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Etude House Color My Brows in 1 Rich Brown Review 에뛰드 하우스 청순거짓 브라우카라 1호 리치 브라운 리뷰

Brow gels were only properly incorporated in my makeup routine this year as I've never really seen the importance of brows. However, I now fully understand why some people cannot go out without doing their brows as it really does complete and frame the face. Etude House's Color My Brows is a top selling item from Etude House and popular amongst people on the inter, especially with the cheap selling price.

Today I will review the Etude House Color My Brows in 01 Rich Brown as part of my contribution for ibuybeauti's Beautifan. You can also view this review on their site.


The outer packaging is rather simple and plain. It's in an open card format, with the eyebrow gel placed securely (?) inside. It might feel cheap but then again you don't need it.

On the back, there are instructions on how to apply the Etude House Colour My Brows and on the inside are pictures and an ingredients list.

When I first received this product, I noticed how small it was. Net weight is 4.5g so I am not sure how long I can use it for before it runs out.

The colour of the bottle corresponds with the shade it is in. I got the Etude Colour My Brows in 01 Rich Brown which is the darkest colour in the range. Because the bottle is small, it is great for on the go touch ups. It is very light, smaller than the average lipstick.

I am personally very impressed with the eyebrow gel wand. It is much smaller than the brow gel I used to use, making it easier to control the shape of your brows. Also it picks up less product, minimising the chances of making your brows look too dark and unnatural. This brow wand is amazing, the pointed tip allows you to cover all the pesky small brow hairs as well.


Rich brown looks like an ordinary dark brown eyebrow gel, that swatches darker than what appears on your brows. On closer inspection, the gel actually contains little glitter particles that is not noticeable on the brows. I have no idea why there are glitter particles in the gel though.

This is what it looks like using the Etude House Color My Brows in 01 Rich Brown only. With brow gels, I always recommend you using it over your brow pencil or other shaping brow product to make it look more even. Look below for a demonstration of what I mean. 

However even with the darkest shade, it might not be dark enough for people with ebony hair. It does apply as a brown which is noticeable against black hair.

Like any ordinary brow gel, it is not completely opaque (because brow gels are supposed to color your brow hair, not necessarily to shape them). It dries quickly and does not transfer. I could let go of my fringe within 10 seconds of application.

Hard to describe but it is not perfurmed to smell like anything.
Lasting Power:
The Etude House Color My Brows do not smudge, transfer or slide off throughout the day. It's perfect for daily use. It lasts 12 hours+

What it looks like before brow gel. I have only applied the Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow (which I will review soon!)

With brow gel. It completes the whole look because there is no shade discrepancy. 

If you find that you are applying too much, you can scrape excess product off using the side of the bottle. That is what I usually do to make sure I get an even application.

Do I recommend this?
For only US$5.40 on the ibuybeauti website, it is a great option for makeup beginners or people who are only starting out with brow gels/brow products. However as a long term investment, I will be looking for something else because the product dries fairly quickly. After a few uses, you won't be able to get any product out. The colour is too light for my black hair especially in flash photography.

I will be posting consecutive reviews for the next three days before my trip to Seoul next week!!!! (throws confetti) So please look forward to that ^^

Until next time, annyeong~

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