Thursday, 3 January 2013

Haul: Daiso

Hello readers~
I went to the newly opened Merrylands Stocklands in the first week of the holisays solely for Daiso. Prior to that, I've heard about how great two of their cosmetic products were: one being their eyeliner and the other being their eyeliner seal. I was lucky enough to snatch their eyeliner seal but I don't think Sydney Daiso's stock their famous liquid liner. So I opted for another one.

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Daiso is a Japanese chain store which sells things ranging from food to cosmetics and toiletries! You can find a lot of Japanese factured products in Daiso stores, all for $2.80.

This wasn't exactly purchased at Daiso but at the Dollar Store.. Let's just throw this in ther. In the summer, I like to brew green tea and put it in a spray bottle and use it throughout the day to cool off. However, my old spray bottle was quite large, making it not efficient to carry around. This is also safe for on board travel which is a plus! I'm stocking on travel essentials since I'll be travelling to Korea, Canada and Hong Kong in a few months time.To say I'm excited is an understatement.

I bought some small bottles and a jar to put my skincare products in whenever I travel. As you know, the limit for liquids in the cabin is 90mls (and must be placed in a clear zip lock bag) so it's essential if you travel a lot. The colour is actually a gorgeous teal green but it looks blue in the photos though.

This was the replacement black liquid eyeliner for the one I originally sought for. The colour is opaue and the brush is thin yet strong, perfect for a straight and even line. It stays on incredibly long, longer than my Maybelline gel eyeliner. However, the downside to this is that it rubs off when in it comes in contact with water. When you remove is with eye makeup remover, it flakes off rather than dissolves. Hence it's easier for it to end up in your eyes.

The famous eyeliner seal! I first heard about this product while searching for Daiso product reviews (I always check online to see what's worth buying and what not). You apply it on top of your eyeliner, making sure to only over over it once because it might taint the brush.. as you can see. I tested this out with my ModelCo pencil eyeliner and it works wonders! I rubbed it to test the liner and the line with the seal stayed a lot better than the one without. The liquid has a light blue tint to it.

I was on the look out for a thin cotton pad to replace my current Aldi one. The Aldi brand is thicker than I would have liked it, making the product soak into the cotton instead of tranferring it into my skin. So I was disappointed when this particular Daiso one is not thin at all. Still, it was $2.80 for 180 pads; pretty affordable.

 Until next time, annyeong~~

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