have to peel away the protective cover plastic before applying.
The mask was unfitted on my face, making it difficult to effectively apply the mask away from my hair line. The closely knitted mask allows the user’s skin to effectively absorb the nutrients and properties from the facial sheet. As the mask dried (It took a total of 45 minutes), it was increasingly harder to keep the mask on for a snug fit.
The texture of the essence was sticky and left me no choice but to wash my face and hands.
In the long run, it did NOT prevent my acne but it is a great cost-effective choice for a mask.
The whole BeautyMate facial mask range includes:
  • ·         Whitening
  • ·         Purifying and Brightening
  • ·         Collagen Smooth
  • ·         Purifying and Hydrating
  • ·         Refining and Smooth
And their eye mask range includes:
  • ·         Bright Up Nano Eye mask
  • ·         Q10 reset Nano Eye mask
I bought my mask at my local Watsons for $9 but you can purchase it online at for $8.50. BeautyMate has also enabled a certified stick on genuine and fresh products, so you can be worry free when purchasing overseas or online.

Before and after:
As you can depict, my skin was noticeably more bright and radiant. To be honest, my redness did not go away but it’s a good pick-me-up for dull skin.  (First photo: Before and Second: After) The lighting is different in each photo but you can see the obvious difference.

I rate this product 3/5! It did a good job in keeping my skin bright and radiant, but it did nothing for my acne. I would definitely repurchase this mask in another type as the price is unbeatable.

P.s I'm sacrificing my internet download for this blog post! I felt absolutely horrible for not posting so I hope this will make up for the lack of posts up to the 12th. After that, I'm free to post as much as I want!

GIVEAWAY???? (edit: 4/06/14)
I’m excited to share with you that I am planning on having a (big) giveaway for my blog followers and readers soon! I have been collecting products since a while back that I wanted to send to followers for being with me while this blog grows. The giveaway will be opened internationally 

HOWEVER I will not announce it until I hit a certain amount of followers on Google Connect! (It's on the side of my profile~)
But not need to worry, if you invite your friends to follow my blog, the number will be reached in no time.
The giveaway so far include Korean and American beauty brands but I have not finished collecting all of it yet. If you want a specific product for me to add into the giveaway, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments or send me an email.

Until next time, bye bye~
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