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Unboxing & Review: 3rd Global Edition Get It Beauty Box by Memebox 겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스

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Hello everybody! Happy New Year to all my readers and I wish every single one of you year full of prosperity. With new day, I hope everyone will find the strength to accomplish whatever your heart desires. And for everyone to stay healthy~ Just a small shoutout to my friend Helen Y who confessed she checks my blog everyday, happy birthday once again! You're surprised I updated right?

Anyhow, today I will be presenting to you my unboxing and review of Memebox! And more specifically, their Get It Beauty Box, part of their 3rd Global Edition.

The products out of their individual boxes

Memebox is separated into two parts and have two websites, one catered to their Korean customers and the other to the rest of the world. I'm so glad there are finally Korean beauty boxes available! I'm sure anyone remotely interested in beauty have heard of beauty boxes. Some come with subscription monthly deals, some don't or you can order a once off. There are quite a lot of American beauty boxes that I have always wanted to try but can't because they don't send their packages to Australia. But now, no need to fret because Memebox is here to cater to you Korean/Asian beauty lovers!

What is Memebox? How do you buy Memebox?

Now, they have really secure shipping. A signature is needed for you to receive the box so you don't have to worry about it being in the hands of the wrong person. Luckily I woke up early this morning because I heard the postman being very reluctact (and slightly rude) to my mother who cannot speak fluet English but was trying to get the package for me. We do not share the same last names so the postman was very unwilling to hand over the box to my mother. But I ran downstairs and gave a small introduction because he let me sign for the package.

The lovely people at Memebox sent the box on Monday (13th of January) and I received it on Friday (17th of January). Whether they sent this from their US headquarters or directly from Seoul, it was really fast. Packaged in one of my favourite current colours, pink, I was absolutely delighted to retrieve it. The first layer consists of a plastic bag with small doodles of beauty products in an elaborate fashion.

The packaging also says "Be beautiful with Memebox"

There is an easy rip tear opening which was perfect for me because I couldn't be bothered standing up and walking to find my misplaced scissors. Hey, I'm in school holiday mode.

When you rip off the initial packaging, you're welcome by a bubble wrapped cardboard box carrying all the products for this month. Loved the secure packaging, this is a great way to ensure a safe arrival.

Now if you are interested in Korean beauty, I'm sure you would have heard of the show Get It Beauty. I am a HUGE fan of the Korean beauty show and watch it whenever the english subs are available so when I initially saw the logo I went in fangirl mode. Oh, Sandy and fangirling? Would have never thought. I love the show so much that I desperately want to get on the show when I go to South Korea at the end of this year (planned, nothing set in stone though). But with my Korean limited to reading Hangul, I knew that would be very hard. Especially since I actually want to genuinely learn from the show.

After the end of each episode, it's difficult to not want the products from the day's show. So with the Memebox, this is perfect.

What I could gather from the bolded: Beauty Box... Memebox.. Number 1 Beauty program Get It Beauty...

And of course, with every beauty box they include a product list in English. Thank you! It includes the product description, the name of the products, the size of the products, the price and instructions on how to use. So handy and organised.

/Inserts a little victory dance/ I love the product contents for their 3rd Global Edition. Look how neat it is all placed together, it's all the elaborate details that make me squeal in delight. Oh, look at that polka dot paper! You get a total of 8 products in the box. There are 4 full sized products.

On to the actual products:

 1. Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream 30ml.
Full size product: 75ml ($29)

Product description: A facial cream that has a very unique bounce texture from high concentration of milk serum. Milk serum, also known as Whey, is a good source of natural protein that perfectly hydrates and firms your skin.

How to use: Apply on your face evenly after toner and serum.

The name cheese cream made me burst out laughing to be honest. Especially that description on the box, that analogy using mozzarella cheese to describe the elasticity of your skin is definitely a winning one. I'm daring with my skincare products, though very behind with the newest Korean skin care trends. I just got my hands on a snail BB cream a few days ago. The container is plastic with a murky jar and a white cap. Very travel safe. It is also guaranteed to be near because it is closed with a white cap covering the actual product to stop it from drying. You can remove it everytime you use it.

