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Review: Memebox 10 Minute Box (미미박스)

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What is the 10 minute box? (taken from memebox)

Our new 10 Minute Box – the hottest Memebox yet to have arrived – comes with the most perfect make-love-happen beauty products that will get you all polished up for a night you’ll never forget!

So essentially, this box is designed to prepare you for whatever occassion you have, in only 10 minutes! I personally take well over 30 minutes to get ready (make-up routine, outfit etc) hence why this box is perfectly catered for people like me.

One thing I love about MEMEBOX is that you can choose what themed boxes you want to receive. It is not a subscription service, and you can choose to purchase one whenever you feel like it! MEMEBOX is actually the first "subscription box" service I have used because with other boxes, you can never be sure what is inside. I have seen countless supscription box reviews from other bloggers talking about how this or that product don't fit their tastes and of it being completely useless.

WELL, Memebox has solved this problem by creating boxes for everyone's needs with their special point boxes! AND if you do like the surprise of supscription boxes, they have the Memebox Global editions which are randomised without a theme. Cool right?

But be aware that their Global boxes sell out quickly due to limited stock, so be quick ^_~ 

Some of their boxes include:


Like always, they provide an informational sheet about each product.

 1. Aromalab Designer Fragance Oil - American Pheromone Woman Type 01 8ml
 Full size: 8ml ($34)

Product description:
This handy roll on oil pheromone perfume has a fun and fruity top note that smells like raspberries, violet and fresh grapefuit, and a sensual vanilla base note that will last all throughout the day.

First impression:
Because I am very bad at describing scents, I had to rely on the product description. But it is pretty spot on, minus the fact that it smells slightly musky, which I like!
This roll-on fragrance leaked from its' cap so my hands ended up smelling nice all day. I have yet to use this, however, my mum really likes this so I probably will just give it to her. I opened the box and she asked "Something smells really nice... what is it?" AND because 3/5 products from this box is scented, we had a smell taste. So this scent is parent approved! And I also really like it. This might not be the best for people who like light scents.

2. Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume 20g
Full size: 20g ($49)

Product description:
This silky silica powder contains sweat absorbing micro particles that will help keep you feeling fresh all night. This scent powder will give you a seductive yet subtle scent.

First Impression:
This packaging is not attractive at all. It gives off a very cheap image sadly. BUT the scent is light and is perfectly described with it's scent name "sweety blossom". It isn't exactly floral, it's hard to describe. This "sweety blossom" scent is perfect for students who want to smell nice and keep the sweat away.
One thing that I do not like about this is that the powder comes out from one "hole" in the middle of the sponge. It can give you a more precise application but it may take just a little longer to use. If you want, you can detach the sponge and dip it directly into the powder (though this might get messy)
I apologise for being unable to review this yet as it is currently Winter in Sydney, Australia and I do not have any rigorous activities planned in the near future. 
Furthermore, this powder blends wonderfully.

3. Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick in Chicago Red
Full product: 3.4g ($25)

The packaging reminds me of what INFINITE's Sunggyu would look like if he was a lipstick. No joke. Comment down below if you know who I'm talking about! LOL.

Product description:
YAY! I actually do not have a straight up red lipstick so I am very thankful for this (the sahde is randomly selected from chicago red or red burgundy). In addition, this lipstick is incredibly moisturising, creamy (a little more than the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick which I will review soon!) and glides on like a dream. Do not let the packaging fool you! The product inside is absolutely quality.
I swatched it on my hand and tried removing it, thinking it would not stain, but it did. So I'm going to estimate that this lipstick would last longer than your average "balm" lipstick.
The shade is easy to pair with your outfits and you can change up your look by putting a full application or using the gradient technique.

4. Secret Romance Hair Essence Lovely 60ml
Full size product: 60ml ($39)

Possibly my favourite scent product out of this box. I love how this essence doubles up as a "hair perfume". Smells mainly florally with rose its' main base. It nourishes your hair while increasing hair strength and manageability. Enriched with Angelica root oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera and ginseng extracts, this is perfect for me as I always forget to spray on perfume when I go out. This is such a convenient product, I will most probably take this with me when I travel to Seoul, Hong Kong and Taiwan at the end of the year! YAY~

The sturdy plastic packaging with the easy to use pump makes it great for travel. 

5. Laboratory Eyelash+ 5 pairs
Full size product: 5 pairs ($5)
Randomly selected but I got Natural Angel 001

I haven't been able to use these false lashes yet but I love experimenting with them, this is a great addition to my makeup stash! The packaging is filled with Japanese but this product is made in Korea. 

General comments:
For a 10 minute box, I would have expected more variety. There is absolutely no use for three scented products, but I can understand why they added the products in as it gives you more choice depending on the occassion. 
Next time, I think another makeup product would be a better choice. I suggest a blush or gel eyeliner, as blushes can quickly change up your image and gel eyeliner is very flexible to use. Smudge it for a night time party look and keep it simple for day time use.

All in all, this box costs a total of $23US (+ $6.99 shipping) and the amount that the products totaled equals to $152. This is also the first time I got ALL full sized products, which is nice.

Beauty boxes are incredibly subjective so this review is completely my own opinion.

If you are not interested in the 10 minute box, I'm certain you can find something else on their site to intrigue you! Do check them out here as they do have new additions frequently.

Memebox also has a MEMESHOP which sells individual products. If you do not want a box, you can look at their other products all ready to ship out to you.

Are you interested in any of the products mentioned? Feel free to comment down below and I can review them for you! 

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Until next time, annyeong~!

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Until next time, bye bye~

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