Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review: Evian Natural Mineral Waters Facial Spray

Today I’ll be sharing with you an Evian review – The famous Evian Mineral Waters Facial Spray or Face mist!

The Evian Mineral Waters Facial Spray is natural mineral water which refreshes, tones and moisturizes*

 Wake up your skin and senses with Evian Facial Spray! Used daily, Evian Facial Spray increases your skin hydration*, helps fix makeup, and offers you constant freshness and purity. From the French Alps, Evian natural mineral water has a balanced mineral composition and a neutral pH suiting all skin stypes. (*outer layers of the skin)

I’m guessing by the ‘outer layers’, they mean the epidermis?

Directions: Spray 15 cm away from the face. You can choose to either dab the mist away or leave to dry. Use several times during the day.

The Evian Facial Spray is one of the most famous hydrating face mists. It can also help fix make up. Some people argue about the benefits of spraying water on the face, is it really worth buying? What’s good for your skin?

Tap water is different from the Evian Natural Face Spray as it does not contain pesticides found in unfiltered tap water.

You can incorporate the face mist in your skin care routine as a toner or pre step. It can help aid in the absorption of your skin care products!

My auntie bought the 150ml bottle at Sasa for 44 Hong Kong dollars, which is around $5.42 AUS.

The product is in a pressurized spray can with a plastic white nozzle. The packaging is not at all flimsy and feels very firm and sturdy. 

There is actually an expiry date printed at the bottom! I guess it lasts for around 3 or 4 years.

My skin feels refreshed every time I use this, but I doubt the moisturizing properties. It dries in a matter of seconds and it’s a lovely fast fix for when you’re feeling unwell or hot. I like to use this when I’m sick or too sleepy for school because it is refreshing and cool. A very good pick me up, and you can bring this to school since it comes in a large range of sizes including an airplane friendly 50ml!

However, once dried, my skin feels tight, dry and uncomfortable, just like when you haven’t moisturized straight out of the shower. So I never fail to apply my moisturizer after use.
It does help fix my makeup though, as it stops my makeup from settling into dry patches. It’s a very good and cheap alternative to finishing sprays.

You can also use it as a facial mask. Spray a plain facial mask sheet (You can buy it on eBay) with the face mist or you can use it in conjunction with a homemade facial paste.

Overall, I would repurchase this as it’s a fairly good product for the price.

How do I apply my BB cream?

I've made a separate tutorial with tips and tricks on how I apply my BB cream with the Evian Facial Spray to achieve a dewy look.

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