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240812/120824 - NU'EST Australian fan account with KPOP STORE (surprise visit at Chinatown)

.  There were 2 events on the 24th of August for NU'EST. One was in the morning, 7:30am to 9:00am and one in the afternoon 4:00pm to 7:00pm.


I woke up at 5:00am so I could get to the train station at 6:00am. Judy (my friend) came late so we arrived at the SBSPOPASIA Nu'est fan meet at around 7:20am. Nu'est came at around 7:40pm from the side of First Fleet Park. Turns out it wasn't just for Nu'est, there were a lot of stalls from local radio stations and news crews. The SPSPOPASIA stall was right at the back and they were playing SBSPOPDESI or ARAB (Sbs has multiple radiostations and they have a few for different languages). We waited around 20 minutes before the SBSPOPASIA crew arrived and started talking. They explained to us that there should be no pushing because 'PopAsians' are friendly, and only 'jumping up and down' is allowed. They also stated that if we pushed, NU'EST would fly straight back to Korea and never come back again. A barricade was set after they announced that.

 Around 5-10 minutes later, NU'EST came from the side stairs and everyone went crazy! Some people were running to their side so me and Judy ran to get a good view. We kept switching from side to middle because there were so many tall people with their posters (I'm around 174 cms and felt very short. Poor Judy, she's a lot shorter than me). Don't you hate it when you're trying to see, but someone decides to put a big GIANT poster in front of you? Judy made a NU'EST canvas and individually hand drew every member, but couldn't show it to them because of the printed posters. NU'EST introduced themselves in Korean and then Aron spoke in English. They had a fast interview standing up with SBSPOPASIA in Korean so I can't translate it for you. If they upload the interview with subs, i'll link it.

After that, they started taking photos with fans! They made a line, curving from the OTHER SIDE of where me and Judy was. We were so upset because we were there before we moved. The photos they took with fans will be uploaded to their Facebook page. Minhyun said hello to everyone who went to take a photo with them. He also bowed along with the hello. Very polite. I only got a good view of Minhyun at the fanmeet because he was at the outer most side.

Got a hug from Ren! lucky!

After taking photos, the host asked them about their 'Angry Bird' dance. Aron said "We didn't intially name it the Angry Bird's dance, but fan's saw how similar it looked to the application 'Angry Bird's' so we used it" (something along those lines). They were then asked to demostrate it... but the area was really small so they couldn't. They then left at around 8:00am (the fanmeet was really short, but we soon knew why!). They went upthe same stairs and fans started following them. They entered their van and were waving from inside. The windows were tinted though so it was hard to see. The camera man who was shooting their stay in Australia filmed all of us and we went frantic. Judy was trying to show them her fanarts, which was done amazingly. She didn't sleep because of it. They then left. Judy wanted to run after them but you can't beat a van.

KPOP STORE SURPRISE VISIT/ CHINA TOWN (we were the lucky few who met them):

We then took a train to Central because I wanted to buy my friend Wendy a birthday present. Judy was hungry so we decided to eat at the Sydney Market City foodcourt for a bit.We then went to IGA to buy snacks for when we were going to line up for the KPOP Cover Dance Competition. Judy took ages in there but I'm thankful. We then walked up towards the KPOP store, but we saw 4 fangirls squealing at a van. We were confused as to why, so we went to check the van out and it was NU'EST! The girls were talking to Aron via their phones. So they exchanged messages through the glass window. They were asking if we could take photos with them but Aron politely declined and said that the manager did not let them.

Just remembered that I could have talked to Aron using my phone as well.. but I just stood there. There were only 6 fangirls including us and I lost the chance. /SOBBING/

Judy, at this point was going crazy and quickly took out her handmade NU'EST canvas and drawings. She showed it to Baekho through the tinted glass and he said he really liked it. The manager then told her to come around the door and give it to them. The door to the van opened and it was the cameraman who took the fanart off her. She then went back to the other side of the van and saw Baekho and Aron taking selcas with it. I'm pretty sure It'll be uploaded soon.

Soon after, they came out of the van and told us to stay quiet. By this time, a few more people came. We were walking with NU'EST up the street to the KPOP store. Aron faced backwards and held up his finger to say "shh, be quiet" but some girls yelled out "ARON, JR OPPA" so that went down the drain. Turns out 5J, a competitor at the Sydney KPOP Cover Contest was practising there. NU'EST stood at the back, wanting to surprise them while they were performing. The girls were so shocked to see NU'EST, they were so happy! They talked for a bit, then NU'EST, particularly Minhyun and JR was teaching them how to dance to FACE (PRIVATE DANCE LESSON OMG). 5J were then asked to perform 'Shinee's Sherlock' for them and they did. NU'EST looked excited to see them dance and they were moving along with the beat. After that, they talked for a bit more and took photos with them (The video will probably be uploaded to their YouTube channel or something, look out for a girl in a white blouse and red scarf because that was me. Judy was wearing a blue floral shirt with black tights). Aron was just a bit taller than me (I'm around 173cm) and Minhyun was the tallest. Their heights go like this from tallest to shortest: Minhyun, Ren, Baekho, JR and Aron.

