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[FANACCOUNT] 140510 B.A.P Live on Earth CONTINENT TOUR Sydney AUSTRALIA Attack!

So I wasn't sure if I should write a fanaccount just because it's now the day after and a lot of what happened seem to have blended together into one huge chunk. But I didn't write anything for CNBLUE and I can barely remember it now so why not? ^_^



I woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to film a "Get Ready with Me" video... which I'm not sure if I should upload because it'll take me a long time to edit.. Time I don't have LOL

I got out the door 10 minutes before 9am because there was trackwork on the day and I needed to transfer onto a bus. Arrived at the venue at a little over 10am and there were already A LOT of people there. A lot more than CNBLUE. I think I ended up waiting further along the line compared to CNBLUE and I arrived at 2pm last time.

There were problems with getting people in on time at CNBLUE's concert but I heard a lot about JK Entertainment's improved system so I was pretty happy about that. Until probably after 5 hours of lining up. There was a lack of communication between the Big Top security and JK ent staff. The security were getting the General Admission people (I got VIP) to line up next to VIP while the staff were telling General Admission to line up at the back of us. In the end, some people who came later were closer to the front than people who came earlier. My friend who was lining up with me had to call her friend with G.A. tickets to hurry and come back down.

AND due to this, there were a lot of people in front of us in the line. Basically one big heap. I didn't mind it until I started seeing people with fansite slogans/photocards. Turns out that everything ran out by the time it reached my part of the line? I was peeved because I came to line up earlier than half of the people there yet they got everything. Life. Is. Cruel.

Anyways, I got to meet some nice girls in the line. Some came from Perth and Melbourne! The girl next to me was an Inspirit and she took out her INFINITE umbrella because it was blasting sun at around 2pm. IF YOU'RE READING THIS, HI!! You're cool

And there were two girls on the other side of me who got two hi touch passes. One of them bought three albums and 2 of them had the passes. She ended up giving the other album away, couldn't react fast enough to get it LOL Next time I'll act faster.... with no shame HA

At around 5:30pm, half an hour before we were supposed to be let in, there was a big group surge and everyone started pushing. The pushing was pretty bad, I kept apologising to the people in front of me. If you heard someone screaming at people to stop pushing (because we can't move even if you push! THINK A BIT PEOPLE), it was me LOL I asked my friend to hold my hand so we wouldn't lose each other. So even before the concert started, the pushing was awful but I didn't stay mad for long because we could finally go inside the venue after 8 hours of lining up!


When I got in, the crowd in the middle VIP section was huge. So I decided to screw the middle and go to the left side. Ended up third row at first but finished off second because people with G.A. tickets were caught in the VIP area. Some people with SEATING got caught too. I found it pretty funny because everyone in the crowd was pointing together at the people with the wrong coloured wristbands and telling security to get them out. I was talking to some "nice" girls at the back of me and I didn't even realise they were in G.A. LOL No wonder they didn't react much to me trying to talk to them, they looked super jumpy. My attempt at socialising fail #1

But that was okay because all the girls I ended up next to were really nice. Karina(? I'M SO SORRY I FORGOT YOUR NAME, but I was the one with the Youngjae headband/poster) was also a Youngjae bias and we agreed to try to get his attention together. She got the Youngjae slogan I didn't get :-(

The concert started with a really long VCR. It started with the UFO sighting news report and everyone was screaming really loudly. A girl near me (very lucky girl might I add.... i'll talk about it later) screamed for the longest duration of time, I would have been laughing if I wasn't screaming as well HA.

I was fairly on the left of the stage so before they came out with One Shot, I saw Yongguk getting ready to come on the stage. I was screaming before One Shot was on LOL

And from here, the concert is fairly blurry. So I'll add comment under each song.

One Shot
One shot is one of my fave B.A.P title tracks so I enjoyed it a lot. I actually don't remember much of the performance because Youngjae was on the other side and I kept looking at him. Shame I didn't realise they had the camera and a big screen at the back since they didn't have it last time for CNBLUE LOL

Yongguk and Zelo's rap was amazing. Yongguk has such a nice voice.

During the main chorus where they do the "swaying" dance, the crowd was trying to imitate them so we were moving from right to left. I think I had my eyes on Yongguk during this performance because I literally only remember Yongguk.

Never realised how much I loved the choreo of Power until now. It's such a great song to hype up the crowd.

