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Review and Haul: Blanc To Noir (with NYX products)

Hi everybody~

Today I'll be doing a Blanc To Noir review and haul. I recently got in touch with my inner impulsive shopaholic so I ended up spending a lot of money in the last 2 months.

Blanc to Noir is an online only store which currently stocks brands such as NYX, Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, Milani and more! When I made my order, the only brands available were Sally Hansen, NYX and Rimmel London. So the brands are subject to change.

I ordered on the 23rd of June and my package totalled to around $31 dollars. The shipping was $9 and my actual order around $21. (This is a very belated post!)

They had a 30% off ALL NYX products and I just couldn't say no. Silly me because the next week, they were having a 40% off ALL NYX products sale... Good things come to those who wait.

They dispatched my order in 2-3 days which is great because imagine all their orders with this amazing sale! I actually waited for around 5 days for a dispatch notice and didn't realise that it ended up being in my spam/junk folder.

The packaging is in my small sturdy cardboard box with sticky tape holding the box closed and it arrived in just over 2 weeks! Which is good since I live in Sydney, Australia and they shipped it from Los Angeles. There are styrofoams to product the packaging from getting broken along the way.

After I ordered my products, I went to check the average shipping time from Los Angeles to Australian and it said that international packages could take up to 60 days to arrive. I got a huge shock then, but luckily it didn't even take one third of the time!

NYX Xtreme lip cream in Nude Peach Fuzz

NYX Soft matte lip cream in Antwerp
 I had a lot of trouble picking out which lip creams I wanted. I've heard amazing things about NYX's lip creams and have wanted to try them for the longest time. I was debating between getting Antwerp and one of the classic red colours (which I do not have) but ended up going for Antwerp. The swatches and FOTD's I've seen were gorgeous!

I purchased Nude Peach Fuzz because I saw it during a Clothesencounter's YouTube video and little did I know, I saw Antwerp in one of her videos a day after I ordered!

Nude Peach Fuzz is exactly how it sounds like. It's a perfect muted peach nude while Antwerp is quite a bright pink perfect for the Summer.

Nude Peach fuzz and Antwerp were both $4.20 each

NYX Love in Rio in LIR10 Escape With Rio
 To stop myself from forking out $55 on an Urban Decay Naked Palette, I decided to satisfy my love for natural, earthy colours with Escape from Rio. This was only $4.20. I found that the colours, especially the first and third are very sheer/not as pigmented as I wanted them to be.

The first shade is a very sheer muted matte light brown sand. It's perfect as a base.
The second shade is a matte dark brown/taupe and is the most pigmented out of the colours.
The last shade is a light brown with a lot of pink shimmer. It blends sheer so you ultimately end up with just pink shimmer with a hint of brown.

NYX Auto eyevbrow pencil in EP05 Dark Brown and NYX Slim eye pencil in 922 Baby Pink
 The auto eyebrow pencil is just like any normal matte eyebrow pencil. The baby pink eyeliner is also light and matte. Eyebrow pencil: $3.15 and Slim eye pencil: $2.45

NYX Individual lashes in 138 Flare Lash Medium for $2.80

Blanc to Noir were very prompt with processing and shipping my order. They can be easily contacted via email or their Facebook page. Shipping fee was not outrageously over the top. The products were not damaged prior arrival and new! I've heard stories about people purchasing opened goods from online stores so be careful.

Without further ado, I give Blanc To Noir a 4 out of 5.

The only compaint I have is that the tracking number doesn't seem to work. It's not just me having troubles with the tracking, but a number of people I've seen on their Facebook page have been experiencing problems with it as well.

EDIT: There seems to be a delay in orders due to their clearance sale so be aware if you're planning to buy from them soon!

If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below~

Until next time, bye bye.

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