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Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation and Concealer Review

Maybelline is constantly coming out with new products and is easily found at many stores for easy access. The Maybelline SuperStay Foundation was one of the first ones I have ever tried, but disliked because I found it too thick and heavy for my liking. But the coverage was great and it lasted a fair while.

So when I heard Maybelline was bringing to Australia their Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin range, I knew I had to try it. I am an avid BB cream fan because I find it extremely easy to use and there's no need to choose the right shade (which can cause a lot of stress and pressure) because it's /supposed/ to adapt to your skintone (I'm lucky with Korean BB creams due to my fair skintone). But with the Better Skin Foundation and Concealer, I am happy to announce that I am now /half/ a foundation convert.

Another reason why I love BB creams so dearly is because of their skincare properties with a plethora of brands adding ingredients like green tea, gingseng, snail mucus, rice bran, arbutin and more. With Maybelline's SuperStay Better Skin range, it has been infused with Actyl-C to improve skin texture in 3 weeks. Now I have yet to use this foundation for the full 3 weeks so I am unable to vouch for their claim. I will however edit this post when it's due time. Their first vitamin enriched range is supposed to promote long-lasting power with a flawless all-day coverage.

Claimed key benefits

  1. Enriched with Actyl-C to leave skin feeling fresh and looking healthy and radiant, by promoting skin regeneration. This in turn is supposed to visibly improve skin in 3 weeks.
  2. Noticeable changes in the skin includes a brightening of skintone and a supple conplexion.
  3. Flawless all-day coverage with their innovative air-cushioned pigments which feel light on the skin.
  4. Their concealer is also infused with vitamins to produce the same effect as the foundation for your blemishes, redness, dark circles and imperfections.

The products I will be reviewing
  • Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation in 021 NUDE SPF 14
  • Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation in 02 LIGHT

What I like about the foundation packaging is that it has a plastic pump with the standard foundation glass bottle! Which is a lot better than foundation bottles with none because you cannot control the amount that you want to use. Especially with liquid foundations like this.

The concealer is reminiscent of a lip balm making it easy to carry on the go. If I have to touch up, I lean towards concealers so this is a perfect accompaniment for days where I have to stay out for a long time.

The foundation at best will give a medium coverage, with one application bordering a light coverage. If I were to compare it to my Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream, I would say the BB cream has better coverage. However I do think its great for everyday wear. This Maybelline foundation gives a natural finish that isn't matte or glossy. The liquid foundation has a lighter texture compared to other drugstore foundations which I like.

The foundation is great for redness but not other imperfections like spots and dark circles. Pores look visibly reduced.

I only applied a light lotion before these before and after shots.

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation: Before and After. A brighened complexion.

The low SPF 14 on the foundation means that it is okay for flash photography. It's actually quite hard to find Korean bb creams with little or no SPF so I am now happy to have a foundation and concealer to use for special occasions.

The concealer is my favourite out of the range. It has an almost full coverage, with a slightly thick texture and it doesn't emphasise the dry areas of my skin. It brightens my skintone and gives an 'airbrush' finish. Has a slightly matte but natural finish.

Gives a great coverage for dark circles, redness, acne and other imperfections! Love it. Large pores look hidden.

Maybelline Better Skin Concealer: Before and After. A more even skintone.

Both of foundation and concealers, even though Maybelline doesn't specify, does a great job at controlling my oils. My skin doesn't start to show any signs of shine until around 6 hours. By 8 hours, the foundation applied on my nose is completely gone. I wear glasses but don't find it heavy enough to leave the awful 'glasses imprint' on my nose which is great!

It doesn't smell like anything, great for people with sensitive noses or skin.

Shade Ranges:
For reference, I fit Revlon ColourStay foundation in Sand Beige and is roughly in NW/NC 15-20. 021 NUDE is pink based, which doesn't match my strong yellow/green undertones but it hardly noticeable out in natural sunlight. With flash photography however, it is a different story. The shade is also a little bit darker than my skintone. It turns slightly darker than the initial application after time has passed but does not oxidise completely 'unfriendly' for your skin.

The foundation is available in 8 shades:
005 Beige, 010 Ivory, 020 Cameo, 021 Nude, 030 Sand, 032 Golden, 040 Fawn, & 048 Sun Beige

Looking at the swatches available online, it seems like Ivory is darker than Cameo which is a little strange. I always recommend going out to store and swatch match before purchasing foundations online.

The concealer is only available in two shades:
02 Light and 03 Medium. Drugstore concealers don't tend to have a lot of concealer shade options.

So all in all, do I recommend it? Yes! Definitely if you're looking for a natural finish foundation and you have minimal imperfections. Perfect for teenagers and young skin. However if you are looking for a foundation with a medium to full coverage, you'll need to purchase the concealer as well to achieve it.

Where can you get the foundation and concealer in Australia?

The foundation is set at a RRP of $21.95 while the concealer is $14.95 and can be found at:
Priceline, BIG W, Target, Chemist Warehouse, KMART and other selected pharmacies, department stores and variety stores.

Until next time, annyeong~

[This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Maybelline New York but all opinions are my own]

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