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[BEST] Korean lip tint comparisons/swatches/reviews: Etude House, Tony Moly and Peri Pera

Korean lip tints are undeniably one of the most popular beauty items, nationally and internationally. It's an essential, just like BB or CC cream. But if you're looking for a lip tint best suited for you, which one should you choose?

Today I'll be writing a comparison post with swatches and reviews to help you choose! Whether you're a first timer, or if you're having a hard time choosing between which tints to buy, I can help! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me or comment down below~ I check daily~

I've been a fan of Korean makeup ever since I became a K-POP fan (INFINITE and VIXX are my bias groups but I do like BTS as well). So over the years I have accumulated a few. The lip tints I will feature today are:

  1. Etude House Cherry Tint in Pink
  2. Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Red
  3. Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint in 2 Red
  4. Tony Moly Catchu Wink Tint in Red
  5. Peri Pera Tint Water in Mandarin

1. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 Pink

(에뛰드 하우스 앵두알 맑은 틴트 in PK001 핑크)

Full bottle is 9g

This product was my fist ever lip tint and it left a very positive impression on me.

Smell: It has a very appetising grape candy smell. It's not sickening or overwhelming at all but leaves me craving for gummy lollies. 

Packaging: The sleek almost "hour glass" shape makes the plastic bottle easy to grasp. Along with all the lip tints, it is a screw on cap with the handle longer than the actual bottle. 8.3 cm long x 2.5 cm wide.

Colour: Colour is very buildable and it's very easy to apply it sheer or layer it for a darker look. I find that it darkens and becomes more noticeable the longer you leave it on for. So what I like to do is leave the product in dots on my lips and wait a wait while lightly spreading it out with my finger. The colour payoff is a lot better this way. Otherwise, you can always apply it directly with the applicator for a natural pink flush look.

It's purely pink with slight cool undertones.

Formula: This tint is in a creamy formula.

Removability: Very easy to remove. Fingers do not stain.

Outcome: This lip tint is undeniably the most moisturising out of all the lip tints I have tried. It doesn't fully "dry" into a matte finish but stays glossy. This is also the downfall of this product. Though the colour is very pretty, perfect for ANY look or occassion, it does not last long on the lips at all. Possibly one hour with eating and drinking. 1 and a half without. Very disappointing.

Price: Cheapest can be found for: US$ 6.44 on eBay
US$10 on W2Beauty with free samples

 2. Etude House Dear Darling tint in 02 Real Red

(에뛰드 하우스 디어 달링 틴트 02 리얼 레드)

(why do no lip tint bottles have the ml on them!?) Full bottle is 4.5g

Smell: Do all Etude House lip tints smell like grapes? Because the smell is exactly the same as the Fresh Cherry Tint. Like Grape gummy candy~

Packaging: The packaging is also in a sleek "hour glass" shape for easy grip but the bottle is longer than the Fresh Cherry Tint. Also, it is housed in a transparent bottle allowing you to see how much product is left.

Colour: A true red that can be applied lightly or heavily for a natural or strong look.

Formula: This is my first gel/jelly lip tint and it does disappoint. I'm not sure if it is due to the gel formula but I find that it runs out fairly easily. And it does not apply evenly at all. It's very patchy which can be seen in my in depth review here

Removability: This product, along with all the other lip tints in this post EXCEPT the Fresh Cherry Tint, stains your fingers. I would say it's not that bad compared to the Tony Moly tints but I'll get to that later.

Outcome: Due to the gel formula, the finish is glossy, like the Cherry Tint. Unlike water tints which dry quickly, you have more time to work the tint into your lips. It lasts for approximately 3 hours with drinking/eating and 4 without.

Price: Cheapest on eBay is US$ 5.98
Around US $7 on W2Beauty

3. Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint in 2 Red
(토니모리 딜라이트 토니틴트 2호 레드)
Full bottle is 9ml

Smell: This Tony tint also smells slightly like grapes, but with a plastic element to it. It isn't exactly unpleasant because it is only noticeable if you stick your nose near the bottle, like I just did HAHAH.

Packaging: Because I actually have the sample size, I'll review that. The lip from bird's eye view is in a shape of a heart! I forgot to take a photo of it but it really is adorable. Love the extra mile Tony Moly put into their sample size products. There is actually a stopper in the bottle, meaning there's something that helps scrape the extra product from the wand. This also stops the product from possibly leaking.

Colour: Though this tint is in Red, it has pink undertones to it. I would say it's closer to a dark pink than a true red. But you can build it up to make it closer to a true red shade.

Formula: The Delight tint features a water formula meaning the tint dries quicker than the Etude House tints. It dries matte without accentuating dry lips.

Removability: I would rank this lip tint as the 3rd hardest to remove. It's not incredibly hard but you do have to use extra effort in removing it. I find that my bioderma is not enough to remove the product from my fingers but is okay for my lips. So if you don't like lip tints that leave a stain on your fingers, I would recommend you a cream or gel formula lip tint. But of course you can always use the doe applicator to apply it without touching the actual product though the end result is patchy.

