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VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture in 107 Secret Gown Review 브이디엘 엑스퍼트 컬러 립 큐브 모이스춰 리뷰

VDL Expert Color Lip Cubes were made popular by former Wonder Girl's member Sohee and is a fairly new brand of cosmetics from LG. The VDL Expert Color Lip Cube is famous for its' square lipstick bullet that allows application to be easy, especially when shaping the lips.

The VDL Expert Colour Lip Cube EX is a matte formula from what I remember while this Moisture version is more creamy and has a glossy finish.

taken from ibuybeauti

I actually had a very hard time choosing between 107 Secret Gown and 606 Flower Power, which is Sohee's favourite. But ultimately went for 107 Secret Gown because it looked like something I didn't have (I was wrong, I do have a lipstick in a similar shade). Oh well.

Just as a reference, the advertised shade is the same as the lipstick in reality. You can most likely trust the above pictures. 

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 Have you ever looked at a makeup product and just know that it was high end and most probably expensive? This was one of those moments the minute I laid my eyes on the VDL Expert Color Lip Cube. 

The lipstick is incredibly slim and chic in a dark purple packaging. The top of the lipstick is glittery and matte while the body is smooth. The lipstick itself screams 'advanced technology', definitely expected from LG. 

Due to the square base, it stands easily. Even among all my other lipsticks, this is a stand out due to the purple colour making it easy to spot when you are in a hurry.

The lipstick bullet has the words 'VDL' on it. However, the words disappear during your first application, unless you like to wear your lipsticks sheer which in that case it'll take 2 applications for it to completely disappear.


You might be wondering why the colour of the lipsticks are different in different pictures... they were taken with two cameras. The only true swatch of the lipstick lies with the pictures of me wearing it. 

The colour in the tube is darker than it applies, looking exactly like the flower power swatch in the advertisement above. On the lips, it turns into a light bubblegum nude pink. It looks slightly barbie pink in some lighting.

Due to the shade being a light pink, the pigmentation isn't very high and will drown out your complexion because it does look nude with darker skintones. For reference, I'm around NC/NW 15/20


An interesting thing I realised only when I saw the outcome of the pictures above. The lipstick actually contains fine glitter. However it is not at all noticeable when worn on the lips.

The VDL Expert Color Lip Cube is a creamy formula with low to medium moisturisation. Even though it is creamy, it doesn't transfer as much as the Clip Virgin Kiss Tension Lip or bleed out from the lip lines. 

The formula and texture feels light on the lips, making application like a breeze. Glides like a dream on the lips. 


A cross between baby powder and the inside of a Lush store. Smells extremely feminine with strong floral notes. I actually really like it but the scent doesn't linger.

Lasting Time:

My personal opinion is that there is a very strong relationship between the shade and the wear time. The brighter and darker it is, the longer it will last because there is more pigment. However with that being said, lighter shades don't bleed out the lip lines or look unsightly when the color wears out. Sometimes lipsticks settle into the fine lines of your lips or wear out unevenly, ruining your entire makeup look. With this shade, this doesn't happen.

The wear time is short for a higher end and expensive lipstick. You need to reapply often. I typically don't purchase lipsticks because of the brand, but by how long you can wear it for until you need to reapply. If it disappears and wears out gracefully, that is an even bigger plus.

Average wear time while eating and drinking: 1 and a half hours maximum

Even with its' creamy formula, do remember to apply lip balm beforehand.

Do I recommend it?

In general I do think this is a good lipstick. The innovative shape makes it easy to shape your lips. However if you are looking at getting a lipstick well worth your investment, I do not recommend this shade. Maybe look at the darker colours.

If you are looking for a light pink/nude lipstick, this is a great shade even with the minimal wear time.

Where did I get it?
From ibuybeauti, the VDL Expert Color Lip Cube SPF 10 Moisture lipstick is US$22.10. 

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