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Unboxing & Review: 4th Global Edition Get It Beauty Box by Memebox 겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스

Thank you for the positive response on my last review and unboxing of the popular Korean beautybox Get It Beauty Memebox! I'm back with a review and unboxing of the newest available one, the 4th Global edition!

Last month's 3RD GLOBAL EDITION MEMEBOX review here!

I got an email on the 29th of January that the 4th edition box was getting shipped today. Much excitement was in the air since I absolutely LOVED the 3rd global edition beautybox. My expectations were high since they also said that this box would include even MORE products than their last 3. I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on it! And it didn't take long to come here at all. Their shipping took 5 days! 3 days if you don't count the weekends.

So in total: The product was shipping on Wednesday the 29th of January and arrived in my hands safely on Monday the 3rd of February. The Get It Beauty Box by Memebox only ships express! And your signature would be needed at the door. Super!

One difference between the outside packaging was the colour. In the 3rd edition, it was pink while this month's was black.

Again the box is surrounded by bubble wrap. I never have to worry about the product when it's getting shipped, I know it is in good hands! And I just have to say that the packaging for the products in the box is amazing- we'll get to that in a short while.

Now the first thing I took notice of was the smell. Now don't run away, it wasn't that it smelt off but I was worried that one of the products might have spilled. The smell of something like tea tree was really strong, I wondered if there was tea tree oil (there wasn't) in the box this month. I've always wanted to try it for my acne...

Like on most beauty boxes, there is a card with all the information about the products on it. If you're afraid of not knowing what the products are for because it's all Korean, fear not!

So beautiful... Almost screamed when I opened it. PERIPERA!! IOPE!!!

With even more products than ever before, the box itself is bigger as well. Just compared it to my 3rd edition box! The packaging for even the non full-sized products are amazing. They aren't in satchets or small packets, they are in actual bottles.

1. Goodal: Repair Plus Essential Oil 15ml
Full sized product: 100ml ($48)

Product description:
A fast-absorbing multi-use essential oil derived from argan, olice, amacadamia, sun flower seeds, jojoba, camellia and green tea. The combination of oil from these super-seeds hydrates, firms and enhances the skin's complexion.

Hot to use: 
After washing thoroughly, apply 1-2 drops to your face. You can also apply to hair, nails and cuticles.

First impressions:
Very standard serum/oil bottle with dropper. Very pleasant to spread on to the skin. Not sticky or oily and absorbs into the skin very well. Leaves an obvious dewy finish. Skin is hydrated and moisturised. Smells slightly like lemons.

2. LJH: Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule 5ml
Full sized product: 15ml ($26)

Product description:
This perfect combination of vitamis and propolis harvested by bees brings out the natural, healthy luminiosity of your face. High concentration of propolis in the hermetically sealed ampoule hydrates, soothes and protects your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:
Apply 2-3 drops on your face. You can wear this product alone, although it is highly recommended to mix with your facial lotion or hydration cream.

First impressions:
I actually really like propolis. Whether it is in medicine or skin care products, I would be intrigued everything I see the word "propolis". To my knowledge, original propolis doesn't smell pleasant but the scent is not overpowering. Smells very light, can't really describe the smell though. I smell an element of rose... 

Watery texture, absorbs fast! Doesn't leave a dewy finish but you can definitely tell the difference between the areas where you have and havent applied it. It actually looks hydrated.

3. Lanoa Natural Soap Sulfur 100g (full sized at $12)

Product description:
100% natural handmade soap featuring powerful natural ingredients: sulfur, shea butter. chamomile and lavender. It is specically designed for sensitive and dry skin by hydrating on the surface as well as udnerneath the skin's barrier.
Surfactant free, artificial fragrance free, preservative free.

How to use:
Lather and gently massage soap into your wet face. For sensitive skin, we recommend up to 20 seconds of massaging daily.

First Impressions:
Smells like one of those Chinese New Year dried fried candies. Even looks like it! Haven't tried it yet though. Very excited to try it.

4. The Shampoo Plus Natural Waterless shampoo 50ml

Product description:
Made out of oregano, this foam-based dry shampoo allows you to cleanse your hair anywhere without water. It also protects your hair from harmful UV rays and enhances scalp and hair follicle health with anti-oxidant properties.
Ethanol free, silicon free, artificial pigment free, surfactant free.

How to use:
Pump into your hands and gently massage the foam into your hair and scalp. Wait until dry. No rinse required.

5. Clio VF 21 Water BB SPF35 PA++ 15ml
Full sized product: 50ml ($20)

Product description:
Ultra-hydrating BB cream designed for dry skin with SPF35, PA++. It gives you a natural dewy glow with long-lasting, medium coverage. Enchances skin complexion and fights against wrinkles

How to use:
Apply to face evenly using sponge or fingertips.

First Impressions:
I had initial worries about the shade because I always purchase the second darkest colour. I've always wanted to try CLIO because Lee Hyori endorses it. Their eyeliner is their most popular product.

It has a slight pink undertone but blends well to match my skin colour. I would say anyone with the shade up to NC30 can try it. Smells lightly fragranced, very lovely. Light to medium coverage.

6. IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning 18ml
Full size product: 168ml ($60)

Product description:
Intensive skin-enhancing program, clearing and smoothing skin texture within 3 days. Fast-absorbing active ingredients instantly regenerates the skin.

How to use:
Saturate a cotton pad with IOPE Bio Essence and gently press into the skin all over your face. Apply twice a day, morning and evening.

First impressions:
Just a few days ago, I watched Angel's (beautifymeeh's) korean haul and this product was in it. What a surprise to see this in this month's box! IOPE is actually a very popular and high-end brand, most known for their Air Cushion XP CC/BB/foundation cream. Haven't tried this product yet. Let me know if you want reviews on any specific products!

7. Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss 3g
Full size product: 5g ($20)

Product description:
Gel-based, high sheen lip gloss formulated to smooth the surface texture of your lips. Rosy tint and micro glitter creates the ilusion of a full, juicy kiss.

How to use:
Apply straight from the tube, alone or over your favourite lipstick with fingertips. Reapply as necessary.

First Impressions:
Never have a thought I would own a Laneige lip gloss. Laneige is quite an expensive brand for my student wallet and their skin care products that I've tried doesn't work well for my skin at all.

The lipgloss has a SLIGHT tint but the shimmers really overwhelm the lip gloss. Hard to use this everyday, at least for me. The texture is sticky but that's inevitable coming from a gel-based product.

8. T.E.N Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence 100ml
Full size product: 270ml ($36)

Product description:
Start your day with essence derived from therapautic hot spring water to hydrate, tighten pores, brighten and even ski ncomplexion.

Paraben free, artificial pigment free, fragrance free, denatured alcohol free.

How to use: 
Apply evenly to face and neck with cotton pad immediately after washing thoroughly with warm water.

First Impressions:
How gorgeous is the packaging? This product caught my eye second after the Peripera lip tint.
Looks like a toner, works like one too. I think the word "essence" is misleading. Can't wait to use this!

9. Peripera Peri's Tint Mini Mandarin Juice 2.5ml
Full size: 6.5ml ($7)

Product description:
Vivid lightweight tint gives an orange-red bite that doubles as a lip and cheek stain. Play with this transparent buildable colour for casual to contemporary looks that lasts up to 5 hours.

How to use:
Use applicator to dab colour to bare lips or cheeks. Blend with fingertips to even out. Reapply as necessary.

First Impression:
Orange tints are a big staple in South Korean beauty. But here in Australia, not so much. I feel wary about wearing orange tints in public because not a lot of people here use a colour like this. But since I really like this product, I'm going to wear it anyways. U go gurl.

Peripera was endorsed by Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum and now by APINK's Naeun!

This product has really good staying power. I lasted me all throughout the school day WITH eating and drinking and talking and shouting and selling (phew!). The colour is nice and vibrant, allowing you to layer on as much as you want to your desired intensity. I need to get myself the pink version.

The packaging is adorable isn't it? It was created by Mari Kim, the artist who worked with 2NE1!

10. Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence 12ml
Full size: 50ml ($68)

Product description:
Concentrate your skin's effort to enhance regeneration and elasticity. Thick serum is a formula made of red ginseng and herbal extracts compatible with all skin types.

How to use:
Applyevenly to face and neck with hands faily after washing thoroughly.


So there have been a few updates from the last box:

1. The price of the box has been increased by $2, from $21 to $23 due to currency exchange rate. Shipping charge will be from $5.99~$7.99 and it varies by region and shipping to North American to Europe would be $6.99.

2. Memebox ships to 36 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam.
If customers request to ship to their country that are not on the shipping list, we open to the shipping to requested country as long as our delivery partners ship to the country.

3. We continue upgrading to express shipping, however we no longer rewards points back the $7 points. We offered free upgrade from Memebox #3 and many of our customers truly enjoyed fast shipping through express, so we decided to keep shipping upgrade instead of points rewards.

Overall review:

You can really tell they put a lot of effort into these boxes. I commend you on your dedication Memebox! Serums, essences and oils are highly sought after in South Korean currently because it is winter. When the weather is cold, the stale air tends to dry out your skin from its' moisture. Serums are concentrated enough to be absorbed past the first layer of your skin: the epidermis to allow for full benefits.

Propolis was actually one of the ingredients introduced in one of the Winter Get It Beauty episodes. Can't remember which one but now you know why I wanted to try propolis in my skin care regime!

 Shipping was fast, customer service is really dedicated on helping you and the products are great! There aren't any fillers that you normally see in some typical beauty boxes.

There were only 2 full sized products this month, that being the soap and dry shampoo but there were more products. I personally don't mind because the non full sized products are generous. 

There was also a bigger focus on skincare this month than last's months 3rd global edition.

Getting these boxes have definitely been the highlight of my months. I would recommend everyone to try it just once! Who knows, maybe you could find your holy grail products in these beauty boxes!

Let's not forget that MEMEBOX is currently the number 1 beauty box in South Korea. Thank you for going global!



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Until next time everybody! Bye~

Disclaimer: The Get It Beauty Box by Memebox (4th Global Edition) was sent to me for review purposes but this does not have any influence on my review. 

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