After performing these three songs, Yongguk had his justice/greed speech?  I only got to hear a small bit of it because the crowd was still screaming. His voice is so low *__*

THIS VCR KILLED ME. HIMCHAN. NO. They had questions like.... "Do you still remember him?" "Do you still remember his phone number?" "Do you still remember his scent(?)" and I was like no wtf single for life but the crowd was reacting really well to it LOL with AWWS. They had 'Say Something' in the background.

What is Love?
THIS VCR WAS SO CUTE. They were trying to teach what love is and it made the whole crowd laugh and go AWWWW. I remember one line that went like "Love is.... when your face goes red" "Oh..... so Love is..... SPICY? @_________@" SO CUTEEEEE. There was some strong Engrish in there as well. Spotted a few typos but nothing drastic~

They came back out with Lovesick and I was looking forward to this peformance so much because I couldn't stop listening to the song when First Sensability came out. AND THE SONG MARKS MY FIRST YOUNGJAE FANSERVICE OUT OF TWO LOL.  During one of his parts, he came down to the very left where I was and he saw my sign. He started singing to me during the WHOLE of his part and I just went omfogshiogejhmeihjwosg. Trying not to look deranged when your bias is serenading you IS HARD I SAY. He was bending over and looking at me and I wished he didn't stop BUT HE DID CAUSE HE HAD TO GO TO THE OTHER SIDE. I WAS SO ANGRY LOL COME BACKKKKKKKK.

BUT THAT WAS OKAY BECAUSE HIMCHAN CAME. I heard that he looked unwell during the Melbourne concert so I was concerned but he was fine during Sydney. He was very responsive... especially with the girls in front of me... so envious #_#

AND THEN WE EXCHANGED EYE CONTACT AND HE GAVE ME HIS DERP FACE LOL. I forgot what face it was but it was hilarious. Throughout the whole night, whenever he came close, I tried to give him a derp face again but to no avail. 

Coffee Shop
When Coffee Shop came out, I instantly fell in love with it. I absolutely loved it and I had it on repeat for the next few days LOL. They came out with the "STARBABYs" cart and asked Zelo to give the first juice. He was dancing, moonwalking, doing his cheeky antics going from left (people were reaching out and screaming on my side) then right..... THEN LEFT AGAIN. He decided to give it to the girl near me at the front. She was one person away from me, so close yet so far @__@ But there was quite a distance between the stage and us (Even though I was in the second row) so he had to give it to the security guard then to her. The girls in front of me got everything, I'm going to end up writing a fanaccount of their night rather than mine LOL. But they were really kind and  the girl who got the juice gave people around her a sip because it was really hot and everyone was thirsty. I didn't get to drink it because I don't like sharing saliva WHY SANDY WHY YOU COULD HAVE HAD A SIP OF B.A.P'S DRINK DAMN IT.

Then Jongup gave his coffee to someone on the right side. Jongup is really adorable, puppy jongup is a very appropriate name. Everyone was so adorable that I came out with no bias at the end of the night, sorry Youngjae HAHAH. 

During the talking part of it, I was trying REALLY hard to get Youngjae's attention because I know for ONE of their stops, he ended up giving his drink to someone on the far left.  He didn't look at me once LOL

Body & Soul
When Body and Soul started, I was so excited gsaeiogkenguseo. Not because I would have the perfect view of Youngjae thrusting (LOL) but the song is amazing *_* I enjoyed the body rolling a lot as well. Himchan was on my side very frequently.

BUT I LITERALLY HAD THE BEST VIEW OF YOUNGJAE THRUSTING. There were two speakers on either side of Youngjae, I felt so blessed it wasn't blocking my view. I wish it went on for longer!

However I felt really bad for the person behind me. I was body rolling as well with my backpack LOL HOW EMBARRASSING BUT IT WAS AMAZING so no regrets. And there was still quite a lot of space between me and the person at the back... did I mention he was a male HAAHAHHAHA. I didn't feel his body on me so it was okay HAHHAHA

I THINK IT WAS HERE THAT ZELO DID THE GWIYOMI HAHAHHAHA The members were like "Come on 1, 2, 3" and then he did it in fast forward motionin this wiggly dance HAHAHAH First time seeing the gwiyomi live and it was amazing!!! They totally planned it before hand so thank you B.A.P!

BANG YONGGUK WAS LAUGHING AT HIM IT WAS ADORABLE and I think Himchan and Daehyun (?) were laughing looking at each other and one had an arm around the other??

