Sunday, 9 November 2014

KPOPMART Review + VIXX 'Error' Unboxing

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I decided to give myself an easy task to ease myself back into blogging. So today I'll be writing a KPOPMART review and also showing you an unboxing of VIXX's newest mini album Error. (For people who don't know, I am a Starlight and Inspirit)

Anyways, I ordered VIXX's Error a few days before the release (and also coincidentally my higher school certificate exams) on kpoptown because they had the best price. They also had a promotion where a few lucky buyers would get an autographed VOODOO album which of course gave kpoptown a bigger advantage compared to my 'local' kpop store. I'm an easy consumer.

Purchase date: 9th of October
Shipped date: 15th of October [It was released on the 14th]
Arrival date: 3rd of November
I am happy with the shipping times from Korea to Australia. Also I really like their customer service. They send you a photo of the package before they send it off to show you everything in the box.

When an album is a new release, they include a poster in tube option for free.

Price paid: USD$12.10 + $11.80 (shipping) = USD$23.90
However because the AUD is a little low right now, I paid AUD$28.34

Basically was incentive that having the album arrive during my exams would cheer me up when I'm feeling stressed. It arrived the day before my last exam so I guess paying extra money was worth the psychological reward.


A very long parcel that you can't mistake for anything else but POSTER.

 Safely wrapped with a layer of bubble wrap. Pop pop pop. And the tube inside the box below.

KPOPMART provided complimentary VIXX photocards. Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk are on the other side but.... if I have to choose which 'line' I like more, it'll be the hyung line. I'm sorry you are still all ma babyz.

The album is designed really simply, something I do prefer. But as long as it is in sturdy packaging I can't complain. That's why the ETERNITY album disappointed me.

The black cover gives off a matte look which unfortunately means the tiniest scratch will show. I literally opened the package, placed the album down and when I picked it up again it was loitered with tiny scratches.

There's a steel heart as the album cover art which you'll see in their ERROR music video. Their intro track is also called Steel Heart.


Had a fierce battle with the cardboard tube which resulted the crumpled side of the tube and my poster.  The lid was extremely hard to remove, I was wielding a pair of scissors and attacking the lid like it was meat I had to tenderise.

But it was worth it because............

Trying to keep the poster straight for a shot.
Everything that was in the album, not including the complimentary photocards from kpopmart.
Like always there's a small booklet introducing the tracks and lyrics. Also another small 'pamphlet' for Korean Starlights (?) when attending their music show promotions (I think)

With the ERROR album, you can get ONE photocard and ONE photobook. Some lucky Starlights got two photocards/photobooks. I got Ken's photocard (YAY BIAS) and Hyuk's photobook. Was I surprised? Nope. I've been getting VIXX albums/photocards by age order so I was actually expecting Ken (huehuehueheu). But now with Hyuk in the picture (is this classified as a pun?) I'm guessing I'll get either Ravi or Hongbin next time.

So this concludes the end of my unboxing!

Do I recommend KPOPMART? Yes.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask! And also if you bought the ERROR album, who did you get?

Until next time, annyeong~
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