Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Week in Pictures: Australia Day and Back to School

Hello readers~
I know Australia Day (26th of January) was last week, but I decided to include it in my post.
It's back to school for me so it implies a decline in posts, which is also the result of my lack of beauty purchases. However, my cousin came back from Hong Kong and brought along with him Korean and Japanese cosmetics and skincare for me to try! Thank you, I can't wait to try it out.

Now time for the sad news. It's seems like my planned trip to Korea will be disturbing my assessment schedule so my parents and I have decided to delay it. To two years time.

At least my Hong Kong trip is still going ahead. Don't worry, there will be a Hong Kong travel post.

The lack of sun in Sydney for the past few days have influenced my edited photos. Should I change my template?

Eating at Casa Di Nico has limited our seating choices. We ended up sitting on the opposite end with Wild Life, Madame Tussauds and the Sydney Aquarium of the fireworks display but still managed to get a good view.

I had a huge problem with the people sitting in front of us. It was extremely hard taking photos and a lot of them included their heads and other body parts.

Had huge focusing problems with this picture but I couldn't help but add this to my post. The wings are gorgeous!

Ate dinner at the Casa Di Nico Italian restaurant on King Street Wharf. There was no aircon in the facility, which lead me to look like a sweaty mess. But overall, the food was plesant. I recommend the semi freddo dessert and homemade gnocchi with smoked salmon.

Fish and chips on the last day of my school holidays and green tea which is regularly drink to keep stress away and my skin clear.

I had a small mental breakdown when I was issued with my Year 11 Senior Assessment Schedule. If other people lived through it, I can too! And hopefully, I won't suffer from Senioritis any time soon.

For the new school year, I decided to retire my old taupe coloured backpack for my newly puchased YesStyle/YesWalker leather bag.

Chinese New Year/Luner New Year is just 8 days away and my mother has already purchased some goods. Did I mention that I enjoy CNY more than New Years?

 *the lower quality photos were taken with my iPod Touch.

I hope everyone is having a good day.
Until next time, annyeong~
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