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Review: Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher 4 Orange Rose & 6 Edge Rose

First review of 2015 goes to Skinfood's Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in 04 Orange Rose and 06 Edge Rose, my favourite blushers of 2014.

Hello everybody! I arrived safely home on the 3rd of January after a 3 week trip to Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei. The reason why I didn't post earlier was that I was trying to edit and upload my Korean food vlog but my editing program 'Windows Live Movie Maker' keeps freezing and doesn't play any of my saved copies. Which ultimately means I have to start anew each time I try to edit it. Needless to say I have half given up on editing any videos for the time being, maybe until I manage to save enough money to purchase a new laptop with an editing program that doesn't die on me.

Anyways, I hope 2015 has been kind to you all so far!


This Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher was part of Skinfood's 2014 Spring Collection which includes nail polish, makeup remover and lip tint etc.


These blushers do not come in a box, they arrived in clear plastic packaging encasing the blusher. The blusher compact itself is absolutely gorgeous, befitting of its' range name. It has a vintage feel with the dark gold lettering, italic writing in the background and deliberately placed roses of different sizes and colour. I personally love the packaging.

The blusher weighs 3.5g and is a handy size to pop in your bag for on the go touch ups. The beauty of cream blushers is the ability to apply without the use of brushes. You wouldn't really want to bring around several makeup brushes for reapplication right? I know I wouldn't.

The plastic case locks close and when opened, you are confronted with a decent sized mirror to help you touch up your makeup. The lid of the case is white while the bottom is light pink.

These blushers expire 2 years and 5 months after manufacture.


 I only own two shades, 4 Orange Rose and 6 Edge Rose. These products are without shimmers and easily buildable for either a natural or a concentrated look.

in natural lighting

04 Orange Rose is exactly that. It's a very milky natural orange that is great for people who are looking for an orange blusher that isn't strikingly 'in your face' or neon. I've loved orange blushers/makeup for the last few years but orange is quite hard to wear in Sydney. My confidence level is not high enough to even wear the Peri Pera Orange lip water tint because the last time I did, I received unnecessary and unwelcome attention like "your lips are orange, are they supposed to be?"

But what I love about this shade is just how natural yet beautifully still orange it is. So you can rock this without feeling uncomfortable yet still showing off the integrity of this shade.

My favourite colour to wear is 06 Edge Rose and is the one I've had the longest. It might look somewhat intimidating in the case but when applied, it gives the best flush of colour on your cheeks. This is what I imagine as the colour of the cheeks of people in love to look like. Or the colour that spreads among the children's faces when they run along a field of flowers. Scientifically (?) the most flattering colour of blush for your face is what appears when you're naturally flushed. Maybe I should have just stated that without the need of my analogies, oh well.

in room lighting

The colour payoff is strong, yet it's extremely easy to blend because of how soft and creamy it feels.


Apart from how beautiful these two colours are, the scent is also worth the praise. There's a very strong rose scent that emits from these two blushers which I absolutely adore. I personally find roses to smell very calming. However a few seconds after application, the scent is gone. The scent mostly emits from the actual blush in the case instead, not on your face so you don't have to worry if you have a sensitive sense of smell.


I've worn this blush in the extreme cold (Seoul... you're very cold especially to an Australian) and in the heat. I really do think this blush works well during all seasons. After work the colour is still seen on my cheeks, however not as prominently as first applied. But it wears beautifully and slowly. 

Maximum wear time: 6 hours before I feel the need to reapply.


This soft cream blusher applies matte, probably the reason why it lasts so long. However when people think matte, individuals with dry skin tend to stay away from the product. This product is easy to blend and does not accentuate dryness in the skin, so please don't be afraid to give this a try. I find that the later it gets, the finish and colour gets more beautiful (is this my bias speaking? I can't tell)


Previously I said that the colour payoff is strong which might deter people from trying this product but when you keep blending, it becomes a very natural flush of colour. I actually have to apply this blush two/three times to get to the desired colour payoff, but that's because I have benn loving the strong blush look inspired by Japanese makeup trends.


In all these photos, I am wearing 04 Orange Rose. Yes, I got a new haircut in Seoul (which I'll blog about soon), do you like?

 I've been really liking my blush to be applied directly below my eyes for the baby 'dollish' look. I also applied the Tony Moly Blusher 05 for contour for these photos which I will also review soon! A review of the Etude House Wish Lips (also worn in these photos) should come next.

 Both these blushers do a great job at brightening up my complexion, it really completes my whole look.

 Do I recommend these products?

Yes! I give them 5 out of 5! It's extremely easy to apply and blend, the shade range could be more extensive but I am content with the ones I have. The rose scent is also a bonus, and really acts as a pick me up during a dull morning.

Where can I purchase these?

I got these two blushers from two different stores. The 04 Orange Rose was from Jolse while 06 Edge Rose was from w2beauty. However all shades are available at Jolse and w2beauty, so you don't have to buy one from one store and another at a different one.

Price at Jolse: USD $10.98
Price at w2beauty: USD $12.82

For W2BEAUTY, use code: 04161007 and get $5 off on an order of at least $30!

Until next time, bye!

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