Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Haul and Review: Missguided | Monochrome fever with dresses, skorts and skirts

Hi guys!

I am back with a Missguided haul that I purchased in the first week of the holidays. Have I mentioned that I have an insatiable appetite for online shopping when I’m studying for exams? I need to find a better way to relieve stress properly… without leaving me broke.

I only purchased three things and this haul would be the second (?) clothing haul I have ever done. I’ve bought so many things with the intention of blogging about it but then I forget and school swallows me over. But today I’ve decided to have a nice small break and have a special haul post.

Purchase date: 29th of June
Despatch date: 29th of June (This was on a Sunday)
Arrival date: 11th of July

1.       Berdnica White Split Front Skort in Size 12
 Click here

I have a bad habit for buying clothes that do not fit the season, I will admit. But these shorts were so cute and on sale! The only problem was my worry with the sizing. I am normally a size 10 in bottoms and after some research, I found that Missguided sizing actually runs small. So I decided to get this in a size 12. Boy it was the wrong choice. I am now trying to sell this as the exchange/refund period has ended for me. It was in the middle of my exams so I didn't have the time to ship it back. Please contact me if you are in Sydney and want to purchase it?

I’ve always wanted a skort. The last time I went shopping with my friend, I was determined to purchased one, but sadly none were in the right style nor did the sizes fit me. I’m sure you guys have seen the popular assymetrical skort right? As an unemployed student, I could not fathom purchasing the ZARA item and went for something a bit less common with this item.

Because the skort is white, it is semi-see through. If you wear bright undergarments, it will show. But anything of a light colour is okay due to the extra "layers/flaps". Very flexible material. It has a zip on the side, which feels scratchy on me.

2.       Leja Dogtooth Midi Skirt in M/L

One criticism I have about Missguided is that you are not allowed to change the sizes after ordering. But I was persistent and decided to message their Facebook and luckily, they kindly responded asking what I want amended. However, they found out that my order was already processed (this was on Sunday and did not expect them to process it on the day) so my size was not able to be changed.

Needless to say, the skirt fits okay but not how I wanted it to "hug" my body sadly.

The material is quite thin. It is just a normal elastane midi skirt. It is currently on sale. I bought it for full price at AUD$19.98

3.       Chloe Checked Collared Monochrome Shift Dress Size 12
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This was the most expensive item I ordered, I just could not pass down a shift dress! Now the thing that sparked my order was the uniDAYS 15% off discount available for a limited time with MissGuided. But the discount was only $3, leaving me really confused. I calculated the supposed cost on my calculator, thinking that it might only work for full priced items (like the midi skirt) so I took everything out and only added full priced items… to realise that the discount did not change.

The dress is opaque due to the textured and is of stretchy material so it "hugs" your body. I am normally a size 10 but this fits just a little looser. I love the keyhole back, and patterns. It ends half way up my thighs (I'm 173cm tall).


So all in all, I will buy my normal size next time depending on how the fit. How regretful that the skorts didn't fit and that the skirt doesn't sit how I want it to.

But the service from Missguided is great. They promptly reply to your Facebook messages so that is a plus.

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Until next time, annyeong~ 

*I purchased everything with my own money
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