Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil Eyeliner in Black BK801 (에뛰드 하우스 프루프10 방수 펜슬 BK801 방수블랙)

If you were a beginner at makeup, people would normally recommend a pencil eyeliner. Why? Because it's easy to apply. Convenience and how "easy" it is to use would always be number one for someone learning the tips and tricks of makeup application. Only later on would someone move onto gel or liquid.

Today I'll be reviewing the Etude House Proof 10 Auto Eyeliner Pencil! I purchased this when I went to the Hong Kong Etude House store and I do not regret it at all.

What is it?

Proof 10's waterproof eyeliner pencil supplies clean, intense definition for a long lasting, Perfect 10 smoky eye look. Comes with sharpener for fine line application.
Tear, Sweat and Smudge-proof, Amazing Waterproof effect.

Sulli from f(x) is the new endorser of Etude House

How to use?

  • Remove cap and use pencil to trace eye lines along lash roots.
  • Pull out shapener from end and insert pencil tip into sharpener.
  • Applying light pressure while rotating pencil to sharpen.

  • Packaging:

    An auto eyeliner pencil means that there is no need to sharpen it for use. It actually twists product up using the automatic design. However, this auto pencil also provides an attached sharpener for your convenience whenever you want a more precise sharp line! That's amazingly convenient and great, especially since this product retails for around $4. The sharpener is not flimsy and works to the best of it's abilities.


    I would not say that it gives the blackest outcome as it has a very creamy texture. But it is easily buildable and works well for tightling. Though it is extremely smooth and creamy, the lasting ability is outstanding for a drugstore brand.


    For reference, I am someone with fairly oily lids. Without an eye primer, eye makeup would not be able to adhere to my skin and stay on for the whole day.

    For a product that costed me $4, it is of amazing quality. I would say that out of all the pencil eyeliners I have tried (not many since I am more of a liquid eyeliner girl), this had the best staying power. It would last for 6 hours on my top line before I need retouching. However, it is not the same with my waterline. It would last maybe 3 hours before completely disappearing. If you were interested in a pencil liner for your waterline, you should not be going anywhere near creamy eyeliners in the first place. Try your luck with gel pencil liners.

    The colour pigmentation is not the blackest black. A complete dark line would be easy to achieve though by going over it a few times. The colour is also clear from glitter or sparkles.

    To test the claims, I proceeded to conduct a home test. It is waterproof, sweat and tear proof ONLY on the upper lids. It's very hard for the product to stay on the bottom lashes/waterline without setting it with a black eyeshadow.

    It is easily blendable to create the "perfect 10" smokey look and can also be used to create an intense sharp line! It's very easy to apply even with a light hand.

    Other available shades are Proof Black, Shine Black Pearl, Proof Brown, Ash Brown, and Purple Navy! 

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    4.5/5! This is the best pencil eyeliner I have tried and I would continue to purchase this, if I was a regular pencil liner wearer.

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