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Review: Etude House Cupcake All Over Colour in Orange Choux Cake (OR201) (에뛰드 하우스 스윗 레시피 컾케익 올 오버 컬러)

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I have a stream of Etude House reviews to write so why not start on the long weekends?

Today I will be reviewing the Etude House Cupcake All Over Colour in Orange Choux Cake (OR201)! If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have been looking for the perfect orange multi-use product for cheeks and lips so I was very glad to try this product out.

What is it?

The Cupcake All Over Colour comes in 5 colours and it's a multi use product for your eyes, cheeks and lips! It was introduced as a part of Etude House's Sweet Recipe range which is all about replicating sweet delicacies!

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The Cupcake All Over Colour is sold in a tin casing with a raised roof so it looks like an actual cupcake! The packaging is a plastic see through 'box' to mimic the bakery boxes when you purchase cupcakes or cakes. I think it is an adorable touch to the product.


The Orange Choux Cake is a pure tangerine colour when swatched, but it does come off lighter on the lips. It is not overpowering and it's as natural as it can get for an orange tint. It's easily blendable and smells amazing! The first time I used it, I was knocked away by the smell. It's hard to describe but I think it's a mix of peach and citrus. The smell fades away after application. Since it's in a small tin, the problem of being hygenic arises. Though that is easily solvable by using a lip brush.

Because it is a cream product, I do find that it settles into the lines of my lips but not in a drying way. I cannot consider it as moisturising but it definitely does not dry your lips. The colour lasts for 3 hours on me if I do not drink or eat.

Also, I do not use this product on my eyes. I am extremely cautious about the products I apple near and on my eyes because I do not want to risk infections. Because I do usually use this product on my cheeks and eyes, I don't want to use it as a shadow.


If you compare the stock photos and my ones, you can tell that the texture looks different. When I purchased this, I was expecting it to come in a slight whipped form but that is not the case at all. It's actually a cream product. But either way, it still works well!

For the packaging, I would have liked it to be in a squeezy cream tube to eliminate the hassle of using a lip brush. The product isn't highly pigmented so it takes a long time building colour with a lip brush.

Also for the pigmentation, it might not show up a lot on people with a darker skin tone.

On the lips:

I give this product a 4/5!
It was exactly what I was looking for. It's perfect for school because the colour pay off is extremely natural (though it can be considered light as well).

The price was only around $7 as I bought it from an Etude House branch in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

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