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Review: Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Here is my review of Benton's Aloe BHA Skin Toner

This is a highly controversial product and I was reluctant to review this but alas, here it is! The Benton controversy came publicised by Sample Hime in her Report Benton to the FDA post. Please check it out before proceeding to buy this product.

Not only were there problems with a certain batch from Rose Rose Shop, the company proceeded to tell Sample Hime not to publicise this problem. Do you want to support a company that lacks ethical consideration? 

As a Beauty Blogger, my face/skin is very important. I did not want to risk it with a company that lacks quality control but decided to take up the chance to review this because the Aloe BHA Toner also garners mixed responses. You either LOVE this, or you HATE it.

Curiousity got the best of me and after a week of testing it on a small patch of my skin, I took the plunge to apply it on half of my face to see the difference and power of this product.

On to the review!


As much as I love weird, cute and completely outrageous packaging, I am all for practical and simple looks. There is a distinct rainforest green tint to correspond with Aloe Vera and also the protect the the ingredients in this toner, keeping it fresh for longer. Dark tints in the packaging of skincare protects are most often used to protect the ingredients in the product. For example the popular OST Vitamin C serum which I really liked. 

The bottle is sturdy plastic, with a black ribbed screw on cap.

Near the bottom, there is the expiry date and batch number. It has a 2 year duration date. 

Due to the consistency of the toner, the small opening is a god send. Usually toners are watery and require a cotton pad for application but because this is slightly sticky, I pour two drops of this product and apply it directly onto my skin. I would use 4 drops for my entire face. Product is easily distributed.

It is quite a large and generous bottle, with 200ml. 


With Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water the main and most used ingredient, this toner is sticky and does not absorb as quickly as regular watery toners like the Etude House Wonder Pore FreshnerFor people who really dislike heavy products on their face, might not like this product. It is not heavy per se, but you can feel the toner sit on your skin until it absorbs later on. Personally I quite like it. It feels extremely moisturising and hydrating, you can really feel and see the difference when you're testing it on half your face. 

On the left side of my face, I continued with my regular summer skin routine after cleansing. Toner and moisturiser. While on the right side I added this Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner. My skin feels plumper with the toner. When I apply makeup, it feels like it makes my BB cream apply smoother.

I had to edit the light in the above picture to make sure you can clearly see the texture on my skin. The consistency is light, moves and looks like water, however when applied onto the skin, it feels slightly sticky. Skin looks glowy as well due to the snail secretion filtrate.


Smells very slightly alcoholic. And I don't mean wine or beer... the alcohol disinfectant. It's incredibly faint though so there's relatively no smell.


Now I really wanted to review this product for at least 2 weeks but then I decided against it just in case the worst case scenario happens again (refer to Sample Hime). 

Originally, I had no active pimples. Acne scars have been my mortal enemy for the last year, and also large unpleasant pores. I was really looking forward to the scarring healing properties of snail secretion in this product. Snail slime extract is incredibly popular and I have always wanted to try it.

Come day 4, half way into the week, I developed a small yet uncomfortable bump on my nose. I rarely get ingrown and painful pimples, and the fact that it was on my nose (where I was testing this toner) made me a lot more cautious in examining my skin. However apart from this pimple, everything else was going smoothly. I felt like my scars were lightening up, even though just slightly because it's only the fourth day, and things were looking optimisitic.

A week after my first application, the pimple on my nose refused to go away. It was still painful to touch, and looking extremely red. Two more spots appeared, as circled in the photo, and I discontinued use of it straight away. One day of not using it, and with my trustworthy potent acne spot treatment, the redness decreased by tenfold and the small pimples disappeared. 

Truthfully I am afraid of starting use of this toner again but I probably will in the near future. I liked the finish and hydrating feeling of it on my skin, despite my breakouts. Typically I do break out from new cleansers, toners and moisturisers but I am acting extra cautious with this brand due to the controversy.


I can not say that I recommend or do not recommend this product. I highly urge you to read the above post from Sample Hime and decide for yourself whether you still want to. Benton still produces a lot of skincare that people enjoy, and it seems like only ONE batch was contaminated. I think this controversy really reinforces the need to test products before use. And also put into light how truly ethical this business is.

Will I repurchase this? No because I have 95% of the toner left after a weeks use.

Overall I do have positive feelings towards this product and I do like it. Unfortunately I broke out from it. I will continue to try this toner out in the future and will update this post at that time.

Where can you purchase this? 

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Until next time, annyeong~

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