Friday, 25 July 2014

Life updates: I got a haircut! | Girl's Day Sojin inspired

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Hi everybody! This is just a short update to tell you that I cut my hair~ It's been a while since I've cut my hair but it was much needed. My long hair was getting unruly and the brown ends that I dyed a few years back were due for a trim.

I went to the local hairdressers and showed him this photo of Sojin from Girl's Day because I wanted her fringe.

complete credits to zimea on devianart (here is the link)
 I think it turned out pretty well considering the situation last time. I don't want to reiterate but it was just a hot mess and took a while for me to grow out. The trick when cutting your hair is to ALWAYS show them the length you want plus an extra 6cm just in case they cut it too short. I got it slightly longer than I usually do because I wanted long hair for my formal/graduation at the end of the year.

When he was cutting my hair, he shared a few tips for hair loss. Firstly, do not ever wash your hair is hot water. Lukewarm/cold is best. And for layers, only get a few as the more you get, the more thin your hair tends to look. In addition, people with long hair tend to suffer more hair loss because each strand weighs down the hair root so short hair is preferable.

And here are the results!

ipad mini front camera quality

spot the ukiss and ze:a posters at the back

I ended up cutting a solid 20cm off, and it feels great not having hair caught when I wear my school back pack. Long hair girls will agree right?!

And the front looks like this

excuse the no makeup face, exams = dark circles + bad skin

So not completely similar to Sojin's hair but I am content!

Though looking at my old long hair photos is making me miss it just a tad bit. That's why listening to AOA's Short Hair makes me feel a lot better. Haven't heard the song yet? It definitely grows on you and refuses to detach itself.

This was a short update on my life but I will be back soon for another beauty review.

Until next time, annyeong~

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