Saturday, 17 November 2012

Haul and Unboxing: SASA.COM

Hello 안녕하세요 readers~

I received my SASA.COM package yesterday before my Year 10 formal so I was extra excited to open it today.

SASA is a popular chain beauty store in Hong Kong and I've shopped there a numerous amount of times before my first purchase on SASA.COM. I believe that most items are cheaper on SASA as opposed to eBay and some other online stores.

Each package will have your items printed on the front

Rather than opening it from the front, you have to open it from the side.

The package was filled with foam to stop anything spilling or breaking while being transported!

My items safely wrapped in bubble wrap: all US$28 worth

JUJU Cosmetics Organic 100% Aloe Cream 50g. It was a lot smaller than I thought but I'm sure a little bit will go a long way.

My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest 10 Piece. I'm actually wearing the mask right now as I type this post. I'll review this soon!

The box was a lot smaller than my BeautyMate facial mask box

My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask

My Beauty Mask White Bulgarian Rose mask

My Beauty Diary Aloe Facial Mask Sheets

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

SASA.COM generously gave me a sample of the Bio-Essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen and Whitening Advancer
 Everything I purchased came down to US$28.70. I took the intiative of waiting for the 'Spend US$29 and get free shipping' promotion that comes around every few times a month only to realise that they had a US$15 free shipping promotion the day after. Patience is definitely a virtue.

It took around 3 days for my order to be dispatched, a bit later than my first few purchases. It was probably due to the fact I bought singular items in numerous amounts. My package arrived in around a week! SASA.COM has extremely fast shipping, something that keeps me shopping there everytime.

[All prices are in US dollars]
JUJU Cosmetics Organic Aloe 100% Cream - U$9.00
My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask -  $1.10 each
My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask - $1.10 each
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask - $1.10 each
My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask - $1.10 each
My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Box 10 piece - $10.90 (It was originally $13.60 but there was a special 20% selected My Beauty Diary Mask Box Set sale)

I'll review everything soon, please stay tuned!

And a random note:
I woke up today tired from the formal when I saw a big box with the words D/CHOCOLATE on it. I assumed that it was chocolate cake because it smelt like it but I got the biggest surprise when it turned out to my macarons! I've only had macarons 2 times in the live so this was a somewhat pleasant surprise. Somewhat because my weakness is sugar and sweets. Luckily I had my formal last night so I don't need to watch my diet for a while. Time to pig out!

 Love, Yoonyee
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