First impressions: This product does not smell anything like cheese. It has a very faint natural perfumed smell, I have no idea how to describe it but it is pleasant. It spreads very well, it felt light in texture until you spread it out and it thickens. Meaning that it is very hydrating without leaving any residue behind. And the most exciting part... It actually "bounces" like cheese? Mozzarella cheese. If you dab on the product with your finger, it's exactly like how you would picture a pizza commercial. I am not kidding. I can see myself repurchasing this.

You can see the texture of the product, and all the other products being used in the video I linked below! Check it out!

How did Memebox know I needed an eye serum? Well not needed, just really wanted. The box comes with something for everybody. Perfect for day time and night time!

2. Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum 15ml. Full sized, priced at $38.

Product description: Specially designed for intense care on sensitive eye contour area from the complex of 7 vitamins, A, B3, B5, C, E, H and F. This capsulized, stabilized vitamin complex brightens the skin and enhances the puffiness of eye contour.

How to use: Apply on your eye contour area (If you don't understand what they are saying by contour, it means in a C shape under your eyes) after cleansing. Using ring finger is highly recommended to avoid the unnecessary stimulus. (Your ring finger uses to least pressure, so it's the better option for your eye area due to the thin skin)

I've always wanted to try Dr. Jart products. I had my eye on their Black BB cream before but never had the heart to fork out the high price for it. I'm a struggling unemployed student, I'm sorry. It's in a squeezy tube, just like your acne medicine or muscle ache tubes. I quite like it, though I was expecting a pointed opening.

3. TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint #2 Red 1.5ml
Full size product: 9ml ($3) (In online stores like eBay, the price would be higher)

 Product Description: One of the best selling lip tints in Korea. It instantly gives vivid red color on your lips with a single touch. It creates a gradient lip known as the "Korean lip"

How to use: Apply small amount of the tint from the inside to outside of your lip. Apply before lip gloss to give natural gradient lips.

I personally don't like the gradient lip trend on me but love lip tints due to its' versatility. There is no name on the tube, just the sticker stopping the cap from being removed. The black handle is shaped in a cute love heart, oh the cute is getting to me. I might sound calm but inside I'm screaming.

Smells like grapes, exactly like my Etude House Dear Darling tint. The colour is a very true red and stains crazy fast. One problem I have with the Etude House tint is that it does not apply evenly and luckily that is not the case for this product. Probably because this is a liquid product as opposed to the jelly texture of the Dear Darling. Great product choice Get It Beauty! Perfect for everyday use.

 4. Banila Co. It Radiant Brightening Cream 1.5ml X 5 (In sample sachets)
Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream 10ML
Banila Co. It Radiant CC in Melting Pact in Light Beige 1.5g

Product Description: This set of Banila Co It Radiant products is a perfect routine to create radiant skin with a dewy glow. Brightening cream hydrates the skin while evening out the ski ntexture. CC Cream naturally covers the skin complexion and CC in Melting Pact will give a perfect finish with radiance on your skin.

How to use: Use Brightening Cream, CC Cream and CC in Melting Pact in order.

Here is another product/brand that I have wanted to try. During my search for a CC cream, I did have the Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream on the list but I decided to go for something else. Plus SNSD/Girl's Generation's Jessica endorses this product so... That sold it for me. And along with the pack is a voucher, 30% their products I think?

 5. Aritaum The Professional Eyelash 1 Pair ($3)

Product Description: The professional quality eyelashes that are easy to apply even for beginners. THese lashes naturally add length and build volume. (Exactly what I need! Thank you)

How to Use: Use eyelash curler to curl your eyelash. Cut the eyelashes to descired length. Glue those lashes and leave for 5-10 minutes (Isn't that a bit too long? No?) and apply the eyelashes from the center of your eyelid.

I feel like I said this for every product but Aritaum was ALSO one of the brands I wanted to try. Especially their lip products but I'm happy I get to try their eyelashes as well! I don't usually wear false eyelashes because I have yet to perfect using them but I'll try. I think the colour selection, Clear Brown in No. 6 Daily is a very natural choice. I've been seeing the gravitation towards brown eyeliners and lashes on Get It Beauty.

6. Secret Key Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner Deep Black 1.2g (Full sized at $8)

Product Description: A gel texture eye liner in a pencil! This combination allows you to draw a precise and an intense eyeline in a single touch. Smooth application is desirable for sensitive eyes.

