Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #6 Grapefruit Jelly (에뛰드 하우스 러블리 쿠키 블러셔 6호 그레이프후르츠 젤리)

For school, the most I'll ever wear is CC cream, lip balm/tint and a good natural blush colour. I've been trying to find one that is pink and coral, and the product that stood out to me was the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #6 Grapefruit Jelly. This shade also has the most positive reviews to my knowledge.

What is it?

This smooth and creamy blush contains sebum-control powder and coating pigment. 
Silky soft powder adds a touch of fresh and lovely colours to your cheeks, brightening your complexion.
Includes soft cushion applicator puff with bow to dispense the right amount of blush.
 (taken from here)


The packaging is very similar to my VOV blush which is very small so I was wary about the product size for this. But it was surprisngly bigger than expected though I'm not complaining hehe. I have a few problems with this. It's in a dome/hemisphere shape meaning that I'm afraid it might get squished and break if I place it carelessly in my bag. It has a semi-transparent "grainy" top and a smooth plastic bottom which corresponds the blush colour. The lip is a pop lock that I can see breaking doon if I don't stop opening and closing it.... I don't use the puff provided because I like having it clean, there's no difference between using the puff and a blush brush.

The product and puff is protected from eachother with a plastic sheet.


If you over apply the product, It does get slightly chalky but it isn't that noticeable on the skin. It applies smoothly and evenly, though the colour payoff is not very strong. However, due to it's silky finish, it is very easy to layer.


The product leaned more pink than I was anticipating. It looks very bright neon in the packaging but it applies well. It's a very feminine, natural and classy colour perfect for any season and occasion!
I would say it's 80% baby pink, 15% coral and 5% bright pink, does that make sense? Oh I tried.

After numberous swatches because the camera could not pick up the colour. Lost count after 4 swatches.


  The colour pay off is very natural, something I can't see going wrong. Having a pink/coral blush is a make-up staple and something that is very versatile so I do recommend this product for everybody! It is also very affordable, a makeup essential that won't leave a dent in your wallet. It is compact and fits easily into one hand, perfect for when you need to apply your makeup quickly. I know I don't want to fumble for my makeup products when getting ready for school, It just makes me irritated.

The colour also reminds me of the blush colours APink and SNSD frequently use.

It seems very easy to break as if one drop could shatter the packaging.. but then again I have tried it and it is holding up well.

If you're looking for a pigmented blush, this is not for you. It is buildable but still on the little colour pay off side. It also might show up too light on people with darker skin tones. 

This product would have received full ratings if it had more coral than pink but I'm still happy with the colour pay-off. The reason why I like it is that when I'm in a rush for school, I tend to not have a light hand so this is foolproof for someone like me without worrying that I have too much blush on.

I will not repurchase this product though. I was looking for a much more coral shade.

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