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Review: TonyMoly Crystal Blusher in 07 Bronzing Brown 토니모리 크리스탈 블러셔 07호 브론징 브라운 리뷰

Here is a review of the popular TonyMoly Crystal Blusher in 07 Bronzing Brown 

The TonyMoly Crystal Blusher in 07 Bronzing Brown was voted number 1 by the Get It Beauty team for bronzers/shading makeup. This product beat out 4 other higher name brands and consequently, became a top seller of TonyMoly, despite is being caleld a 'blusher'. Shading and bronzing in makeup is important in framing the face, especially when you have a relatively flat face, like me.

Min Hyorin, the old face of TonyMoly. Hyuna is the current model.

When looking for a bronzer or contour shade, it is very important to know the undertone of your skin. For example, if you get a warm contour shade, and you have cool tones, it will look orange against your skin. I am a self-diagnosed neutral tone, so finding a neutral shading powder would be best.


The packaging for the Tony Moly Crystal blusher is all the same. It is housed in a plastic see through case, with the product in the usual pan. The iconic TonyMoly font is used in the middle of the blusher. It is very simple, which is expected because of the cheap price. Each blusher is 6 grams.

The case locks close with the small lodging. It doesn't look very secure but it has yet to fall open by itself. This blusher case does not get dirty and is easily cleaned.


07 Bronzing Brown is the darkest brown shade in the TonyMoly Crystal blusher range. The lightest brown shade is number 5. It looks like a milk chocolate brown with neutral tones in the pan but when swatched, there's a slight warm, yellow tone that may look muddy on some skin tones if you apply it heavily. If you use this shade sparingly, it is unnoticeable and wearable. Apparently it is similar to Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer which is a lot more expensive than this TonyMoly blusher. 

[EDIT] I am finding this shade to look orange on my neutral skintone. So if you have a warm skintone, this might be better suited for you. 


This blusher is in a powder form and I will be lying if I said I have not sneezed before from using this to shade and contour my nose. The formula is extremely versatile and easy to build up in colour. It is not a very heavily pigmented contour shade, perfect for people who have a heavy hand or if you are beginning to contour as an everyday routine. It will help you escape from the possibly of applying too much and looking quite the opposite of how you wanted to look.

With that being said, it will be wise of you to slowly build up your shading rather than apply a lot at one time. It is extremely easy to blend, it does not dry out or cake up face makeup/skin texture. Remember to blend blend blend!!

Before and after contour.

As you can see from above, blending is extremely important in contouring. I have not blended properly in the above photo, leading to harsh looking lines.

But when properly blended, a flat face can easily be given dimension, colour and life. When it is done well, it can slim down the face. If you have extremely pale skin, this is a good bronzer because it is light but can be built up for whichever look you desire.


This is a solid contour shade that can be used by people with a light skin tone. Unfortunately this powder is not pigmented or dark enough for people with skintones higher than around a NC/NW30. I am around a NW15 and when used lightly, the shade is not very noticeable. But it is great as a natural bronzer.

The powder has decent wear time. For nose contour, this powder will not last a full day with primer/settling spray or powder on top. On the cheeks, it is only slightly less long lasting than my Napolean Perdis Set Contour Highlight Palette.

Average wear time without primer/setting makeup: 4 hours 

Where can I purchase this?

I was sent this lipstick by the lovely team at Jolse.

 Click this link to be directed to the page.


You can also find it at W2BEAUTY and ibuybeauti.

I hope you enjoyed my review! And maybe answered a few questions you had on this product. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them down below.

Until next time, annyeong~~

*this product was sent for review consideration but all content are my own personal opinion
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