How to use: Mark dots following the lash line of the eye and apply the liner through the lash line.

Gel eyeliner, yes, finally I have my hands on you. From watching Get It Beauty's latest episodes, I could tell that Gel eyeliner would be a big thing in Spring due to the constant use of it. And being the easy consumer I am, I was ready to embark on my journey on finding the right gel eyeliner for me until I received this box. I'm happy with this product, I'm sure you will be too though I would have liked it if it was matte. This is a sparkly black liner. Gel eyeliner lasts longer on the waterline and eyelid compared to pencil and without the need to wash your gel eyeliner brush, this is a must have.

Another thing with gel liners is that it has the tendency to dry out if not stored properly. By having it in pencil form completely stop that occurrence from happening. By the way, this is also a twist gel eyeliner.

There is an expiry date on it as well. It lasts for 2 years from the manufactured date: 2013. 10. 15.

7. Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh SPF 50 PA+++ 40ml (This full priced product costs $45 WOW)

Product Description: 3-in-1 sun protection with brightening and anti-wrinkle properties. This lightweight sun protection allows you to protect your skin while enhancing your skin complexion and firms your skin from single application.

How to use: Apply evenly on your face after skin care. Applying 30 minutes prior to UV exposure is highly recommended.

Anyone who knows me personally or have had a conversation about beauty with me KNOWS that I LOVE my sunscreen. I have a whole segment on my table dedicated to sunscreens. Not kidding. I have more sunscreen than BB cream.

8. Papa Recipe Princess Lip Gel Patch 1ea. (Full sized product at $3)

Product Description: Ultra-hydrating gel patch specially designed for lip. It gives your lips intense moisturisation and nourishment and perfectly prepares for lip makeup.

How to use: Place it on your lip area and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove the patch and tap lightly to help absorption.

With the Memebox, they along with the team at Get It Beauty, deserve nothing but praise. You can tell the products have been picked with careful consideration to fit every single customer. There might be a slight problem with the melting pact because there is a shade on there but it is a CC cream product meaning that it hopefully would be able to change to your skintone. 

With a total of 8 products, 5 were full sized. If you calculate the prices of the full sizes products, It's a whopping $97! This box only costs USD $21.00 (without shipping). 

Shipping charge is only $6.97 and they will give you $7 points back with the box so you can use it to make another purchase at Memebox. They offer individual products on the site and WORLDWIDE shipping!

 They have a free shipping deal with a $70 order. That is an amazing deal. Plus the sample sizes are great as well, the Cheese cream is in a sample size but there is a decent amount of product along with the great packaging. 

To sum it all up: I highly recommend you try the Memebox. The price is exceptional for the products they have carefully picked for their customers. The shipping is secure and fast, packaging is top quality. You are given a tracking number. All their products range from makeup to skincare, and it actually gives you all the products needed for an almost full face makeup + prep routine. Great customer service as well, got a reply from them in less than 2 hours.

I have yet to find one negative review on the Memebox, you can personally search for reviews on their site! I'm already thinking of purchasing the 4th box, come to mummy!

1. November discount code is EFR5HP. 
Enter the code at checkout to get $5 off for orders $30+.
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Here are the contact details for Memebox!

Global site: Memebox
Korean site: Memebox 
Found their Japan site!: Memebox
Facebook: Here
Twitter: Here

 Me wearing the Tony moly Delight Tony Tint in #2 Red!

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Until next time everybody! Bye~

Disclaimer: The Get It Beauty Box by Memebox (3rd Global Edition) was sent to me for review purposes but this does not have any influence on my review. 

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GIVEAWAY???? (edit: 4/06/14)
I’m excited to share with you that I am planning on having a (big) giveaway for my blog followers and readers soon! I have been collecting products since a while back that I wanted to send to followers for being with me while this blog grows. The giveaway will be opened internationally 

HOWEVER I will not announce it until I hit a certain amount of followers.
But not need to worry, if you invite your friends to follow my blog, the number will be reached in no time.
The giveaway so far include Korean and American beauty brands but I have not finished collecting all of it yet. If you want a specific product for me to add into the giveaway, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments or send me an email.

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