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Review: Etude House Baby Choux Base 에뛰드 하우스 in 02 Berry Choux 베리슈

The inevitable return of the school holidays means the start of my regular posts again! I'm sure readers have already seen my MASSIVE Etude House haul from my Hong Kong trip and I did promise reviews for the products I have strong opinions about.

So after my review on the Etude House All Over Colour, I will proceed to review the Etude House Baby Choux Base!

What is it?
The Etude House Baby Choux Base, from their Sweet Recipe range, can be used as a whitening base or highlighter. Each shade has a different purpose. #1 Mint Choux is for hiding redness, #2 Berry Choux is for evening skin tone while #3 Peach Choux is for brightening.

What it claims:
  •   Make-up base that creates moisture inside and softness outside of skin. 
  •   Base with full of moisture upgrades skin tone in one brighter tone. 
  •   With its primer function, it remains soft make-up without shine for hours. 
  •     Light and soft touch that feels like whipped cream melting on skin. 
  •   SPF25 PA++

How to use:
 After your regular skin care, apply moderately all over your face as a base for a whitening outcome or apply it to the high points of your face for highlight. 

The product is in a semi-transparent glass jar with a plastic and thin beige screw cap. I do enjoy the deliberate 'swirl' detailing on the cap as it stays true to the purpose of the range, which is to create products which imitate sweets from the bakery! Whenever I am holding the jar, I do have to be careful about dropping it as it is fragile. I dropped my glass JUJU Cosmetics Aloe moisturizer before which fortunately didn't break but it made me a lot more careful in handling my products.

To overcome the problem of transferring bacteria from your fingers to the actual base, they provide you with a white plastic spatula which I do not use regularly but I am thankful for that addition.

The consistency is thick, thicker than what I would have imagined a base or a primer to be like. I feel like the purpose of a base was not achieved here, which is to create a smooth and ready canvas for your makeup.
It has a slightly whipped, mousse-like texture which contributes to the 'mattifying' properties of this base.
Continuing from what I said before, It is a thick product which requires thorough blending. But be careful not to blend too much as it does accentuate dry spots and fine lines. I recommend dry skin users to steer clear from this product. I have combination skin with regular dry spots especially since it is currently winter in Sydney, Australia and this product did not help me at all.

If you, however, want to achieve whiter looking skin, the Etude House Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux is for you. I have considerably light skin and this made me look even whiter. I don't dare use this during school because I already have friends repeatedly saying I "look very white today".

Pros of the base is that it adheres to my makeup quite well and I find that I do not look as oily as I usually do at the end of the night if I did NOT apply this product beforehand. Product longetivity is also prolonged. The additional SPF of 25++ is gratifying.

My otherwise dull skin looks better with the base as it evens my skin tone as well.

The first picture is the base without any blending. The second is blended out lightly while the last photo is blended out completely. There is a noticeable difference in skin tone and my hairs are accentuated. My arm is not exactly dry but you can see some dry areas.

This product gets a 3 out of 5. It does meet 3 of the 5 functions introduced for the product such as a soft matte finish, whitened finish and a whipped cream texture that melts into the skin (for good or for worse?). Some bloggers didn't experience the enhanced dry spots or fine lines so maybe it just didn't work for me.

The product still works well to give me a highlight if I apply it to the high points of my face.

Would I recommend this product? It depends on what you're looking for in a base product. If you have dry skin, I do not recommend this for you, period.

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Please look forward to the next reviews which should be coming out shortly!

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