Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Unboxing and Review: Memebox Special #6 Whole Grains

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 Do you have sensitive skin? Or in a need for a way to gently exfoliate your skin? Whole grains is the answer to your questions! When I saw that Memebox was selling a Whole grains box, I had a huge urge to buy it. But luckily the team at Memebox seemed to have read my mind and sent this for me to review! Huge thanks!

Due to the fact that I am almost done with my trial exams, I’ve decided that it’s now time to start writing all the blog posts that I have accumulated in a week. And boy, there are quite a few!

So without further delay, here is my review and unboxing from Memebox’s new Whole Grain box!

For information about shipping, handling etc please refer to my previous posts: {3th Global Edition, 4th Global Edition, 6th Global Edition, Free from Oils and Troubles, 10 Minute Box, Hair and Body #2}

Just a comment before we get into the pictures: This box is definitely one of my favourite ones I have received. I would rank this second behind my first Memebox ever, the 3rd Generation Global. These exams have been making me suffer acne from stress and late night studying. I thought resorting back to natural-based products will help set my skin anew again. 

Wholegrains are the ultimate gift from Mother Nature because it provides all around beauty benefits from head to toe. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive types of skin, yet powerful enough to buff away dead skin cells and encourage surface cell turnover, whole grains will leave skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. Rich in vitamins A and E, whole grains are full of antioxidants that promote cell respiration and also stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory compounds, slowing down the ageing process.

1.       Grinif Nature Oatmeal Scrub Bar 130g ($9) Full size

This 100% organic homemade cleansing bar is actually packed with natural ingredients like oatmeal, rice bran, mung beans, red beans, shea butter and jojoba oil! Wow that is a mouthful. 

I am extremely lazy in exfoliating my skin because I actually don’t have an exfoliating product. I usually make it from a mixture of oatmeal, cane sugar and honey but that takes time. So this product is perfect for people with sensitive skin or wants a way to gently exfoliate the skin.

I usually don’t use facial soaps but this natural homemade bar has me intrigued. I will definitely use it in the foreseeable future.

2.       Herbclinic Rice Bran Power 80g ($8)

If you following Memebox Global on Facebook, you would have seen the “hint” picture they uploaded of this product. This is 100% RAW Rice Bran powder to instantly revive and nourish your skin. I’ve never tried rice bran powder before but I used to drink tea from rice bran which my auntie claimed is wonderful for your skin. It’s true, I used to have glowing skin as a child!

You mix this with either oatmeal, brown rice or whatever you want and an adequate amount of milk until it turns into a thick paste.

3.       Purebess Galactomyces 100% 50ml ($15)

Truthfully, I have never heard of galactomyces before so I researched about the ingredient. What I gather it to be is a genus of fungi in the family of Dipodascaceae. It is supposed to improve skin elasticity, helping to uplift wrinkles.

Other brands like TonyMoly and PureHeal also have products containing Galactomyces. Personally, I am trying to find a way to minimise my smile lines so I cannot wait to try this.

4.       Purebless Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream 50ml ($20)

 Upon research on this product, I found that it retails for around $22AUD on eBay. This is the promotional picture for it:

It is a natural fement that is used in brewery. The founder discovered that the master who was brewing yeast had supple and resilient hands. It is also the same ingredient of SK-II’s famous essence. But this product is so much more affordable! Sandy is happy because she has always wanted to try the essence.

You can also use this eye cream as a face cream.

5.       PureDerm Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask Oatmeal 150ml ($12)

This mask is strange. It smells, looks and feels like shampoo. Very heavily perfumed but is very moisturising…. Exactly like hair conditioner. Is this part of the anti-stress component? I would have thought it would be scented slightly more forgiving, with lavender or chamomile. But nevertheless, it does heat up quickly after application. Have yet to try this.

6.       PureDerm Rice Bran Collagen Mask 18ml x 2ea ($5)

Love sheet masks. Come to me.

7.       PureDerm Daily Moisturizing Hand Mask Oatmeal 1pair ($7)

After exams, this will be the perfect way to wind down and take care of my hands after two weeks of rough writing. Am I the only one who develops weird bumps in the places where I hold my pen too tightly? I definitely need to treat my hands soon.

8.       PureDerm Invigorating Foot Scrub Walnut 25ml ($4)

Strange, it’s like Memebox just read my mind! I was meaning to buy a body scrub for a while now but I guess this can substitute the urge to open my wallet.


General comments:
This box had a total of $64 worth of products, not including the individual masks. With, it has a total cost of $80. 

 The Whole Grains box is priced at $23 + $6.99 shipping cost. Many times, with their constant discount deals and sales, you would be able to get a box for around $10! The more you buy, the more memebox points you gather that can be exchanged for goods.

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Until next time, annyeong~ If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I apologise for all these Memebox reviews. It seems like the only thing I post these days are Memeboxes! But don't worry, I do have other psots lined up that I am itching to start writing.

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