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Memebox Hand & Nail Care Review

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If you follow my twitter (@hiyoonyee), you would have realised that I went on a small blog hiatus due to my end of high school exams (HSC). I'm happy to announce that this post will signal the end of my hiatus (though I have one more exam) and I have A LOT of posts queued up, waiting to be written. So many that I'm uncertain if I can get all of them posted before my trip to Seoul, Korea in December. But do not fret, I probably will because I don't have to attend school anymore! *bitter sweet moment*

Anyways, today I'll be sharing a quick review on the Memebox Hand & Nail Care that is now sold out. However you can check their other fabulous boxes here. [Skip to the bottom of the blog post for discount codes]

Everybody knows that the hands and neck are the first places to show signs of aging. This is why it's extremely important to not neglect your neck and hands to give them the proper care. I personally really like my hands and have now begun to routinely use hand cream and hand masks to keep them supple. After all, my hands have been tattered from continous exams. It's only right to treat them well!

This box is for treating hands and nails to prevent early signs of aging, while strengthening nails to create that nail salon look.

Now onto the unboxing and review!

1. Pure Skin Hand Care Pack 15g and Pure Plus Hydrogel Moisturising Nail Patch 2.5g
Absolutely love receiving masks in my Memeboxes. I have yet to try these out but will soon and will make sure to edit this part with an update.

Both packs are enriched with extracts to deeply nourish the skin. These include grapefruit, collagen, pearl powder and gold. My favourite masks actually use pearl powder extract and works really well for my skin because it's gentle.

2. SUR 3D Nail Art Kit [3D&Magnet Emerald]
Comes with 12ml silver nail polish and a nail art pen in orange 7ml

I've never heard of magnetic nail polish before (I'm actually not in tune with the nail art world) so I was extremely excited to see how it worked! To my disappointment, It didn't work.. and I'm not even sure what it is supposed to do. Move the nail closer to the magnet? Or does it magically change the nail polish some way?

Apart from that, the silver nail polish is dense. Only needing two coats to make the finish completely opaque. Due to the thick nature of the nail polish however, it doesn't work well with the nail art pen. It 'sinks' into the nail polish.

Here I am demonstrating that via a very poorly done VIXX nail art to celebrate their newest comeback with Error. Check out the music video here, it certainly won't bore you. Anyways, there's a reason I am not a nail art blogger and it's because I am probably one of the most uncreative people to ever exist.

The nail art pen itself is impressive and no amount of deliberate smudging can make the ink budge from your nail. Even without a top or base coat.

Dr. Care set includes: Dr. 01 nail polish [15 ml] and a paper file.
Baby Hand set includes: Treatment oil [15 ml] and Nail wall file.

The Dr. Shan nail polish isn't actually a nail polish. It works to strength your nails and protect them from further damage. It dries clear. The With Shan treatment oil is one of the fastest absorbing treatment oils I have used and smells like lemon.

4. BARBINIE Shea Butter Hand Cream 50 ml
Violet Musk

My favourite product out of this box. It smells amazing and is thick enough to instantaneously nourish your hands but absorbs well. I like to apply this before bed and have the violet musky smell lull me to sleep. If I were to use this everyday, applying a 5 cent amount, I can see this lasting maybe a month or two. 

5. SHARA SHARA Soft Hand Gommage 50ml

The hand care version of the popular CURE Aqua gel. Squeezing as a clear light smelling gel, after massaging it into your hands, you are supposed to see 'dead skin cells' rub of your skin. I am very critical of these products because how do we know it's not just the product clumping up after the movement to give the illusion of exfoliation? Either way I will trial this for a longer time to see how the results will fair out.


In conclusion:

This box came with only full-sized items and had a total of $87 worth of products. I would have personally loved to see more hand creams (because I am in desparate need of them). However, you would only purchase this box if you were looking for hand & nail care as each box on the MEMEBOX website caters to specialised needs, so I doubt you would have been disappointed with this box if you chose to purchase it. It contains a plethora of hand and nail care products of all shapes and sizes for your use to make sure each customer is satisfied.. which I believe is better than having two or more of the same use items.

[Note: Memebox US will now stop shipping to customers living in China. They have a newly launched Chinese website.]

Discount codes:
1. November discount code is EFR5HP. 
Enter the code at checkout to get $5 off for orders $30+.
2. Get an automatic $10 off orders $150+ through my advert on the side

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I'll be back fairly quickly with another post next week featuring a popular BB cream. Hope to see you then! 


*This product was graciously sent to me for review. However this does not influence my writings in any way and as sole author, will always aim to give my honest opinion. 
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