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My Winter Asian Skincare Routine 2014 ft. The Daily Dolly

Since it is currently winter here in Sydney Australia, my usual skincare routine has experienced a change to adapt to the colder months!

This post was made in collaboration with another beauty blogger, the lovely Paige at The Daily Dolly! She is a new blogger so give her lots of love~ 

Today I'll be showing you my skincare routine with some of my beloved products~ I hope this post can help inspire you in creating your own skincare regime or maybe introduce you to some products you might be interested in. Let's go!

First step: Cleansers

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Super moisturising without leaving unwanted oily residue! One thing I hate about cleansers is that some strip away the natural oils from your skin, leaving a tight and dry feeling. This cleanser won't do that.

A lot of people have a fear of using cleansing oils, afraid that it will leave a greasy look on the skin. However, cleansing oils are manufactured for skincare use so please do not worry!

I have a separate review on this product, but I want to renew it soon because my views on it has changed. My skin really rejected this product as first but after a while it worked really well. If you still want to see my initial review, click here.

I like using this when I have worn heavy makeup on the day.

I have a "how to: korean cleansing method routine" tutorial up here as well.

Purchase this product at SASA or eBay.

2. Biore Steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv Beads
I use this most often because I like the refreshing feeling it leaves me. Plus, it removes makeup well and is perfect for everyday use.

Infused with Green Tea and steam activated beads, it gives you an invigorating cleanse without giving your skin that dry and uncomfortable feeling I find with a few cleansers! 

This product has gone through a repackaging from its' old green pump to a blue squeezy tube.

Second step: Toner

Sorry for the stock photos, some of my products aren't presentable (LOL)
3. Clean and Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
My skin is extremely acne prone, especially when I eat chocolate or fast food. This is the only toner that has worked without breaking me out while keeping oil in control. I recommend this for people with oily/acne prone skin. However the high alcohol content in this product means that sensitive skin individuals might want to stay away or use in consideration.

I use this toner every morning before school and after my shower.

The plus sides to this is that it is available in your local drugstore and is cheap! However, the bottle is quite small (100ml) and I end up buying two at a time.

I'm currently looking to change up my toner so if you have any recommendations for toners for acne prone skin, please tell me~

Third step: Lotion

4. Juju Cosmetics Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Lotion
Now the term lotion is interchangeable in American and Asian markets. You would typically find moisturisers in lotion form, however, lotions for Asian brands refer to something like a toner in a watery texture.

I use this in the winter time AND summer time for the added hydration it gives me. I have combination skin with one stubborn dry patch on my cheek that I need to constantly keep moisturised. This light lotion is perfect to help boost hydration levels in the cold season in conjunction with my moisturiser.

This product has been described as a dupe for the Hada labo Hyaluronic Acid lotion and is a highly popular Japanese skincare product.

I purchased this at SASA but you can also find it on eBay

Fourth step: Moisturiser

5. Juju Cosmetics Natural Moisture Aloe Cream
This is my favourite cream moisturiser of all time. It is made of 100% organic Aloe Vera and one of the few moisturisers that have not broken me out.

The texture is slightly heavy but absorbs into the skin quickly. Perfect for people who do not like the sticky feeling left with most heavy moisturisers. A little bit goes a long way so do not be afraid of the small 50g jar!

The added benefits of aloe vera include after sun care, calming red skin and being non-comedogenic (meaning it won't block the pores)

I purchased this from SASA but you can also find this on eBay. View my SASA.COM haul here.

Fifth step: Eye Serum

 1. Dr Jart V7 Eye Serum
This step I only do during the night time and is an essential for a student who spends night after night studying (like me). I received this eye serum from the Memebox 3rd Global Edition and it is extremely light.

It has very little scent and blends easily, allowing quick absorption. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and I like knowing it is probably helping my dark circles.

I'm currently trying to find a new eye serum/cream, if you have any recommendations please leave a comment done below!

Special function products

Acne spot treatments

1. Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel (For Troubled Skin)
Truthfully, I'm only using this product because I'm trying to finish it up. It works well on SOME occasions but I definitely will not recommend this to anyone who is looking for a solution to acne.

This clear spot gel is very gentle and absorbs quickly. 

It might help people who break out occasionally. I have a full review here.

You can purchase this from SASA and W2BEAUTY

2. Clean & Clear Advantange Fast Clearing Spot Gel
I purchased this at my local store due to the rave reviews so I was left disappointed when I found that it was not highly effective for me. However, this works a lot better than the Skinfood Spot Gel and is easily found at any local drugstore. It does occasionally help shrink stubborn pimples but do not expect this to fade away acne scarring.

