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Review: Laneige Multi Cleanser

Today I'll be doing a Laneige review! The Laneige Multi Cleanser

 Their signature 'snow' symbol (represents glacial water from the Himalaya mountains which provides continous hydration. It is used as one of their marketing strategies)

Left: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Right: Etude House Magic BB Cream in Refreshing.

Slowly melting away the product, clean!

Laneige is one of the top asian beauty brands in Asia. Intrigued by their marketing and packaging, I decided to buy another one of their products. This time, I will be reviewing one of their most popular products, the Multi Cleanser!

What is it?
The Laneige Cleanser is marketed as a 4-in-1 product that removes makeup, sunscreen, and exfoliates and cleanses. It claims to also remove base makeup and BB cream. The cleanser contains exfoliating enzymes extracted from papaya fruit, which scrubs away dead surface skin cells. The Laneige Multi Cleanser is perfect for all skin types.

This cleanser is packaged in a non-transparent white squeezy tube. This allows the user to control product dispersion, which is great for clumsy people like me. The easy flip top is also a plus.

I bought my cleanser for $23 from an eBay seller. I don't exactly remember who I bought this product from, but the seller was from South Korea. (Please be careful of counterfeit products, always confirm the authenticity from the seller themselves.)

How to use:
The Laneige website shows exactly how much product you should be using, but I tend to use a 5 cent piece amount. This product lathers quickly and well so I don't see the need in using more than that.

I own 3 of their Laneige products, the Water Sleeping Pack, Skin Refiner and Multi Cleanser. Intrigued by their spokesperson (Song Kye Kyo), I just had to buy yet another product. This cleanser removes face makeup, sunscreen, mascara and eyeliner extremely well, even stubborn BB cream. The downside to this, is that it tends to irritate my eyes when I use it directly on my eyes. The Multi-cleanser lathers rather quickly so It's perfect for people with all skin types.

 One of the reasons why I bought this product was to address my acne problems. I cannot stress this enough, but Laneige will not help tackle your acne straight from the source. It might help with hydration purposes, but I don't recommend this for people with acne-prone skin. Most people say that when your skin feels squeaky clean after cleansing, it means it is too cleansing for you. If you get the clean and ight feeling, it means your skin is stripped off it's natural oils, and this is definitely not good for you. This is exactly what I get from this cleanser, but I still use it on and off. As for it's exfoliating properties, you can barely see the beads but you can feel it, so I'm sorry I'm unable to take a photo of it! It's very small and melts quickly.

♡♡♡ and a half

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How do I apply my BB cream?

I've made a separate tutorial on how I apply my BB cream with tips and tricks on how to achieve the Korean look!

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