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Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick in 06 Maple Burgundy Pink Review 이니스프리 컬러 글로우 립스틱 리뷰

 {What are my thoughts on the Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick in 06 Maple Burgundy Pink?}

I'm going on a trip to Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei really soon and since they are having their winter right now, I wanted to have a deep burgundy lipstick to use. When people say winter makeup trends, I immediately think of dark lipsticks as opposed to nudes. I have always wanted to try the Innisfree Color Glow lipsticks because their advertised swatches and Yoona makes their products look convincingly good. However, I am disappointed this time around.

SNSD's Yoona wearing the colour I hoped it would be. But of course I always read reviews before picking products so I know this promotional picture is FAR from reality. 

Maybe I should have picked 05... But there were more reviews on 06 Maple Burgundy Pink and I was afraid of the 05 shade looking different.

credits: www.atfirstwink.com

Innisfree's Color Glow lipstick in 06 Maple Burgundy Pink looks more fuchsia pink than burgundy. Especially when you apply it lightly and as a gradient on the lips. It stays true to the name of 'pink' but it's definitely not 'Maple Burgundy' or anything like the swatches provided. This sort of colour seems to be really popular. I follow many Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese bloggers and celebrities and often they like using bright fuchsia pinks. Personally I quite like the shade as well but do already own many lip products in in this similar shade.

Most Innisfree lip products look the same with the semi matte white packaging. I like simple packaging, especially environmentally friendly ones (the box is printed with soy ink). However the white tube can get dirty fairly easily if you're someone who tosses lipsticks into your bag.

No smell detected

From the name and advertisements, this is a very glossy lipstick. It is also quite sheer, perfect for layering if you wish. The glossy finish at most lasts for 2 hours but the colour itself can last up to 4 before you need to reapply. What I like about this lipstick is that it fades forgivingly. It leaves a lovely tint on my lips, something I do appreciate (because I rarely re-apply lip colour).

Texture and Formula:
Like most glossy lipsticks, the transfer can be a burden for people who are short on time. The round shape of the lipstick means that it is fairly difficult to achieve a sharp lip look, because you cannot follow the contours of your cupids bow. However with that being said, I would not recommend this lipstick for formal occasions just because of the sheer formula, It won't photograph that well. The formula feels moisturising and easy on the lips (very light feel) until the glossy finish wears off and you're left with a tint.

The above pictures show how the product looks on the lips when the glossy finish wears off. It's a light pink tint. After the glossy finish is gone, the product settles into the lines of the lips but it doesn't look off putting in reality.

Overall product:
Apart from the fact that this shade was not what I antipated, I quite enjoyed the formula of the lipstick. It has a fairly average lasting power (4 hours), is very easy to apply due to the glossy and creamy texture and keeps lips feeling moisturised for up to 2 hours. On a fairly random note, I am actually a little afraid of the lipstick melting in the hot Australian weather...

Do I recommend this?
Yes, but the shades in reality don't match well with the advertised shades. You might want to check other reviews first before buying online.

This product was sent to me by Jolse and it is currently USD$11.68. A lot of online Korean beauty stores don't sell this lipstick anymore and Jolse was the only one I found which stocks this. 

I am currently on the hunt for the lipstick 4Minute's Hyuna wears, I always love her makeup style! (It's a different shade to the one pictured below /it's more burgundy purple/ but I really like the picture)

Until next time, annyeong~

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