Here's a small fancam (credit to  tigerlily8701)

Punch was really fun. Jongup was in front of me the most so I had my eyes concentrated on him. He really danced with all his power, it was really nice! The crowd sand along to "One two three PUNCH!"

I can't remember if it was during punch but after they did the opening MENT with the chairs and the provocations (LOL) there was a daejae moment? Youngjae fed Daehyun water and wiped his sweat in front of us. Please Youngjae Please maintain.

No Mercy
I feel like I'm saying I love the choreo of every song but NO MERCY WAS AMAZING. I was dancing along with them I felt really bad for the people at the back of me. Everyone was actually really close together so whenever we jumped, we rubbed against eachother. It was only slightly unpleasant.

The members were all so energetic! I tried headbanging but my headband would have came off if I did and hit someone. [SIDE NOTE: I'm so sorry to the girl in front of me, my arm got tired half way through the concert so I ended up hitting her head a few times. I didn't do it on purpose T_T]

Youngjae was doing the "Yongguk is Justice/Himchan is EMotion/etc" part but the crowd didn't know it. LIKE WHAT??? TOO BAD I WAS ON THE LEFT THEY COULDN'T HEAR ME. I was trying to get them to hear me because the crowd was.... pretty silent LOL The only parts they knew was Zelo's and Daehyun's LOL So I'm guessing they are the most popular members? Daehyun had a lot of posters.

I'm reading what happened at the Melbourne concert and some people were shouting "Jongup is 6 pack!" "Daehyun is sex!" LOL HAHAHAH Why didn't I think of that :p

Rain Sound
Before Rain Sound, they had a costume change and staff brought out chairs. Jongup was in front of me and Youngjae was all the way on the right side LOL. Yongguk, Zelo and Youngjae were really into the song, they acted well~ But I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jongup... until he walked away AND I KNEW THAT HE WAS PREPARING FOR HIS SOLO.

Dance Solo (Jongup)
Instead of his shirt ripping, I enjoyed his dancing a LOT more. His moves are really fluid~~

Save Me 
Jongup took off his shirt and put on a white jumper for this performance. He had no singlet on so..... you could see the outline of his body really well. In the beginning I was just looking at his body LOL But Save Me is also one of my fave tracks on First Sensability so I started looking at the member singing instead~

B.A.P were talking about Kangaroos LOL SO much that they started "fighting" like Kangaroos. Youngjae ended up kicking Daehyun (?) playfully repetitively, it was really adorable.
Daehyun said "messaji?" as MESSAGE IT WAS SO CUTE LOL
And Yongguk kept telling fans to stop pushing. It must have been bad in the other areas because I was fine? 

Learn the Dance from Mato Planet ft Horses Heads
This VCR/MENT was really cute. I really wanted to dance it but we were all pretty close to each other so we couldn't move much. They had the members on the screen imitating the moves and it was hilarious. They told us to dance with a happy expression because a sad expression was bad and then Zelo (?) and Youngjae demonstrated how bad it looked like on the VCR LOL. One of the back up dancers with the horse masks waved at the end, too cute. When I looked behind to see if anyone in VIP was actually moving along, I was disappointed. Didn't see a lot of movement but that's okay. It's really hard to move.

Check On
I LOVE THE COSTUME FOR CHECK ON, I was looking forward to their outfit change LOL. I was singing along to it.

The crowd was singing along to SPY so it was really nice.

Hurriance is possibly my favourite performance of the night. During the chorus, everyone in VIP was jumping up and down! The beat to Hurricane is really great to dance to. And during Himchan's "The Roof is on Fire", he didn't sing it but gave the microphone to us. I didn't hear anyone sing "Loof" so that's good! He gave us a bow at the end, Himchan you're cute @______@

Excuse Me
-Can't remember this performance actually.... I was really tired from Hurricane LOL

Stop It
OKAY Another "possible" favourite performance of the night! Zelo was in front of us most of the time and he was adorable! He was doing the HAJIMA with the people around me with eye contact and we were all following him. Zelo gives really good fanservice, he seems to be filled with a lot of energy! I was singing along to the whole song LOVED IT

- Can't remember anything GAH

THEY CAME OUT WITH WHITE OUTFITS FOR 1004 AND THE EMBELLISHMENT WAS COOL. I couldn't stop looking at the studding.... strange.
1004 is amazing. This song is my jam. Everytime it's on, I jam so hard. Which Is why I'm so sad that I don't remember any of it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! This was the performance I was looking forward to the most (apart from Body and Soul lol) when I was lining up and my brain decides to stop working. ALL I REMEMEBR IS THE STUDDING?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?! I'm jsut going to watch the fancams :-(


Youngjae was doing the "Yongguk is Justice/Himchan is Emotion/etc" part but the crowd didn't shout it very loudly and surely. I don't think a lot of them knew... I was trying to get them to hear me on the left hand side because the crowd was.... pretty silent LOL Zelo and Daehyun's segment was the loudest LOL So I'm guessing they are the most popular members? Daehyun had a lot of fanboards.

