Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Créaline H2O)

Today I’ll be reviewing my current skincare favourite from Bioderma! The Bioderma Sensibio H2O aka the Créaline H2O.

 A Bioderma innovation, Sensibio H2O gently cleanses and removes makeup from face and eyes. The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the cutaneous balance. Soothing active ingredients prevent the skin feeling irritated. Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance.

Directions for use: Soak a cotton pad, cleanse/remove makeup and dry gently.

There are a lot of different sizes for this product but I bought the 500ml bottle.

The Bioderma range comes in Sensitive and Oily skin (Click to get directed to the Bioderma website). The Sensibio is pink while Sébium is in a green bottle. The Sébium is different from the Sensibio as the actual water is a pretty tinted blue. I actually have oily skin but I was worried about the colouring so I chose the Sensibio.

There is no alcohol or silicon in the ingredients list which is a major plus for me.

This Bioderma Sensibio cleanser looks just like normal water but with amazing properties. It can remove face and eye makeup all in one.

It smells a little like a light sunscreen which I don’t mind at all. It is labelled as fragrance free though.

The face makeup removing properties is great and it’s enough for me as I rarely wear heavy face makeup. It removes eye makeup well in one sweep, but for face makeup, you’ll probably have to go over your face a couple of times. I recommend you use another cleanser after this product if you like wearing full face makeup.

My diet really took its toll on my skin ever since I came back from China. I had close to flawless skin around 10 months ago but ever since I came back from China, my skin has been acting out. My family believes that I’m breaking out because the food in China is ‘purer’ than foods in Australia. I do believe that in a way, but I’m sure some environmental factors play a major role in it as well. This Bioderma cleanser has helped me so much.

I’ve tried countless Asian and drugstore cleansers, but none actually continued to work as well as the Bioderma. Laneige, Biore, Nivea, DHC and Dermatologica all broke me out so I was extremely enthusiastic when I found my holy grail product.

My skin has been less red and my acne is controlled.

Overall, I’ve already stocked up a few bottles and I recommend this for everyone!
P.S I bought this in Guangzhou, China because it is a lot cheaper compared to online and Australian stores. Apparently France is selling this Bioderma Sensibio at the cheapest price so if you ever travel there; please make sure to check this product out!
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