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Review: MWAVE KPOP Shop and signed BTS (Bangtan Boys) O!RUL8,2? album opening

MWAVE shop is a newly opened store by CJ E&M that sells KPOP related goods! Along side with their SHOP counterpart, MWAVE is the website for M!Countdown streaming and korean entertainment news.

If you didn't know already, my bias group is INFINITE and I'm a dedicated INSPIRIT. Near INFINITE would be BTS/Bangtan Boys though I don't consider myself an A.R.M.Y yet. Their songs are amazing, I definitely recommend I Like It, Coffee, Rise of Bangtan, and their title songs.

Asia’s No.1
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CJ E&M is a true leader in Asian cultural trends, providing diverse various media content and platform services for broadcast, movies, music, performance, and games! CJ E&M aims for the top with the slogan ‘Only One’.

As a Global Media Group offering the best in enjoyment and satisfaction, CJ E&M is taking the lead in Asian Pop Culture through its international reach.

Taken from MWAVE

The side of the box was slightly opened but everything else was fine

 MWAVE shop offers special signed albums for a low and unbeatable price of US$13.99 so when I saw that they were selling signed BTS albums, I just had to get it. MWAVE is a relatively new store with very few reviews so I took the liberty of making one.

They set a date where the sales would open for each group so make sure you're at the computer at the right time. From my memory, they notified that they were selling BTS signed albums 4 (?) days before. Other artists like KAHI, Teen Top, Boyfriend, APINK and more, have been offered but they are all sold out. There is a very limited amount, 100, for each artist so I recommend checking out their facebook, shop or twitter frequently to make sure you don't miss out on any deals.

I preordered my BTS album on the 16th of October and saw that they were sending it out on the 23rd. On each page, they mention that it would take up to 2 weeks to get the albums signed. The status on my account page for the BTS album is still on processing even though I received it. I don't think they update the status of the packages and I only found out they were shipping my album from their facebook page. That's one thing they can fix because I've seen comments complaining about not knowing when their albums were in transit or whatnot. I received my album on the 5th of November, one day before my birthday! Great timing.

The package safely arrived, with bubble wrapping and foam. I'm always paranoid about signatures rubbing off.

My twitter update picture! I was really excited! Follow me on Twitter: @sandyylam


 I really liked this design! The first layer was see-through with the full Oh! ARE YOU LATE TOO? in English and then when you open it, the album name is present.


The only albums I have ever owned are INFINITE's. It was really interesting seeing how other companies, apart from Woollim, package their albums! BTS  O!RUL8,2? includes two photocards (one of an individual member and one group shot) and a small comic. I don't know Korean so I can't translate it ;;

My favourite songs from this album are N.O, We On, Coffee, The Rise of Bangtan (진격의 방탄) and the Outro

 Overall, I am very happy with their service especially for a new store. Sure there can be improvements, but stay assured since they are a reputable South Korean company.

Check them out at

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