JR, are you looking at me? /sly

More fangirls were starting to arrive and they started signing things! Luckily, one girl was happy enough to lend Ren a texta to sign miscellaneous things. I was nearest to Ren so I practically got out of iPod Touch and asked him to sign it since that was the only thing I was holding. I was so happy but his signature was smudged a bit due to the slippery surface. The cover will be taken off and laminated hopefully.

A girl came up to Ren and asked him to sign her face, but bashfully and respectfully, he declined, He made a motion saying "Oh no, I can't do that" and bowed slightly saying sorry. He really was very nice but quiet. I got the impression that he is really humble and polite.

I was trying to get Aron to sign as well but there were too many people and I ended up getting pushed to the back. Someone brought their NU'EST shirt and got Aron to sign it. LUCKY.

The signing happened really quickly, so it was stopped abruptly. At the end, Ren was looking around for the girl who lent him the texta. He was looking everywhere for her and he finally gave it back to her after she put her hands up. Yes, I'm focusing a lot on Ren because I only interacted with him.

They then started talking to the camera again and while some of the members were talking, I made a love heart with my arms and said "Saranghae". REN RETURNED IT TO ME AND I'M NOT DELUSIONAL. HE DID IT STRAIGHT AT ME AFTER I DID IT. REN, I LOVE YOU TOO!! He smiled a bit too, which is good because he was very straight faced during the interview.

Soon after, they went inside the kpop store. We couldn't get in because there were people telling us not too, and some camera crew. They started filming us as well.

The crew uploaded some photos of them inside the store on their Twitter and Facebook. We were right outside.

They were in the store for quite a bit. The workers at the store were really surprised when NU'EST went in because it wasn't planned and it was supposed to be a surprise! They then went out and walked back to the van. Judy ran with them, so she was side by side. She made a 'hug?' motion to Baekho and he hugged her. I couldn't catch up to her because I was trying not to smudge nmy autograph!

On the way, Aron or Minhyun received a koala teddybear. He was craddling it like a baby and making it wave to us. IT WAS SO CUTE, I SWEAR. He was pretending the koala was a precious baby and it made me melttttttttt. I mean, how cute is that?!
I kept trying to do the love heart shape over my head to get some reaction like I did with Ren but no one else did it. Oh wells, but I know all of the members knew me and saw me because I was luckily part of the 8 or so fans who were there earlier. I made eye contact with some members so I'm happy!
After clearing the road, they went off to whatever schedule they had next.

(Before you read, NU'EST was here to judge the contest so they were part of the judging panel)
Judy and I went straight back to Central to catch the bus to UNSW. We saw a lot of people going straight there so we were afraid we weren't going to get tickets and good seats. We arrived at UNSW but it is really big so it took us a long time to find the Sciene Theatre which was the venue. There were quite a lot of people there so we went to line up. We lined up FOR 4 HOURS through wind and sun. My umbrella broke due to the wind so we unfortunately had to live through the blazing sun. Judy and I were getting pretty moody because we lined up from 11:30am to 3:30am and people were pushing in. There were people who came way later than us but ended up getting near the front. After around 3 hours, the line started moving and people were slowly getting their tickets. The event was based on a first come, first serve basis. We then had to line up again to get in, luckily we were in the first half.

NU'EST actually went through the front door with all the fans so I'm guessing there was no backdoor? They were wearing their white, grey and black sequin stage costumes and they were so handsome.

After waiting more than an hour, we were finally let in. The theatre was pretty big and could hold around 800 people. They were playing the KPOP COVER DANCE video over and over but the footage kept freezing and acting up. It happened throughout the contest and during NU'EST's performance so I thought the sound and video technicians should have done a better job. Judy and I managed to get the seats directly facing the stage because the theatre had an upper and lower level. The juding panel was literally an arm's length away from the audience so people who were sitting at the back of NU'EST are extremely lucky. We managed to get seats a few rows back on the side, but it was still really close.

After everyone was seated, NU'EST came in. There was so much noise but they still seemed happy. They sat in this order: JR, Baekho, Aron, Ren and Minhyun.

The contest started with the singing portion first and Minhyun, Baekho and Aron were bobbing along with the music. Baekho also waved to a performer when they were waving to them.