I'm reading what happened at the Melbourne concert and some people were shouting "Jongup is 6 pack!" "Daehyun is sex!" LOL HAHAHAH Why didn't I think of that :p

After 1004, they asked us what their debut song was and we shouted Warrior.
They also said that they had to change outfits for 1004. Youngjae was speaking here and he told us that there will be a countdown that we had to count from 100. But when they said they had to change, the crowd started chanting "TAKE IT OFF" and Youngjae jokingly tried to run off the stage to hide. HE WAS SO CUTE WHY WOULDN'T YOU BE MORE ON THE LEFT SIDE YOUNGJAE. LET ME STARE AT YOUR GLORY. I remember himchan jokingly try to remove his shirt, Zelo as well HAHAHHAHA. Daehyun did a shirt ripping motion and Jongup was acting like he was removing his makeup LOL That's not what we meant Jongup!!! Youngjae ended up telling us to calm down and stop HAHAHAHA

The cowd started early with the counting but then the VCR countdown came up and people were like NOO LOL. I'm eternally thankful for the countdown and the dramatic pause because during this time, I was trying to get my phone out for some sneaky (or not so sneaky) photos LOL I was good the entire performance but I really wanted something to remember them by. The girl next to me didn't get caught once and she was filming a lot of their performances.

Here's a fancam of the talk part (credits to Shawty Wu)

Warrior was the last song, they didn't perform With You. BUT SERIOUSLY, IT WAS A GREAT ENDING AND I HAD A GREAT TIME.

They walked around saying goodbye and I didn't want them to leave :-(
Himchan came to the left and had a derp-down with the girls in front of me or something LOL He did the "I'm looking at you" thing with the two fingers and then started derping. He laughed a lot during that so I'm guessing the girls did something funny LOL cries to the high heavens. DIDN'T GET ANY PHOTOS BECAUSE SECURITY AND STAFF AND THE MANAGER WERE IN FRONT OF ME.

Warrior was the only song I had the guts to take photos during. I got caught by the staff once and the manager.... But he just gave me the evil eye and was like "I'm watching you" LOL HE IS SO SCARY BUT NICE AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE HE WAS GIVING OUT WATER.

Jongup came to the left as well. He grabbed his towel and was asking us if we wanted it. So then there was a lot of screaming and chaos and hands and movement LOL He ended up throwing it to the girl I kept hitting with my hand LOL

Before they went off the stage, Youngjae, Jongup and Yongguk were together on our side and was waving at everyone. Thank you. I got great photos of that LOL And when they moved, Zelo and came! Zelo ended up crouching all the way at the left and saying goodbye to everyone.... don't go :-( He was also the last person to get off the stage, he was dancing on his way out HA.

Here's a fancam of them saying goodbye. Credits to Fanaphat

When they left the stage, the girls in front of me were trying to get the security guards to get the other towels on the stage. They couldn't understand us and one was asking "Wouldn't you rather get a new unused towel?" No sir. No. LOL But he was laughing at us like WOW HAHAHA What dedication. I think they enjoyed the show as well because they said they were good?

When people started moving away, I was looking for photocards/slogans on the floor (because desperate) and managed to pick up Yongguk's one. It was all trampled on :-(

AND THAT'S THE END OF MY FANACCOUNT so i'll end the writing portion with comments on each member?

His smile is literally the best thing. Sometimes I had my eyes on him for long periods of time, even though he was really far from me, because his smile is amazing. His laugh as well. I love it. And he actually managed to get a TIGGER plushie from a fan who was stretching the toy out to him and ended up hugging it.. .WHICH I DIDN'T SEE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED AT THE FAR RIGHT LOL LIFE IS CRUEL but my friend managed to sneak a dslr in and take photos of it. Fansite experience man. Belinda u amazing.

Yongguk is really skinny :-( When he changed into the very revealing tank top, you could see his ribs... (and nipples but that's besides the point)

And at one point, Yongguk was looking at the left side while he was talking (?) and someone threw something behind him. I was so scared that he would step on it and fall down but luckily he didn't.

