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Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip in 07 Some Review 클리오 버진 키스 텐션 립 07 썸 리뷰

The Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure is arguably the most popular lip product from Clio amongst international beauty bloggers, leaving their other product in the same range, the Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip in shambles.

Net weight: 3.5g
Expiry date: 18 months from opening

I was never truly interested in the Lipnicure solely because people say it is drying. I hate that. However I do know it's possible to have matte lip colours while still retaining hydration for the lips, so I knew the Lipnicure just wasn't for me.

In a bid to find a purple/burgundy lip colour for my trip to Seoul (3 MORE DAYS!!!!) I saw this shade 07 Some and fell quickly in love. Too bad there weren't any swatches or reviews online that I could find so I bit the bullet and got it anyways.

Here is the review!

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What it claims:

 Rather simple and sleek, the Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip in 07 Some is housed in a black bullet tube with the words 'CLIO' printed on the top and the shade printed on the bottom. On the side of the tube has the words 'Tension Lip' and 'Clio Professional' laminated on with a glossy material, truly only seen when light hits the packaging at the right angles.

The flat bottom makes standing the lipstick easy. Compared to Innisfree lipsticks, the tube isn't slim but rather bulky with an inverted bottom.

Please excuse what happened to the top of the lipstick... I accidentally closed the cap with the lipstick still twisted up and oh dear it ended horribly (forgive me for my sins). 

Like a normal lipstick, it is a twist tube with an average amount of product inside. The packaging feels quite heavy for the actualy amount of product you get, however it is extremely sturdy. The net weight is 3.5g.


The advertised shade of 07 Some is very similar to what you see in reality, which is a nice change (cough Innisfree Color Glow). Also true to the advertising, it feels extremely moisturising due to the glossy finish.

07 Some looks mostly red (see picture under 'Lasting Power' heading) but has a slight purple/burgundy undertone. Not too much, but it definitely makes this shade different from ordinary red lipsticks. 

 How the colour looks like when used as a gradient look. Because it is sheer, it looks slightly fuchsia. Compared to when....

... you apply it as a full lip. Thinking back, this lipstick is extremely versatile! It can be a red, burgundy, purple or fuchsia lipstick!

Shape of the bullet makes applying the colour easy, especially when you are applying dark and bright colours because how you shape your lips will make or break your look.


This lipstick is extremely, extremely creamy. I definitely don't recommend this for use in the summer or just hot weather in general. Because of the finish, it makes transfer inevitable. If you are someone who touches their face a lot and are prone to accidentally smear their lipstick as a result, this is not for you.

I, like the great blogger I am, decided to brave the 37 degree weather in Sydney last week to take these gorgeous photos because the lighting was perfect in my room. The upstairs of my house is a death trap in the summer and I 10/10 do not recommend you to try and go up there. So while I was sweating buckets, I had to take small breaks to wipe off the sweat off my face to look somewhat presentable for my full face shots. I had to reapply a couple times because the lipstick ended up on my hands, my tissues and my arms (?? how).

Long story short, this is a very creamy lipstick that might melt off your lips in hot weather.

However the formula is very moisturising and never did my lips feel try when I apply this.

Floral musk. It smells feminine and wood-y. A hybrid smell that is actually very pleasant. Smell disappears after a short while.

Lasting Power:

 When you usually apply lip colours as a gradient, you use less pigment making it fade quickly. However, even when you apply the Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip as a gradient or full lip, it stays on longer than the average time (4 hours without reapplying).

I am extremely impressed! Though the matter of long wear can be linked to how bright the lipstick is, I still think this is a long wearing lipstick despite it being a glossy and creamy formula. It doesn't bleed away from your lip lines.

Wear time as gradient before it looks unsightly (without reapplying): 5 hours.. and this is with eating and drinking.
Wear time as a full lip before need to reapply (without eating or drinking): 8 hours

Because of the creamy formula, you might need to check your lipstick every so often to see if it transferred.

Do I recommend this?
This lipstick is great! If you fancy any of the shades and like creamy, glossy formulas, do not hesitate to try it.

Where did I get this?

From ibuybeauti, it is US$16.20 each.

Until next time, annyeong~

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