Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How To: Korean Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial

Hello~ 안녕하세요~
Today I'll be doing a Korean Ulzzang Makeup/Korean idol makeup tutorial
We are focusing on using neutral colours to make our eyes the main focus

How do I apply my BB cream?

I've made a separate tutorial here filled with tips and tricks on using BB cream!

Step 1:
Apply a light pearl shimmery eyeshadow as a base all over the eyelid. (I used Rimmel London 35 Colour Rush Velvet/Perle)

Step 2:
In the inner thirds, apply a pigmented white shimmer eyeshadow. White helps make the eyes appear brighter. (I used Estee Lauder Pure Colour EyeShadow Trio in 01-Hot Blue)

Step 3:
In the outer V, apply a brown eyeshadow. Make sure the brown can be seen slightly and over your natural crease. Extend it out at the end to create the illusion of bigger eyes. (Used Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Trio in 01 Hot Blue and Coastal Scent C159 Liner/Chisel Fluff Brush. Links are all to similar products)

 Step 4:
Liner your lower and upper lash line with the same brown eyeshadow. Stop 3/4 in.

Step 5:
Apply white eyeshadow in the inner tear ducts and the rest of the lower lashline. Reapply the white eyeshadow on your eyelid if preferred.

Step 5:
Line your upper lash line using a black liner (I used Sportsgirl To The Point Liquid Eyeliner)
Step 6:
Using a gel eyeliner, connect the end of the first line to the outer v of your eyes. Essentially, it'll turn out similarily to a cat eye. (Used Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liner)

Step 7:
Apply false lashes or mascara after curling your lashes. (I used Revlon's Fantasy Lengths in 91002 Intensifying)

Then you're done!! You can of coarse alter the Korean ulzzang makeup steps to your fancy. Substitute the white eyeshadow for gold for a K-pop idol inspired look!


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