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Comparison & Review: SKIN79 BB Creams (Hot Pink, Orange and VIP GOLD) | Best Korean BB creams?

SKIN79 BB creams are loved well by a lot of people and are one of the options I would recommend for someone who is looking for a good BB cream to use. I remember when I was deciding on which one to purchase, I had a really difficult time picking one. So today I have decided to do a short comparison and review post on the popular SKIN79 BB creams.

From my previous review on the SKIN79 Hot Pink BB cream, you would know that that was my holy grail BB cream. But after trying these other ones, I might have to reconsider.

These lovely BB creams were sent by UNIQSO. Thank you!

What it claims

The packaging seen in this post are not the full size products. They are all sample sized. 
The expiry dates are 2 years and 6 months from their production date. 

Hot Pink:  5g for $5.90 at Uniqso
Orange: 15g for $17.90 at Uniqso
VIP GOLD: 5g for $5.90 at Uniqso

Other sizes for these BB creams are: 5g, 15g and the full sized 40g. All the full sized products come in a tough pump bottle seen below. 

taken from previous skin79 hot pink review
The pump makes it easy for users to control the amount of product that is distributed. It's definitely my favourite type of packaging. However it is quite bulky and not preferred for travel or touch ups.

Shades and Swatches:

From left to right: Hot Pink, Orange and VIP GOLD. 

One noticeably difference is that the Orange type is distinctly more yellow based than Hot Pink and Gold. Hot Pink and VIP Gold are very similar with a rather grey application but VIP Gold from first glance is slightly lighter in shade than Hot Pink. Though the Orange BB cream looks yellow based, when applied on to the skin it leaves the same finish and becomes the same shade as the others.

Both Hot Pink and VIP Gold BB creams leave a slight grey cast that blends to your natural skin colour in less than 10 minutes. Before I proceed any further, I do only recommend these BB creams if you are NC/NW 25 and below. Skin79 BB creams only come in one shade, but shades might be different like shown above.

BB cream from darkest to lightest in shade:
1. SKIN79 Orange
2. SKIN79 Hot Pink
3. SKIN79 VIP Gold


Textures are also fairly similar. The Orange one is the most runny and feels the most like foundation. However it feels extremely light on the skin and the coverage is still good.

Hot Pink is the second lightest BB cream and VIP Gold has the thickest texture. Coverage a lot of the times correspond with the texture of the product so my verdict is:

Coverage rank:
1. SKIN79 VIP Gold
2. SKIN79 Hot Pink
3. SKIN79 Orange

The Orange BB cream though the lightest in texture has a glossier finish compared to the other two. I do not recommend this for summer or hot weather as it can get very uncomfortable when makeup if sliding off your face. 

All of these BB creams are great for winter, spring and autumn as they are highly moisturising and can be applied even without a base or moisturiser, for those days where you have to quickly run out the door. They don't accentuate dry skin as the BB cream adheres quickly to your skin, just like it's your second skin. 

Now with the SKIN79 Hot Pink and VIP Gold BB creams, people complain a lot about grey casts. I find that the Hot Pink BB cream can sometimes look slightly pink when swatched while Gold is more of a true grey. Having a little pink in the BB cream might help brighten up the skin tone. The Orange BB cream does not have an obvious initial grey cast like the other BB creams. However with that being said, if your skintone is light enough to wear these BB creams, the grey cast isn't noticeable for daily wear. For flash photography, applying a little contour will help. But either way, I don't find a huge problem with the grey finish and neither has anyone pointed it out to me when I was wearing it.

All the the BB creams have a natural finish that is neither glossy nor matte.

Oil Control:

There's really not a lot of say about the oil control. I used to have fairly oily skin and the Hot Pink BB cream worked fine, even with the natural and not matte finish. These BB creams work even better with powder on top.

Oil Control rank:
1.  SKIN79 Hot Pink BB cream
2. SKIN79 VIP Gold BB cream
3. SKIN79 Orange BB cream

 SPF Levels:

SKIN79 Hot Pink has SPF 25 PA++
SKIN79 Orange has the highest SPF with SPF50+ PA+++
SKIN79 VIP Gold has SPF25 PA++

I always recommend people to wear sunscreen as makeup preparation anyways because you can never solely rely on the SPF from makeup alone.

General statements:
After testing these, I have to say that SKIN79 produces really well rounded BB creams. None of these BB creams have broken me out and I like that each product has a suited purpose. Some of the things written in their advertisements and comparison charts might be different from what I have experienced but do remember this is what I have personally thought of these products. Your experience might differ from mine.

In general I do recommend these BB creams, especially if you think a particular one is what you have been looking for. I might even have a new favourite, the VIP Gold, because I think it has the best coverage. 

Wearing Orange BB cream on my right and Hot Pink on my left. You really can't see the difference in shades.

Best for which skin type:
 If you're too lazy to read the whole post, here is a summary.

Oily/Combination Skin: Hot Pink
Dry Skin: All, but Orange and VIP Gold best.
Sensitive Skin: Hot Pink or Orange (because VIP Gold might be too rich)
Normal: All

If still you think BB cream does not compliment your skin tone & type, you probably should check out the Skin79 CC cream instead

Where else can you buy these BB creams?

Uniqso, W2Beauty, Jolse, BeautynetKorea, Cosmetic-Love and eBay.

Discount code for Uniqso
Enter "yoonyee" for 10% off

Discount code for W2BEAUTY:
Enter "04161007" at the checkout for $5 off an order of $30+

If there are any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section or email me.

initial application before bb cream adjusts to skin tone | Wearing TonyMoly Tattoo Eyebrow, Etude House Color my Brows and VDL Lipstick in Secret Gown which I will post up soon!

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