Sunday, 18 May 2014

Review: Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge in 1 Dreaming Pink (이니스프리 비비드 틴트 루즈 1 꿈 꾸는 핑크)

See? I told you I will have another post up this weekend! If you haven't followed my new personal Twitter, you should here (@hiyoonyee). I update about my blogging progresses there, along with small anecdotes that you may or may not find interesting.

Today I will be bringing you a review on the new Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge in 01 which came from my W2BEAUTY haul! There aren't a lot of reviews on this shade yet so I have taken the liberty in making one that I hope will help you in deciding whether to make the purchase or not.

The other Innisfree lip product that I purchased was the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick!

What is it?
A new gel lip tint that maintains its glossy finish through out the day! It has a three-in-one concept: a lip gloss, a lip tint and a lip stick. It's supposed to mimic the glossy-ness of a lip gloss and have the vivid colour of a lipstick with the durability of a lip tint.

Innisfree released this product just recently and it has been selling fast! The lovely Yoona from SNSD endorses Innisfree.

The Innisfree Creamy Vivid Tint lipstick is also part of the same range and has the same corresponding shades. I purchased the lipstick in #04 from W2BEAUTY as well.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

[FANACCOUNT] 140510 B.A.P Live on Earth CONTINENT TOUR Sydney AUSTRALIA Attack!

So I wasn't sure if I should write a fanaccount just because it's now the day after and a lot of what happened seem to have blended together into one huge chunk. But I didn't write anything for CNBLUE and I can barely remember it now so why not? ^_^



I woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to film a "Get Ready with Me" video... which I'm not sure if I should upload because it'll take me a long time to edit.. Time I don't have LOL

I got out the door 10 minutes before 9am because there was trackwork on the day and I needed to transfer onto a bus. Arrived at the venue at a little over 10am and there were already A LOT of people there. A lot more than CNBLUE. I think I ended up waiting further along the line compared to CNBLUE and I arrived at 2pm last time.

There were problems with getting people in on time at CNBLUE's concert but I heard a lot about JK Entertainment's improved system so I was pretty happy about that. Until probably after 5 hours of lining up. There was a lack of communication between the Big Top security and JK ent staff. The security were getting the General Admission people (I got VIP) to line up next to VIP while the staff were telling General Admission to line up at the back of us. In the end, some people who came later were closer to the front than people who came earlier. My friend who was lining up with me had to call her friend with G.A. tickets to hurry and come back down.

AND due to this, there were a lot of people in front of us in the line. Basically one big heap. I didn't mind it until I started seeing people with fansite slogans/photocards. Turns out that everything ran out by the time it reached my part of the line? I was peeved because I came to line up earlier than half of the people there yet they got everything. Life. Is. Cruel.

Anyways, I got to meet some nice girls in the line. Some came from Perth and Melbourne! The girl next to me was an Inspirit and she took out her INFINITE umbrella because it was blasting sun at around 2pm. IF YOU'RE READING THIS, HI!! You're cool

And there were two girls on the other side of me who got two hi touch passes. One of them bought three albums and 2 of them had the passes. She ended up giving the other album away, couldn't react fast enough to get it LOL Next time I'll act faster.... with no shame HA

At around 5:30pm, half an hour before we were supposed to be let in, there was a big group surge and everyone started pushing. The pushing was pretty bad, I kept apologising to the people in front of me. If you heard someone screaming at people to stop pushing (because we can't move even if you push! THINK A BIT PEOPLE), it was me LOL I asked my friend to hold my hand so we wouldn't lose each other. So even before the concert started, the pushing was awful but I didn't stay mad for long because we could finally go inside the venue after 8 hours of lining up!


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