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Review: O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum + WishTrend Review

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For a really long time, I have always wanted to try a serum. Because I wanted to lighten my acne scars, I stayed away from the more commonly found hyaluronic acid (which caters more for hydration). Looking at the natural remedies for fading acne scars, I found that vitamin C, along with vitamin E (which is one if the ingredients in Bio Oil), was a great choice.

WishTrend was kind enough to send me their O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum to test. They packaged it safely with bubble wrapping and secured postage! Your signature is required upon receiving it.

What is WishTrend?

WishTrend is one of the most popular Korean skincare and makeup stores on the internet. Many YouTubers and Bloggers on the blogosphere have raved about their great customer service, with everything arriving in safely wrapped bubble wrap and a personalised “WishTrend” logo on their delivery boxes. 

Rather than the conventional Korean road shop brands like Etude House, Innisfree, Nature Republic etc, they gather some of Korea’s best kept secret brands!

Klairs is slowly becoming a brand familiar to many skincare and makeup fanatics, you might have even heard of the Klairs BB cream that I want to try due to the great reviews.
They have fantastic customer service and always respond to my question fairly quickly. I definitely recommend their service!

What is the O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum?

A replenishing facial treatment infused with vitamin c

Quick Overview:

The best selling item of 2012 - 2013the fastest effect with Vitamin C.Need to tone up loose skin for keeping youth.

+ Includes Pure Vitamin-C 20%.
+ Whitening /Recovering trouble Scars.
+ Removing Blackheads.
+ Ranked the best selling item
    in Singapore No.1 commerce. (2012)
+ Ranked the best selling item
    in Japan e-commerce. (2013)

Brand : OST (Only S. Trend Cosmetics)Volume : 30mlAll Skin TypeMade in Korea
taken from wishtrend

When looking at the ingredients list, the higher the rank of order, the more there is in the product. With water being first in the ingredients list, this means that water makes up most of it! Which is great compared to other products which mineral oils (pore clogging agent) and alcohol (drying) are placed first. Ascorbic acid, being second in line, is one form (vitamer) of vitamin C. Humans require vitamin C in their diet because we cannot synthesise it ourselves!

Vitamin C becomes unusable when exposed to sunlight so the glass bottle is tinted brown to prevent sunrays from penetrating. Both light and heat oxidise vitamin C so the tinted bottle allows the serum to last longer and be more effective for your skin. Make sure to keep it in a cooled place!

Like all reviewers always say, of course the glass bottle can be inconvenient for traveling but it is essential in the longetivity of the product. The dropper is also glass, with black rubber tubing. 

The top has several indents to allow your fingers to find grip easily to open the bottle. 

When I first received the packaging, the colour of the box was intriguing. Looking at it, it looks like a holographic coating but it is actually just the unique lines going across the box. 

Opening the box, the serum was enclosed by a screw cap, with the dropper individually wrapped. So if you do decide to travel with this serum, you can always use the cap to avoid spillage!


The light orange serum is sticky in texture. I usually use 3 drops of the serum then spread it lightly between my hands and spread it across my face. It starts to get sticky fairly quickly. Though it absorbs quickly, especially after you apply your moisturiser.

The smell is hard to describe. There is a hint of orange with a sour and sweet medicinal scent. The medicinal scent is very light and the scent dissipates after application so don't worry!

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The first time I used it, I experienced a not-so-pleasant tingling sensation like stated. It didn't necessarily sting but it was very close to it. I do worry for the sensitive skin users because I have combination skin and experienced it quite heavily. Though I do have dry patches and active acne which is probably why it stung more. After the first use, it gets better as your skin adapts to the ingredients.

Three drops is all you need for one application and I use it after showering. My routine goes from cleansing, toning, serum and then moisturiser. I spread it lightly (because it seems to develop into a milky texture when rubbed too heavily) to warm up the product and then either spread or pat it into my skin.

Within the next week, I felt like my acne was becoming less prominent. It did not break me out nor shrink my existing acne. Though my redness is accentuated straight after application, it seemed to be subdued rather quickly. My blackheads were still the same.

After 2-3 weeks, It is obvious that my pores have shrinked greatly. The blackheads on my cheeks lightened but my nose remained the same. This was one of the benefits I received from this product and I am extremely thankful for it! The serum did not make my skin oily, shiny or dry. To add, in the 2-3 weeks, I've only used a small amount. For your information, I use 3 drops after shower and depending on my mood, 2 more drops before I go to sleep.

On the downside, more acne did develop on my forehead but I'm not sure if that can be attributed to this serum. My diet got loose because it's nearing my birthday and I ended up eating more chocolate than I usually do. Another would be that my skin feels more itchy and I have the need to scratch it. 

I think on the second day of using it, I found the bottle bubbled at the rim with slight spillage. I wasn't sure what happened but I ended up releasing all the product from the dropper before closing it and it never happened again! It may "crust" a bit on the sides of the bottle but it's easily removable.
Now, did my acne scars fade? Yes it did, to a small degree. However, my auntie noticed that my acne got better and commented on it, so it must be more visible to other people. 

Other benefits I experienced include a slight lightening effect and softening. The product claims to be:
  • Revitalizing
  • Exfoliating
  • Whitening
  • Pore tightening
  • Recovering (trouble scars)
  • Blackheads removing

For a product that is relatively cheap for a serum, now on sale for USD $19.99, it did a great job. Generally, serums are more expensive because they are in a more concentrated form compared to toners, essences etc. 

three drops

Looking back at the before and after... I don't remember my skin being that inflammed.
And so sorry for the slightly blurry 'before' photo! but I think it's fairly easy to see how red my skin was before due to my acne.

 I used the Vitamin C serum before taking the "after" hence the shine. The "After" photo was taken after 3 weeks.

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I rate this a 4/5! This product has helped with my skin, especially for my pores, and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. Would I repurchase this? Yes and no. Depending if I can find a better working serum for fading acne scars! I wouldn't call this an essential product but it definitely made my skin better so it depends on what problems you're trying to target. With that being said, the serum has already been incorporated into my daily skincare regime!

The product is best used in conjunction with their Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema and First Boosting Essence

P.S. It has now been 4 months since I have started using this product and I do recommend everybody to throw their's out after 3/4 months. The Vitamin C in the serum would have corroded by now and turned a dark orange!


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*note: this product was gifted to me for review purposes and this blogpost contains affiliate links but it does not affect my judgment

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