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Review: Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in 06 Seoul 아리따움 월드 글램 코팅 틴트 06 서울

 Here is my review of the Aritaum World Coating Tint in 06 Seoul.

It's only the beginning of 2015 but I already predict the Aritaum World Coating Tint in Seoul will be a favourite. Aritaum is really becoming a house hold name, with bloggers and individuals raving about the Honey Melting Tint, World Coating Tint and the Mono eyeshadows.

The Aritaum World Coating tint has been said to be a dupe for the expensive and popular YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain but I do not own that product so I will not be comparing them two.

Random diversion...

Han Eu Ddeum, a Korean model and actress has been modelling for Aritaum for a while (pictured above). She is currently in Valid Love, a tvN drama that I absolutely love. But it's definitely not one for everyone. Here is the synopsis from because all the other synopsis' from different websites don't capture the essence of the drama.

"Kim Il Ri marries her high school teacher but falls in love with another man. She struggles as the passionate and hot ‘first love’ and fateful and stable ‘last love’ come in a switched order to her. This drama debates whether Il Ri's new love is valid from point of view of both her and her husband who watches his wife experiencing first love with another man during their marriage."

Please check it out if you are interested! I would love to talk to someone about it ^^

Anyways, back to the review.

The 10 shades in the Aritaum World Coating Tint range are named after cities around the world. I chose Seoul because I thought it was the most wearable for everyday.


Lip tint packaging doesn't really change from brand to brand, because this is the most practical as it goes. It's a semi-long tube with a twist opening for the doe-shaped application. The handle of the applicator has the word 'SEOUL' printed, and this appears with the whole range, the name corresponding to the shade is printed. I personally think it's a nice touch, it definitely makes picking out the shade easier if you own more than a few of them. 

The strip between World Glame and Aritaum isn't of how much product you have left, but an actual strip of colour that is supposed to be similar to the shade it holds. The plastic black and grapefruit tube holds 9ml of product.


This shade reminds me of a grapefruit. Holistically it is pink, but some people also see orange in it. It is distinctly a grapefruit colour. I do not know any other way of describing it. The most accurate depiction of the shade is shown below. However the more layers you apply and the later you let it sit, it turns orange.

Also the lighting influences how the shade looks like. On the lips, unless the person is looking really closely, they will be unable to pick up the orange undertone. It is more pink than orange, which is unfortunate because all the pictures of me with the shade turns out more orange than pink.

Top: Gradient Bottom: Full (one coat)


It's a gel lip tint that feels heavy during application but after, it feels incredibly light on the lips. The warmth from your lips melt the formula, helping it sit longer. The formula looks really creamy and concentrated.

It's an extremely glossy formulat that slowly disappears when you eat or drink, but the finish lasts longer than normal lip glosses. I definitely applaud this product for this property because I adore glossy finishes. Also I feel like it volumises my lips.

One note though, if you use the doe applicator to apply, the colour comes out streaky and uneven. So you have to 'pop' your lips to blend the colour together if you dislike using your fingers to apply because lip tint stains last forever on the fingers. However this lip tint stain doesn't annoyingly overstay on the fingers, which I am thankful for.


It's a rather light colour with one layer so I usually apply two coats. Because it is glossy, there is high transfer, so keep it in mind when eating and drinking. It has a shorter wear time than average water based lip tints

Without eating: 5 hours
Eating: 3 hours


Like fruit jelly? It doesn't smell natural, yet I do think the fragrance is trying to imitate a fruit. Either way it doesn't taste like it, and the scent doesn't transfer on the lips. 


Keep in mind the shade is more pink than orange!

I have really been enjoying this lip tint, along with my Rebel MAC lipstick. This shade is extremely flattering and brightens up my skin tone. It doesn't overwhelm my face when I have no face makeup on either, it complements no-makeup faces and dull skintones. 

It doesn't appear neon or bright, no matter how many layers you apply making it a versatile lip product to use. I also find it easy to apply without a mirror, which is hard for lip tint applications, because it doesn't leave streaks when blended between your lips.

Do I recommend this range? Yes if you love glossy and comfortable lip products!

Where can I purchase this?

I was sent this lipstick by the lovely team at Jolse.

 Click this link to be directed to the page.

Price: US$11.48
You can also find it at W2BEAUTY and ibuybeauti.
Until next time, annyeong~ 
*This product was sent for review purposes but all content are my own personal opinion
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