I like using this after popping a pimple (I just can't help it sometimes) and then top it off with the Etude House spot patch to keep bacteria and dust away.

3. Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Patch
The Etude House Pink Powder acne treatment had great reviews but I was not willing to spend more money on a product that might not work for me (My skin likes to reject around 70% of all skincare products I use). So to supress my woes, I decided to try out the spot patch instead.

I don't think this works at all but I will repurchase this. Why? Because I find that it's a lovely way of sealing popped pimples and keeping things in contact away from acne so it will not spread (fingers, dust etc). Also, it has the added bonus of being clear, meaning you can most probably get away with wearing it in public. Truthfully, there have been a few times where I forgot I had the patch on and only found out a bit later on in the day. Nobody has said anything about it either so I'm guessing no one realised.

Can be purchased at W2BEAUTY, eBay, Cosmetic Love, BeautynetKorea

Facial masks

1. My Beauty Diary Masks
I have various My Beauty Diary masks that I've purchased over the few months. The ones I recommend include the Aloe Vera, Pearl Powder and Bulgarian White Rose mask (which I reviewed here)

Another facial mask that I love is the Etude House Pearl Extract Facial mask, I need to stock up on it!

I use a facial sheet once every two weeks.

I purchased my My Beauty Diary Mask from SASA and you can see my haul here
The Etude House Pearl Mask can be found at eBay, Cosmetic Love and BeautynetKorea.
I purchsed my Etude House mask when I visited their Mongkok store.
Check out my Etude House haul here.

Essential oils

1. Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil
Great for repairing dull and dry skin after heavy makeup use! Works wonders as a facial massage oil and is made with 7-super-seed energy oil to rejuvenate the skin.

I like mixing this with my lighter moisturisers to give better hydration. This also works well mixed with BB cream or face makeup to give your base a glowy effect, keeping skin moisturised.

This product was from my Memebox 4th Global Edition

Hair treatment

1. Kerasys Salon Care Professional Moringa Miracle Essence
I also got this in a Memebox and I love how quickly it absorbs into my hair. I have an instant before and after in my post here. I have never tried a hair essence before and this was a fantastic introduction. It smooths out tangles and gives a great shine to otherwise dry and dull hair.

I use this after I wash my hair and before I go out on days when my hair is looking unruly.

2. Secret Romance Hair Perfume in Lovely
Also a product from a Memebox, this product embodies a hair treatment and perfume in one. I almost never wear scents to school or out (because I forget to) but this easy all-in-one product allows me to nourish my hair and smell lovely.

It has a floral scent which I adore and is perfect for everyday use. The rose scent is very demure but it doesn't last a very long time.

You can find discount codes for Memeboxes in my individual reviews if you are interested but I will also add my discount codes down below as well.

Lip balms

1. MediActive Honey 20+ Multibalm
Tastes and smells like honey, what is there to dislike? This multi-function balm can be used to heal scars, nourish dry lips/skin and give a lovely glow to your base makeup.

Read more about the product here and my testimonial can be seen here

*disclaimer: this product was sent to me a while back for testimonial purposes with absolutely no relation with my blog. my skincare routine is my complete honest regime!

2. Vaseline
Good old Vaseline is great for a lot of things. Cheap and easily found in local stores, this is a great lipbalm to use in the day or night time. It gives off a lovely gloss while moisturising your lips.

Sometimes I like to apply it to my eyelashes to make them grow thicker and longer (has not been proven but my friend swears by this) and on dry areas of my face. It works as a good moisturiser as well, I just won't recommend you use this for your entire face.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

So I hope this post was helpful and gave you ideas on new products to try~ Check out Paige's post here!

And as always, you do not have to have all these steps in your skincare regime. Truthfully, using a  cleanser, toner and moisturiser would be sufficient but these products work well for me when used in conjunction.

If anyone wants individual reviews on these products, please feel free to comment down below and I will definitely reply!

Discount codes for these products:

Use code: 04161007 and get $5 off on an order of at least $30!

Use code: CKA1HMQVEF and get $5 off ANY order!

p.s. To senior students, study well these school holidays! And if you're in Year 12 and currently studying for the trial HSC exams, I feel you. Do your best!

Until next time, annyeong~

*this post was not sponsored and made with Paige at The Daily Dolly with good intentions~ 
*post contains affiliate links but I will never recommend any services I personally won't use

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