Friday, 5 April 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Day 2 and 3

Hello everybody!

I came back from Hong Kong last week and only got time to blog today. I received my exam time table and I'm going to be busy studying for that. So without further ado, let's go on with the pictures!

For your information, this trip to Hong Kong was for my cousin's wedding.

Just a note,  L'hotel élan was the first hotel we went to. The second hotel was Regal Oriental. The reason why we changed hotels was that we originally were going to stay for only 3 days, but decided to extend it.  L'hotel élan was booked full so we had to check in somewhere else.

And we arrived at Hong Kong at night so therefore, there aren't any photos from Day 1. I was just too tired to take photos and explore.

They provide an iPad with free wifi for hotel guests in each room.

My auntie bought these sandwiches from either a bakery or 7-11. Bakeries are plentiful in Hong Kong but I couldn't bear to eat any because we eat full meals every single day.  I couldn't justify eating breads, cakes and pastries if we were going to eat anyways.

Ham, cheese and butter. Pronounced "f-all toe meen bao". 'Fall toe' = Ham and Cheese. 'Meen Bao' = bread.
 Ham and egg sandwich! "Da-arn" = egg

I was really intrigued by this mirror. You'll only be able to view it if you look at it from a close proximity. If you're not close enough, you wouldn't be able to see your reflection. The lights gave my eyes the 'ring lights' effect but unfortunately, i couldn't take a photo of it.

The iPad was connected to the wall though, so I had to compromise my comfort to use it.

If you watch Hong Kong dramas, you'll notice that a lot of 'casual' eateries offer meals in sets. So you can choose Set A, B, C and so on. 

I only managed to eat at one typical original Hong Kong eatery, and you can see for yourself how it differentiates from other restaurants. It's essentially a move relaxed setting and everything is provided for you on the table like chopsticks, soy sauce, chilli etc.

These eateries are pronounced "Dai pie do-ong".

Those noodles were part of my 'pre-lunch' meal. This is what I meant by can't affording to spoil my appetite with anything from the bakeries... which I so wanted to dearly do. An hour later we ate yum cha for lunch at the wedding venue. It's absolutely gorgeous.

It rained all week... except on the wedding day. Amazing timing.

If you eat at any Chinese restaurant, most likely they will provide you with dessert. This was a papaw dessert or "tong sui" in Cantonese. It directly translated to "Sugar Water"

In iSquare.

Okay, these are just the warm up posts! There are a lot more photos to come. It was so hard segmenting them in posts because I forgot when I took each picture. But anyways, my next post will feature popular Hong Kong beauty chain stores like SASA and Colourmix! Please anticipate that.

Until next time, annyeong~

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