Saturday, 26 July 2014

Review: Dr. Young AC Control U-Line Clearing Mist

"Clearing mist for flawless back and chest" (Also can be used for your face)

Hello everybody~ I have a short review for you guys today about an acne clearing mist.

Dr. Young U-Line Clearing Mist 140ml
Full size product: 140ml ($49)

Product Description
Controlling excess sebum, hydrating and soothing your skin from deep down, this all-in-one facial & body mist will end all your troubles over sensitive, easily-stressed skin. It sprays on very nely and has a wide range, making it perfectly suitable for both body and face.

How to use
For Face: After cleansing, close your eyes and spray the mist from 30cm away, and let it absorb into your skin. 
For Body: After shower, spray abundantly over sensitive areas of your body and let it absorb.

I never used to get body acne until just this year. It's definitely a result of the stress school is exerting on me and it really is a hassle. Luckily it is currently winter in Sydney but in the summer time, I grow hesitant in wearing singlets or shoulder revealing tops due to random acne that pops up here and there. So when I was sent this product for review, I could not wait to use it!
First with the nozzle, it initially sprays into a fine mist but the slower you press it, the more large the amounts come out. However it absorbs extremely quickly, allowing the product to absorb before you put on your clothes after a shower.

 It is not drying, like a lot of pimple treatments with alcohol and salicylic acid do. This is to ultimately dry out the pimple, to stop it from growing bigger. It instead has tea tree oil and evermat. 

The smell is very similar to the QV body lotion I have used as a child. If you have not used it before, it's not a highly fragranced smell. It just smells like a typical "cream lotion" without the scent. I can't describe smells that well as you can tell.

Honestly, my results were dismal. I didn't find that it worked for my face or body, hence I do not have a "before or after" shot for you guys. There weren't any visible changes. If my acne improves due to this product, I will definitely come back and edit this segment.
General comments:

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Until next time, annyeong~

*the dr. young ac control u-line clearing mist was sent to me for review purposes. however that does not affect my judgement as my complete and honest opinion will always be upheld
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