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Review: Etude House Dear Darling Tint in 02 Real Red (에뛰드 하우스 디어 달링 틴트 02 리얼 레드)

Does a White Christmas even exist in Australia? Of course not, when we're in the Southern Hemisphere and is currently celebrating our first heat wave (I'm writing this in 40 degree weather).

So with Summer already away, I've been trying to transition my normal makeup into something suitable for summer. Though I have now discovered that I don't care about what's suitable in the Summer for my eye makeup. I love my dark eyeshadows and I'm not ready to part way with it... ever. But one thing I have fallen in love with is lip tints. Specially tints that have multi-uses!

Today I'll be reviewing the Etude House Dear Darling Tint in 02 Real Red!

What Is It?

 Jelly lip tints help give a natural flush of colour with a moist finish.

- 4.5g 
- Lightweight, clear, plastic tube
- Bright, Vibrant, long-lasting color
- Fruit extract & neon tint
- Mineral and Promegranate extract with Vitamin C
Use tip to gather and apply tint. Apply extra layer for added coverage and color.


The size is perfect for travelling and the sturdy plastic tube gives you a peace of mind! The tube curves slightly in, maybe it's supposed to represent the bust, waist and hips? Sorry, that was the first thing that came to my head and it does match the name! The twist applicator handle is a pearly lilac colour. One thing I'm thankful for is the stopper in the tube to make sure the product won't leak, something that happens in the Tony Moly Catchu Tint mini bottle. The actual applicator is slanted  to allow you to choose whether you want the gradient or full effect!


Usually for tints, the most popular consistency is water, however this is a jelly type. Jelly types are supposed to give you a moist and vibrant colour finish and I do agree with that. I have cream products that do not give a very pigmented colour pay off though I have no tried water based tints. And I feel like it finishes quicker than any other product as I don't use this regularly but almost 1/4th is gone. But because it is a jelly consistency, it dries slightly sticky.


The colour changes depending on how you apply it. If you let the product settle for a few moments before spreading it, it is a very lovely natural red. However, if you spread it straight from application, it leans pink. This is a very versatile product.

Can you see the difference? The left side is pinker than the right.


It is a very cheap product that works well for the price. However I find that it has a very patchy application. It seems to settle in the middle of my lips in a gradient effect, no matter how much I don't try to touch the middle. So if you like the gradient effect, this is a very easy product to use. I also find that this product is only patchy and uneven on the top lip, with and without a lip balm underneath. I would not recommend you applying this product without a mirror though, one day when I was in a rush for school, I applied it and my guy friend told me I had left over lipstick on. Then I tried to explain what a lip tint was.... Needless to say he still doesn't get it.

I usually use this product with my other lip tint, I mix it together to create a more even finish which makes the product more natural and wearable.

One pro is that it lasts longer (4 hours with eating and drinking) than the Etude House Cherry tint though that applies a lot evenly.

The grape smell is also a plus! Smells immensely better than the Catchu Wink Tony Moly Tint.

On the cheeks, it applies smoothly and evenly. It leaves a very natural flush of colour that is easy to layer. The colour is a lot more vivid than any blush I have used.

KPOP Idols who frequently use lip tints include 4MINUTE's Hyuna, Apink, Girl's Day and SNSD.

BEWARE: This lip tint will stain your finers.

Can you see how uneven the top lip is? That's the downfall but I like the moist and glossy finish.

I do like this product but I have no intent on repurchasing this because of it's patchy application. However, it does work well for a gradient lip. I already have my eyes on the Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry and the Peri Pera tint water~


I bought this on eBay from rinishop for less than $6 but it is also available at 
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All the shades are available for $6.99
Need help deciding which korean lip tint is best for you? I wrote a comparison post on Etude House, Tony Moly and Peri Pera lip tints! ^^

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