Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review: Skin79 SUE Hydrating Gel ♡ Great for summer

Gel moisturisers are a great alternative for cream forms during summer as your skin adjusts the heat. In Winter, heavier creams are preferred because your skin loses hydration and becomes dry in the cold.

Hello readers~
 Today I will be reviewing the popular Skin79 SUE Hydrating Gel. I was on the search for a different Asian moisturiser before summer started here in Australia and was bombarded on the Skin79 KR website. The advertorial of Gain and the SUE range was extremely tempting so I decided to purchase the Skin79 SUE Hydrating gel! It was a toss up between this and their cream option in the same range.

What is it? (Taken exactly from the Skin79 SUE Hydrating Gel box)

With HYDRA-NGC and Phyto-Marine Complex that contain skin activiating components, hydrating gel forms moisture band on the skin, thereby providing some fresh sense of moisture and maintaining the skin soft and sleek for a long time, and calms sensitive skin that has become irritated by environmental factors.
Let me rephrase that in my own words:

The Skin79 SUE Hydrating Gel contains HYDRA-NGC and Phyto-Marine Complex helps form a moisture barrier on the skin, keeping your skin soft and supple. The properties present in Phyto-Marine Complex calms sensitive skin that has become irritated from environmental factors.

Is that a QR code I see? Too bad I don't have a QR code app. I'm really intrigued to see where it would take me.

It comes in a 50ml glass jar, tt measures 53mm x 50mm. The glass jar is a see through blue with a white opaque screw top. It feels rather heavy and it can easily be broken if dropped on tiles. So be careful when handling this product!

All genuine Skin79 products are labeled with an authenticity sticker that looks like the one pictured above. It's the same as their Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream. This is to counteract the growing number of Skin79 counterfeits, something I'm thankful for since I purchase most of my products online.

The thing I dislike the most about this gel is the fragrance. It smells extremely artifically fragranced and might be too overwhelming for some people. I'm more than certain that the scent can be used as a genuine perfume as it smells artifically floral (?) It disappears after a few minutes when it is fully absorbed into your skin.

The product is tinted a light blue which dries and applies clear. I like to apply it before I go to sleep as a sleeping mask in summer since my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is reserved for winter use. I use a 5 cent piece amount and it's enough for my entire face.

The hydrating gel absorbs extremely quickly, like most do. It dries to a dewy finish.

Gels, in specific, generally do not give enough moisture for dry skin and this is not an exception. It isn't heavy enough to give you lasting hydration so please think about this carefully before you purchase the Skin79 SUE Hydrating Gel.

  • Light hydration (which can be a pro and a con, but I placed it in pro because I bought this product specifically for summer)
  • Dries quickly 
  • Perfect for people with oily/combination skin

  • Heavily fragranced
  •  Expensive for a product that didn't live up to my expectations
  • The glass jar is easily breakable
  • It's unhygenic to use your fingers to get the product

I bought my Skin79 SUE Hydrating Gel from eBayer ideaseller_kr for around AU$12.

It's approximately 43 degrees here in Sydney right now and I am sitting in my unconditioned living room typing this review. Persevering til the end!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

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