Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Day 3 (continued) in L'hotel élan, Tsim Sha Tsui (SASA and Colourmix) and Kowloon Bay

Let's play spot the SASA stores. I'm not kidding you when I say that I have seen 3 SASA stores in the same street. And probably more than 10 in the whole suburb. I did end up buying a lot at SASA since I am a huge fan of them. I ended up creating a list of everything from their online store SASA.COM and refrained myself from spending money online.


Another popular chain store in Hong Kong is Colourmix. The only store I didn't get to visit was Bonjour HK. Usually, you'll be able to purchase Bioderma in their stores but they now ONLY stock another brand with similar packaging called Inseta. My cousin's girlfriend Emily told me that it's best not to buy this brand, even though I had no intention of doing so. Beware of the sales people trying to sell you extra items you don't need.

 Colourmix sells The Face Shop products. I'm interested in their Pore Minimizing cream but didn't get to buy it. Boo.

 One of my father's relatives owns a fabric company which works with suits. We got to see the newest season styles.

And to end the day, we ended up having dinner at a Japanese restaurant at Kowloon Bay! It's extremely easy to get here. All Hong Kong rails have english, but be careful not to get confused with another Kowloon stop. There's a level with only restaurants and electronies in the mall.

Beef rice bowl and pickled radish. It was my first time (to my memory) eating pickled radish, the popular side dish companion with many Korean dishes. It contains just beef, a special sauce and rice. A very lovely dish even though it was fairly cheap.

Pork katsu curry rice! My dish. Japanese curry is definitely an acquired taste.

Special rice bowl with sashimi. The most expensive order we had. I don't eat raw fish so I cannot say if it was delicious or not.

L'hotel élan level 32! The weird thing about this hotel was that its' reception is in level 32 (my memory is failing me but it was definitely either 32, 34 or 36).

The gym room was gorgeous! It's such a shame that I couldn't utilist it properly because we only stayed for 3 days. Imagine working out with the lovely view.

At the back of the gym equipment, they provide free fruits, drinks and snacks. No one was supervising this area so patrons could take more than what was needed.

The seating area for the people who just wanted to chat.

Okay, the next post will be about beauty stores in Hong Kong! Please anticipate.

Until next time, annyeong~
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