LOL He was sweating a lot after One Shot. But he looks exactly the same as photos. His fanservice is really... different especially with the derp faces. He is very good at eye contact. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SOMETHING TO REMEMBER HIMCHAN. Okay I'm going to confess, his smile is my favourite. Smile more please. You rock. *_*

THIS MAN THIS MAN THIS MAN THIS MAN he is really popular LOL. And really good at fanservice as well. He tries to look at everyone (Except me IS IT BECAUSE OF MY JAE FANBOARD LOL) whereas compared to Himchan, he maintains eye contact for a long time with one individual. My cousin noticed that he was off by one key during his high notes, but I couldn't even tell. Poor baby his voice condition probably isn't the best.

During one of the performances I CAN'T REMEMBER I'M SORRY he was trying to reveal Zelo's knee through the ripped jeans. UM DAEHYUN WE WANT THE SHIRT NEXT TIME OKAY. LIKE THE OTHER STOPS LOL.

my friend belinda got really good shots so i'm putting them in my fanaccount LOL

YOUNGJAE U-U-U-UU-UUUUUUUUUUUUUU. The first time I saw him in One Shot, he was SO IN CHARACTER. He had the deep and "charistmatic" look... he was so busy being in the mood that he literally disregarded my fanboard during One Shot LOL that's okay baby i forgive you. Youngjae is also pretty good at fanservice. He is half Himchan and Half Daehyun with his eye contact. When he sings his part on the left side, he maintains eye contact with individuals during it and the other times he would look all around. Thank you for singing to me Youngjae. Thank you for coming to Sydney! Oh right, and the second time he looked at me was just for a few seconds, but I'm happy anyways ^_^ and grateful. He doesn't give preferential treatment at all this boy.

He spoke the most English~

her account is @kyutiekyuu

I came out of the concert with Jongup on my mind. He was on my side a lot. He is really adorable. His eye smiles, are just amazing. He seemed really happy and interacted well with the fans. I don't have a lot to say for Jongup but he is really amazing, I can't describe it. His solo was too. Not even for the shirt ripping but you can see his passion shine through. MAY I JUST ADD THAT JONGUP LOOKED AT ME ONCE THANK YOU. His eyes are so cute....

ZELO IS WAY TOO CHEEKY. HE IS LIKE ONE MONTH OLDER THAN ME. OPPAR PLEASE. He was so full of energy, he reacted really well with the crowd. I remember that before they went off the stage for costume change, someone throw a small plushie and Zelo actually caught it! LOL When he saw the plushie, he shrugged and went "Wtf???" HAHAHAHHA. After that, someone threw something flat and green on to the stage. Daehyun saw it but didn't pick it up. I thought we decided not to throw anything on stage??? It's dangerous.

Zelo was jumping all over the place and he even sat all the way to the left corner of the stage to get to the people on the side. Giant baby is giant and thoughtful.




Himchan's smile is the best *_* AND OKAY DAEHYUN'S THIGHS ARE AMAZEBALLS TOO

waving goodbye

the photo was super dark so i had to up the brightness CRIES

AND IF ANYONE SAW ME and it seemed like I was pushing, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to! I think the only time where I was "pushing" was when I was jumping up and down because I couldn't really control where I was jumping LOL And sorry if my long hair was whipping anyone :-(

After the concert selfie?? My makeup held on extremely well, I came home without an oily or sweaty face! The Face Shop CC cream is the best, which I shall review soon~ My headband couldn't light up because I didn't have the batteries..... I don't think Youngjae saw it :-((

I walked through the lines once because I was looking for someone (I lost my VIP ticket and thought it might have been stuck with the G.A. ticket I sold to someone at the venue) and a group of girls screamed "Youngjae" when they saw my headband LOL They said "my ears were cute" and I said thanks. HAHAHHA You're too kind.

Thank you for reading this mess? LOL I don't think I remembered everything accurately, so there might have been some parts that happened in a different song. I apologise in advanced.

Can't wait for the next concert to hit SYDNEY!!! AND THANK YOU B.A.P YOU WERE AMAZING.


And these are the only photocards I got. The Yongguk ones handed out by and the EARTH NEEDS [B.A.P] I found on the floor after the concert :-(

I BENT YONGGUK'S FACE NOOOOOO but thank you for the photocards!!

[@swaqgyu is my fangirl twitter account, you can follow me there if you want? But I'm an INSPIRIT and Starlight]

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