Friday, 7 December 2012

{Review and Haul}: Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Hot Pots and Brushes

Hello readers~
Today I'm back with a first impressions and haul post on Coastal Scents!
If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you'll know that my package arrived some time this week and I wanted to share what I got during their Black Friday sale.

Taken from my instagram. Half way through posting this, I realised that I forgot to include the Bright Eyed Light Concealer! But don't worry, I'll do a separate review on that. (The tulip pink eyeshadow hot pot was also sold to my friend before I took photos for this haul)

Coastal Scents was kind enough to send me this cute 'I Love Makeup' bumper sticker! I think I'll stick it up on my room.

 When I took it out of the carefully wrapped bag, all my purchased items were encased in a blue pocket.

 Left to right (eyeshadows):  Flesh Tone, Golden Buttercup, Citron and Navy Baby
Top to bottom (brushes): Small natural eyeshadow brush, small synthetic concealer brush and angled blush brush.
And one facial cleansing brush on the side.

This colour is absolutely gorgoes and definitely my new favourite.
  I've been looking for the perfect gold eyeshadow for my inner corners and this 'Flesh Tone' perfect. It was extremely hard for me to look at the shades on the Coastal Scents website and there were no swatches on the internet. Hence why I bought several gold shades to try out.

A dark and pigment gold eyeshadow. Reminds me of Egypt.. is that weird?

The stock photo looks a lot more subdued than the actual product

A true shimmery yellow

It has the tendency to look slightly black and the colour is not as pigmented as I thought It'll be. It is the only matte shade I purchased.

Look how gorgeous Flesh Tone is!

Top to bottom:
Navy Baby, Citron, Golden Buttercup and Flesh Tone.

I have not tried this brush yet, so I cannot review this. However, my first impression is that the bristles are extremely soft. I rarely exfoliate so this is a good substitute. I've heard that cleansers work better when it's NOT applied directly to the skin, that's why facial cleansing brushs/sponges are popular.

The angled blush brush is the only brush I've tried and washed. It seems extremely prone to shedding which is a disappointed because my favourite Coastal Scents Bionic Buffer brush did not at all.

Synthetic Small concealer brush

This small eyeshadow brush is fairly small and reminds me a lot of a liner brush.

Top to bottom: Angled Blush Brush, Small Eyeshadow Brush, Small Synthetic Concealer Brush

 And two comparison photos with my CS Bionic Buffer brush I bought last year.

You can buy the items here!

Eyeshadow Hot Pots:
 Flesh Tone
Golden Buttercup
Navy Baby

Makeup Brushes:
Classic Blush Angled Small Natural
Classic Small Synthetic Concealer Brush
Classic Shadow Small Natural

Bright Eyed in Light

Facial Cleanser Brush

 My experience with Coastal Scents:

Due to the enormous traffic during the few days the sale was on, the website crashed a few times. It took me around 5 tries to get my items checked out but it was seriously worth it.

In total, everything was around $25 including shipping. Products ($14) + shipping ($11)

Shipping from the US warehouse to Sydney Australia was quick. I only waited one week and I was plesantly happy to see it on my door step.

Everything was covered in bubble wrap to ensure nothing would break during the transition.

Coastal Scents, you never fail to amaze me!

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