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Review and Haul: Rings and Tings

 Hi everybody! Summer is officially over in Sydney, Australia and Autumn has just begun. The first day of March was rainy... and so has been the past week. I've planned this post last week but the weather was relentless and hindered my ability to take an OOTD outside. But fret no longer! Because I just decided to take the photos inside the house.

Just before anyone notices anything off between my photos, I actually took them on two separate days hence the straight/curly hair. I tried Bubzbeauty's Bouncy Hair with Straighteners but I cannot curl properly at all. So it turned out to be this wavy mess.

Here's the tutorial if anyone wanted to try it!

Rings and Tings were kind enough to send me 5 items to review and I must say that they did a great job at reading my mind!

It was sent safely to me in a small pocket package with bubble wrapped bedding that I forgot to take a photo of.

Infinity ring here
Knot ring here
Bow ring here

Vintage gold trojan necklace here 

Vintage irregular peace charm bracelet here

 Do you like my hair straight or curly? My hair used to be naturally wavy due to having layers but since my hair grew out, my waves have diminished.

I paired the jewellery with a cropped striped shirt from jayjays, maroon skater skirt from cotton on, black thigh highs by gloss (not shown)


When you buy cheap rings sometimes, after long wear, you tend to develop a green imprint around
 your finger from the contact of sweat with the jewellery. That is a clear indication that the workmanship is not great, with the coating not of top quality. But with Rings and Tings, even after a full day outside, will not leave your fingers green!

There has been no signs of wear and tear on my rings (yet anyways) and I hope it will stay this way.

One thing that I have noticed with the rings is the size discrepancies. I was not able to choose which items were to be sent to me and as Rings and Tings chose so that's the reason why. The rings are not size adjustable and are of all different sizes! I am usually a size small in rings and only the bow ring fit me. My favourite ring, the knot ring, is unfortunately too big for me and that's why I placed the bow rings on top to keep it from falling off.

Luckily the sizes and lengths are shown for each product on their item pages! Have no fear of having ill fitted rings!

Now for the trojan rocking horse necklace, the length personally is very awkward. It stops past my breats but not past my belly button. I can't classify it as a short or long necklace. Though that dilemma is easily fixed because you can always readjust the length to your desire. I wore it shorter than the original length in my photos. Sometimes the necklace chain catches my hair so be careful with putting it on and off.

I really adore the vintage gold coating. With the combination of dark colours with gold, it makes the necklace easier to match and have a more laidback feel.

Lastly, I received the vintage irregular peace charm bracelet. Bracelet? What bracelet? You may ask... because it's on my ankle. The bracelet was unfortunately too big for my wrists, even when pulled to the smallest size (you can adjust the size with the ends by pulling) so I am now using it as an anklet! I think this may be my favourite piece, aside from the knot ring which does not fit me, as orange is such a stand out colour, it can give your outfit a stand out factor.

I have more darker clothes than say fluro or bright colours and sometimes I try to find a way to liven my outfit. Having a small punch of colour on your ankles, or wrists, help a lot! I wore it to school straight after it arrived in the mail and it really made me happy. If you didn't know, my unifom is brown and the colour can be draining, at least for me.

A few days after, I was searching their website and found a few pieces I'm thinking of buying! Have a look ^^

Here is my wish list!

Me wearing the Peri Tint. Best korean lip tint comparisons and review here

 I'm wearing rings from Rings and Tings
(Enter this at checkout to get 10% off all items! )

Until next time, annyeong~!

P.S. I just want to mention that my mid year exams are coming up and this will most probably be my last post for a while (I'll be gone for around a month) But don't worry! I already have my next post planned for you ^_^

FOR MY AUSTRALIAN KPOP FAN READERS, did you guys know that B.A.P is coming to Australia?! No dates or cities are confirmed yet but I will let you guys know on this post~~

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