During one singing performance, Aron got out of his chair but started crouching, trying to lay low. Turns out he needed to go to the toilet, but he tried to be very unnoticeable so it wouldn't disturb the singer on stage. He crouched and sort of waddled out of the stadium to get to the toilets. Unfortunately, he had to cross the entire floor to get out so the fangirls started squealing when they saw Aron and completely ignored the singer. He then came back in, but sort of asian squatted on the side to wait until the performance finished before heading back. Too bad nothing escapes fangirl's eyes because they started screaming as soon as Aron came back. He then crouched and tried to get back into his seat. He sat down and told everyone to stay quiet.  He is extremely well mannered. At the beginning, I think he even went on ALL FOUR's so he could use the judging panel to hide him. It was extremely cute. I don't remember when, but a guy fell through the door and Aron laughed at him. He wasn't hurt or anything and he did it in a very funny way.

The members actually turned to Aron for translation everytime the MC or performer was speaking English.

The dance portion started straight after the singing part. Every dance competitor was really good! The 3 guys who danced to "Exo's History" had a lot of support because I'm guessing there were a lot of Exotics. Judy was screaming in my ear because EXO is one of her biases.

 One group was dancing to Hello Venus's song and Minhyun was dancing along in his chair. Minhyun seemed very cheerful and happy throughout the whole day.

The MC encouraged NU'EST and the rest of the judging panel (there were 2 more) to ask questions to the contestants. One of the judges didn't understand English that much and answered wrongly to a question. I wish the MC would stop asking questions, it's obvious he isn't as fluent and I felt sorry for him. They actually asked Aron if he had any questions for the groups and he asked in English. The othre members had someone to translate for them.

They were doing a queston time with a male duo who danced to 'Exo's History' (it was performed twice by two different groups) and Ren asked "What's the relationship between you two?". Ren actualy asked the question before to 5J so we weren't surprised when he asked that. However, when he asked that, the audience was laughing because it seemed like he was asking if they were gay. Ren was surprised by the laughter and finally understood why we were laughing when Aron explained it to him. Jr, Baekho, Aron and Minhyun were laughing as well.

On another occassion, a big male dance crew performed. JR asked them "Why didn't you perform a NU'EST song? Next time you should" and people started laughing. 

After all 20 performances, it was finally time for NU'EST TO PERFORM!
They performed FACE first and were setting the chairs. The music started too fast though and they had to sort of fix the chairs quickly to do the dance. They handled the situation really well though and got straight into it.

After FACE, they performed 'Not Over You'. DURING THE PERFORMANCE, BAEKHO POINTED AT JUDY. HE TOTALLY REMEMBERS HER AS THE GIRL WHO DREW THEM FANTASTIC DRAWINGS. She didn't take a photo of it before she gave it to them, but oh well.
'Action' was performanced after.

Soon after, they helped announce the winners and took congratulatory photos with them. 5J won the dance portion and a solo singer won the singing portion. They get to fly to Korea!

Baekho was announcing the winner, and instead of announcing the real winner, he said "The winner is.... NU'EST!"

Baekho and Aron are too cute ^^ Sweaty JR is sexy

Baekho waving at me!
The KPOP Cover Contest ended earlier than planned so a lot of people stayed back to try and get signatures. We were all at the front entrance, thinking there was no other way out, because they came in from the front in the beginning. Then after 30 minutes of waiting, we heard screams at the back and everyone started running to the back. Turns out NU'EST boarded the van straight after the performance so people were just swarming around the van. The thing that bugged me the most, was that some people were banging on the back glass, trying to get their attention. I thought that was rude. Apparently they were Korean sasaengs. A person I was talking to told me that she asked them, and they said they flew all the way from Korea. They were also trying to push their way backstage. My first encounter with a sasaeng fan, scary.

I just stayed at the back, away from the road and waved goodbye to them.

Here's another fan account of NU'EST at a restaurant after the contest. (cr: Locketmin.tumblr) It's so cute and it's just another example of how courteous Ren is. Read it here.

In conclusion, JR was very solitude and mature. He didn't interact much with Baekho or the other members, except when turning to Aron for translation. Baekho interacted a lot with Aron, they were whispering very close (OTP? LOL) He smiled a lot as well. Ren gave the most fan service, in general and I'm starting to like him a lot more now. SARANGHAE TOO OPPA. He was also extremely polite. Minhyun is a lot more good looking in real life. His eye smile is seriously the best. He was very cheerful throughout the whole day. During the Chinatown surprise meet, he was clapping along to the music. Aron talked the most because he could speak English. He was very nice and good looking. I still think he resembles MBLAQ's G.O.

In terms of popularity, I think Ren was the most popular. Most screams and shouts were for Ren. Second is Aron. Minhyun, JR and Baekho was around the same level.

It's 12:00am right now and I'm working on 4 hours sleep. I'm trying to get this done quickly so It was not double checked! sorry!


Uploading fancams later!

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