Friday, 11 July 2014

Haul and Review: To February + GIVEAWAY!

As a fan of Korean fashion and pop, I inevitably found this store ToFebruary due to their cute accessories and clear layout (Yes, I love my simple colours and templates).

Today I’ll be reviewing the items available at ToFebruary and their service!

Shipping times:
The item was shipped on the 28th of June and arrived on the 11th of July. It arrived safely in a padded envelope-like package. 

All the bracelets, necklaces and rings were packaged together in a small delicate box.

INFINITE Titanium Bracelet
 (click here)

If you know me, you would know that I am a Korean Pop fan and stan INFINITE and VIXX. INFINITE was the first group I have ever loved and they also had the privilege of being my first album ever (INFINITIZE). So when I saw this bracelet, I knew I had to get it. I already have multiple INFINITE/INSPIRIT bracelets but none of this quality.

I have a small wrist and these fit well in accommodating me with the adjustable claw. 

AND today, I will be giving one away! Just go straight to the bottom of my blog post.

 Bunny Ear Headband 
(click here)

I really like Usagi headbands and with this one, only the “ears” are mendable. I wish there was a different colour available because it does not stand out with my dark hair. This is possibly my favourite item!

The headband itself is quite thin but the ears are of good quality. There is a lace overlay.

    The Master’s Sun Necklace in 925 Silver Large 
(click here)

The Master’s Sun has shown me the light that is So Ji Sub and Go Hyo Jin. I initially was afraid of watching this because I really cannot take horror at all, but it is not a big aspect of the drama. After a while, you get used to it… Though the first episode really shocked me.  To be honest I only started watching this because Myungsoo/L  from INFINITE acts as the younger So Ji Sub but I stayed for the plot and other characters.
In this drama, So Ji Sub gives Go Hyo Jin this necklace and I found the design really impeccable. I’m a lover of simplistic designs and silver jewellery so this was a must! 

The quality isn't very sturdy though I can imagine myself getting a lot of wear out of this. It is a good replica of the necklace worn by Go Hyo Jin!

    Angel Wing Earrings
    (click here)

Why did I get these earrings? Because Dongwoo from INFINITE used to wear a lot of “winged” designs and then the obsession rubbed off onto me. I’m currently still wanting the “Winged” Adidas hoodie he wore in their Paradise practice dance.

The earrings are exactly the same as the photos. Love it! And it is just the right size. Just remember to check all the measurements before purchasing any jewellery or clothing.

Mousie Earrings 
 (click here)

Honestly I wanted these pair of earrings because 1. I adore Mickey Mouse 2. I love drop earrings. This pair is a perfect embodiment of the things I love!  

Each item had the "made in Korea backing.
They feel slightly heavy on the ears.

       SeungRi Panda Ring
      (click here)

Lovely Cara from ToFebruary added this ring into the package as a kind gesture, thank you so much! The problem with rings for me is that my hands are quite slender and most of the time, they don’t fit me. However, this ring is just one size bigger meaning I can still wear this out, but with another "helper" ring to keep it from falling off.

ToFebruary has graciously given me a 10% code for my readers: enter "yoonyee10" into the checkout for your discount :-)

So now, onto the GIVEAWAY!~

ToFebruary has kindly allowed me to host an INTERNATIONAL giveaway and I was able to choose between the Bunny Ear headband or the INFINITE titanium bracelet. I asked on Twitter which one people wanted and the INFINITE titanium bracelet was highly requested so today, I’ll be giving ONE bracelet away to a lucky winner!

All you have to do is enter via RaffleCopter down below! This giveaway will last until the end of July (after my exams) so I will have time to provess everything.

I will contact the winner through Twitter and they will have 3 days to respond.

If anything goes wrong or if you have a question, do feel free to tweet me! You'll be able to get a quicker response there.

And if you’re an INSPIRIT, do make sure to check the major Australian/Oceanian INFINITE fanbase which I admin with my other friends. We definitely have a few other giveaways in mind!

Remember to follow me on Twitter if you do not want to miss out on any other giveaways!

Until next time, annyeong~

*these items were kindly sent to me by tofebruary for review
*tofebruary is sponsoring this giveaway
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