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Nine Muses Kyungri DRAMA Makeup & Hair Tutorial | 나인뮤지스 드라마 박경리 메이크업

The first makeup tutorial of 2014: Nine Muses' Kyungri DRAMA!

Nine Muses consistently make great songs and I always anticipate their comebacks. (My favourite has to be 'Wild' but 'Glue' is also amazing) They recently came back with 'DRAMA' with two new members Sojin and Keumjo. I found the styling of 9MUSES Kyungri's makeup and hair to be done really well so I decided to try and see if I could do an inspired look!

credits: iceicebaby_kr

from Kyungri's instagram

from Star Empire

So here it is! All the links provided below will either direct you to my review post or to where you can get the product from. Discount codes for beauty stores will be shown at the end of the post.


1. Apply a brightening base, concentrating on your upper cheekbones and along the nose bridge. It will also help even out your skin tone. (Used: Etude House Baby Choux Base in 02)

2. Using a natural finish BB cream or foundation, apply evenly throughout your face. (Used: Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream). For extra spots or uneven skin, use concealer.


3.  Kyungri has straight brows but as seen below, I have a slight curve at the end. So try to make your eyebrows as straight as possible. I draw a upper line and the beginning hairs before I fill my brows to make shaping easier. Then I apply my brow mascara to make sure the hairs blend more naturally. 



4. Using your white shimmery eyeshadow, apply it all over your eyelids, inner tearduct and lower eyes. I indicated on the photo below where you should apply up to. 

Next, taking a pink shimmer shadow, concentrate your application just a little above your natural crease line. Also take the pink shadow to your inner corners and lower lashes. (Used: Canmake Eye Nuance in 20)

5. Taking a grey shadow (matte or shimmery, it does not matter), line your upper eyelids and follow your natural curve. Extend it around 1 1/2 cm from the outer corner of your eye. It should look slightly slanted. (Used: KATE Gradical Eyes shadow in BK-1)

Next, using a matte dark brown shadow, apply over the previously drawn grey line and shade it upwards in the direction of the arrow. So essentially you are blending the two colours together. Shade it over your natural crease line. (Used: Naked Palette 1 Buck)

6.  Time for eyeliner! Tight line your eyes and using a black liquid liner, follow the exact line previous drawn with the grey shadow. Using the same matte brown shadow, or a darker equivalent, line the complete bottom lash line and connect it to the end of the drawn line with the liquid liner. By extending it out, your eyes look bigger.

(Used: Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil, Clio Waterproof Brush liner, Naked Palette 1 Buck)

7. I have double eyelids, but aren't noticeable with liner. So I proceeded to use eyelid glue to mimick Kyungri's double eyelids. Next, take a lengthening mascara and apply generously to your upper and lower lashes. I applied a lengthening and volumising mascara to replicate fluttery lashes. You can choose to use false lashes.

Take a dark grey or black shadow and line the lower lash line, from the tear duct to the end of the draw eyeline. Using the same shadow, apply it generously on top of the liquid line to smoothen out the harsh edges. I applied it slight above the drawn line to give it a smoked effect. Follow the directions of the arrow.

(Used: Maybelline The Colossal and The Falsies macara, Kate Gradical Eyes in BK-1)


8. Kyungri's look focuses on contour. Use your contour powder and apply it down the side of your nose for a sharper and thinner nose. For your cheeks, use a fluffy shading brush and lighly brush it down at a 45 degree angle from the top of your ear. Make sure to also sweep down along your jawline.


9. For this era, Kyungri uses either pink, orange or red lips for their DRAMA performances. I opted for a mixture of orange and red because I think it suits this look more.

Taking my orange/red tint, I applied it all over my lips before taking a matte dark red lipstick and generously coating it over the inner parts of my lips.

(Used: Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in Seoul and Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate lipstick in 107)


10. There is no picture but what I did was put my bangs into a hair roller after parting my hair 3:7. Leave it for a few hours and take it out before sweeping it to the side. Use a styling product like hair spray or hair wax to keep the hair together and in tact.

(Used: Gatsby Moving Rubber Air Rise (Green))

// FINISHED !! //

And now you're done!


Wow, this was a long post! I hope you guys liked it :-)

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Until next time, bye bye~

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