Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wanderlust Part 3: The Little Snail and Star City (Happy New Years!)

Hello readers!
I hope you enjoyed your New Years! A few days before 2013 began, I went to The Little Snail for my parent's anniversary dinner and here are a few (all 35 photos including my oh so welcome selca above) pictures to document the night. We parked at Star City and walked a street up to the Little Snail for our meal hence why I added in a few Star City photos.

The casino is up stairs which means no persons under 18 can enter.

Sides: Bruschetta and Garlic Bread.
The Bruschetta was made normally with red onion and tomato. I think the garnish is salted dried seaweed.


 Boulette De Fruits De Mer

Escargots de Bourgogne 
 Salmon Roulade. I definitely recommend this!

 French cocktail my mother ordered. There was a delicate coating of sugar on the rims.

 The Harbourside views! Literally.


 Citrus marinated Tasmanian Salmon

 Loin of Veal

 Fillet of Beed Tenderloin. I recommend this and the veal!


 Warm sticky date pudding. Now this is definitely A LOT sweeter than I would have liked it. It's sickening sweet but it's delicious at the same time. Appetite or sweet tooth?

 Classic Creme Caramel

 Chef churned Hazelnut and Praline Ice Cream

There was a small mishap that happened during our dinner. The dessert that was supposed to be ours was served at the wrong table. I saw the exchange and tried to notify the waiter but it seems like he couldn't hear me because he waddled off later after the customers on the other table happily gobbled up our meals. They were only up to their mains! Shouldn't they have known that it wasn't time for dessert? But it was solved diligently as we were issued our desserts after an apology. All is well.

 We were sat at the top level. The bar on the side is responsible for any drink orders. One thing my parents and I noticed were that most (excluding one table) were Asians. I know that can not be done deliberately so I found it to be a happy (?) coincidence. Most of the people near us spoke Cantonese or Mandarin.

At Star City. The gigantic snow light changes colours.

Oh, how I can only afford to stare at you.

I also visited Adriano Zumbo but it was almost closing time so most of their desserts were gone. No food pictures then, minus these 3.

I hope no one is suffering from horrible hangovers or feeling regretful over decisions made over their New Year celebrations. I spent it watching MBC's Gayo Daejaejun rather than the fireworks..

For 2013, I hope it'll give us time to create more memories together. Leave all the bad behind and start a fresh, new page in your lives.

Until next time, annyeong!~
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