Outcome: I would say this lip tint ranks 3rd (very close to 2nd) on the longetivity. 4 hours with eating/drinking and 4 and a half without.

Price: Cheapest on eBay is US$ 5.98
Sample size is US$ 3.69 

I recieved this product in the 3rd Global Edition Korean Beauty box Memebox!

4. Tony Moly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in 1 Cherry Pink
(토니모리 캣츄윙크 토니틴트 in 1호 체리힝크)
Full bottle is 9ml

Smell: Absolutely horrible. Okay, I might be exaggerating but compared to the other tints, this has a very STRONG medicinal smell. Luckily it doesn't taste as bad as it smells. But it goes away after a small while.

Packaging: Absolutely horrible. The sample packaging is horrible. It features a stopper but it still leaks out of the bottle. The Catchu Wink sample size leaks and stains my fingers when I'm just moving the bottle. The small oval shape is also prone to falling. Always keep it upright to keep it from leaking!

Colour: Now onto a more positive note, I do find this shade gorgeous. I think the name is fairly accurate as it does look like the natural tint you find on your lips after eating cherries.  It leans pinker than red but is very natural. Applies more evenly than the Etude House Dear Darling and Delight Tint.

Formula: This water tint means that it will last longer on your lips. And also your fingers. This product is the hardest to remove.

Removability: Very very hard to remove from your fingers and lips. You do probably need a heavier duty cleaner or makeup remover than the Bioderma.

Outcome: Dries very quickly, behind the Peri Pera Tint and Delight tint. Dries semi matte and is more pigmented than the Delight tint. Lasts for 5 hours with eating/drinking and 6 without.

Price: Sample size on eBay is US$ 3.99
Full size is US$6.50

5. Peri Pera Peri's Tint Water 
( [페리페라] 페리스 틴트워터 4호 Mandarin Juice)
Full bottle is 6.5 ml

Smell: Doesn't smell like candy but does smell sweet. Very subdued.

Packaging: How can anyone NOT adore Peri Pera lip tint packaging?! It speaks for itself. The cartoon is designed by Mari Kim, the artist who designed K-POP group 2NE1's "I Hate You" video and album cover. The plastic bottle is very sturdy with no possibly of leakage unless you didn't manage to close it properly. In the perfect size for travelling. And due to the transparent bottle, you can see how much product you have left.

Colour: Pure orange/tangerine/mandarin with fairly neutral tones. Almost fluro if applied with a heavy hand. It is very easy for you to apply too much but I'll get to that. 

Formula: Even though this is one of the three water formula tints, this is undeniably the most watery. You only need one dot for each lip for a full impact. Try to share one dot if you want a more subdued orange lip. I applied three dots on my lip swatch below. Very pigmented for a very watery tint as you can see above. I was trying to keep still for photo taking with the tint because it slipped a bit x.x

Removability: It lasts the longest on my lips compared to all the tints I've review. Even with the bioderma, a slight orange tint is left.

Outcome: It's incredibly easy to apply too much due to the fact that it is very watery. I made that mistake the first time I used it. I don't recommend you use the doe applicator to apply the product unless you want a full orange lip.

Price:  The actual full size bottle is in glass, to my knowledge so it is the most expensive tint in this review.

Cheapest on eBay is US$7.30
Around US$11 on W2Beauty

I received this lip tint in the 4th Global Edition Memebox ^^

Now the outcome on the lips do vary from individual to individual due to our natural lip colour, amount of product and pH. So for each lip, I applied two dots on the top lip and three dots on the bottom.

You can see what I mean by the Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint drying very quickly. You can distinctly see the three dots I applied on my bottom lip. You must work very quickly!

I'm disappointed that the camera didn't pick up the colour of the Etude House Cherry Tint because I do believe it's a gorgeous natural pink shade. It gradually darkens the longer you wear it. The below swatch is a more accurate representation.

Pigmentation/longetivity rank:

1. Peri Pera Peri's Tint Water in Mandarin
2. Tony Moly Catchu Wink Tony Tint in Cherry Pink
3. Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Real Red
4. Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint in Red
5. Etude House Fresh Cherry in Pink

Both Tony Moly and Peri Pera are very good but I chose PP in the end due to the fact that it applies more evenly and can easily be controlled in terms of colour, leading to a longer wear time in my opinion. ^^

Number 2 and 3 are very close as well.
Left to right: Peri Pera Tint Water in Mandarin, Tony Moly Catchu Tint in Cherry Pink, Tony Moly Delight tint in Red, Etude House Dear Darling in Real Red, Etude House Fresh Cherry in Pink

With this review, I tried being as subjective as I could so you can decide which tint is best for you! If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or email me!

Me wearing the Peri Tint Water in Mandarin~

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