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Unboxing & Review: Get It Beauty Memebox 6th Global Edition 겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스

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I'm so sorry for the lack of posts! School takes away a lot of my time and since I'm currently sick, I haven't been able to think of any tutorials or reviews to do as I have not bought any new products recently.

On to the review!
For beautybox reviews, posts are VERY subjective. The only thing that a reviewer can objective talk about is the service. Like always, MEMEBOX has very fast and efficient customer service. On the webpage of each MEMEBOX, they include a date to tell you when they would start shipping.

The MEMEBOX 6th Global Edition was shipped out on the 19th of February and I received it today, on the 24th of February. For your information, I live in Sydney Australia and the boxes are either shipped from their office in Seoul, South Korea or California, US (their headquarters)

The box arrived in a safe condition, with a thick pick wooden box and bubble wrap. Much like the other previous boxes (Review on 3rd global edition and 4th global edition here)

The boxes cost $23.00 US with free express shipping. They used to cost $21.00 but shipping was $6.75.

First Impressions:

When I opened the box, I was confused. I was missing my information card? They usually have a card telling you all the information you need to know about the products in English. But that's okay, I can always google it!

1. O'Sum Aloe Vera Soothing Mist (Link here)
Full size product: 80ml for $16.99US

Aloe Vera Soothing Mist consists real organic aloe, giving long lasting hydration, and reducing sebum for oily skin types. The calming formula is comforting even on sensitive skin. Dermatogically approved and clinically proven as suitable for sensitive skin. The mist can also be used as a makeup fixing spray that sets all types of makeup and prolongs hold, even under extreme conditions.

Long lasting hydration.
Reducing sebum for oily skin types.

Organic aloe vera extract

Can be worn before or after makeup or on its own.

First impressions:
Aloe is very known for its' healing and cooling properties. I'm expecting to use this a lot in the summer or just after being in the sun to rejuvenate and protect my skin from further sun damage. The spray is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. Works similar to the Evian Water mist.

2. Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Cream Silver Label SPF 35 PA++ Whitening
Trial size (Doesn't say how many mls)

First Impressions:

I have always wanted to try Dr. Jart BB cream! But I just could not justify the price so I never got to try it. Until now! Even though I had my heart set on the Black Label (each label has different properties), the silver version is still very good.

It has a slightly thick texture that takes a fair load of blending but it blends seamlessly. The shade is light, lighter than the Hanskin BB cream (below) however, it has better coverage. I would say it gives a medium coverage.

3. Hanskin Bio Origin Wrinkle Talk BB Cream SPF 30 PA++
Trial size: 10ml

First Impressions:Very light and easy to spread. The shade is darker than the Dr. Jart Silver Label BB cream. The coverage is not lacking compared to the Dr. Jart! It still covers very well, I would like light/medium leaning towards the light.

One thing I noticed was that it is very moisturising! I recommend this to dry skin individuals or anyone in the winter! It does not accentuate any dry patches.

4. Recipe by Nature's Spray Water Essence (Link here)
Full size product: 140ml for RRP of US$38.50 but is being sold on the site for $14.99US

Spray Essence Water is enriched with celtic water and whistler glacial mineral water; the main ingredients with nourishing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids used to enhance the skin. This essence will hydrate and nourish your skin instantly after application!

Instantly hydrates the skin
Instantly nourishes the skin
Portable spray type 

Natural essential oil
Celtic water
Whistler glacial mineral water

Spray on all over the face after cleansing the skin.

First impressions:
Leaves a supple and soft feeling on the skin. It does take slightly longer to dry because it contains natural oils but I do prefer this over the aloe soothing mist. It dries beautifully as when I was spreading it, I thought my skin was sparkling! But don't worry, it contains 0 sparkles.

Can't make a judgement on the smell as I'm sick and my 3 senses (Taste, hearing and smell) is partially gone.

5. Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener Magical Whitening Lotion
For flawless & pure white face lasting for all day long
Trial size given: 40ml (Full size 120ml at $23.50)

The results are amazing! Taken from here

6. Kerasys Salon Care Moringa Miracle Essence for Hair
Full size at 50ml for around US$12.00
First impressions: This might be my favourite product of this month's box. I usually don't do much to my hair, even though I know I should.
Other essences or oils I have used are thick and hard to spread, but this is amazing! It's light and spreads easily, so you have end up having too much product on a part of your hair (Don't you hate it when that happens?)
It is very easy to wash off, no residue what so ever! And my hair instantly felt softer and looked more vibrant. 

Before essence

After essence

 7. Silky and Shiny Hand Mask (Glove Type)
1 pair

First Impressions:

Hand mask, foot mask, face mask, leg mask... I want to try it all! Cheaper alternatives include using a hand cream and putting gloves over your hands. Though that can leave your gloves ruined! Well now you don't have to with these hang glove masks!

8. Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss
Trial size: 1g

First Impressions:
This was in a past box. In number 3 I believe, so I'm very disappointed. In the same shade as well.
Review can be found here.

Hardly any staying power but has a lovely glossy finish (Expected). If you hate sparkly lip products, this is not for you.

 Even without the information card, I'll do my best to provide you with the information I know!

In the 6th global edition box, there were a total of 4 full sized products out of 8. The price is definitely over the RRP of the box at $23.00 with the RE:CIPE Spray Essence Water alone being $30US+ on the website.

But I am slightly disappointed with this box. From what I know, the Laneige lip gloss and RE:CIPE Spray Essence have both been apart of previous boxes (Number 3 and 1 respectively) so for people who have been following them since box 1, you might have been saddened. Please include completely new products next time!

Here are the contact details for Memebox!

Global site: Memebox
Korean site: Memebox 
Found their Japan site!: Memebox
Facebook: Here
Twitter: Here

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Orders for the 9TH GLOBAL EDITION are available here! All the other boxes are sold out! Memebox is definitely becoming a lot popular, they are pumping boxes out so quickly! Number 5 and 6 boxes were shipped quite close together.

Disclaimer: The Get It Beauty Box by Memebox (6th Global Edition) was sent to me for review purposes but this does not have any influence on my review. 
*there are no affiliate links in my blog post~ ^^

Until next time, annyeong~ Time to nap.

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